Ok, I am going to Manchester and I will be there from mid-day on.

Right now I am going to the Zifferblat to meet +Chris McDowall.

If anyone comes up with a better place to meet then we are going there instead, so that bit could change.

+Paolo Greco +Daniel Sell +David Black it would be great if I could meet you there as well as I want to talk business and Cons with you, that is my primary reason for going.

And anyone else who wants to meet up, everyone else is invited.

(Unless a total shitload turn up and we don't have space, then I guess we will have to work something out.)

I've brought this up with people before as a vague idea, but a unified web shop for physical media would be very useful. It means if someone knows one of us they know all of us. A high tide raises all ships, etc. etc.

I'm not thinking something fancy, and I'm not even saying the independant and various shop fronts stop operating. I'm saying send, like, 10 of everything you physically make to a central UK OSR shop to distribute and maintain that stock level. Let people combine postage across all our shit.


David Black has suggested a meetup at a regular time once every three months. Meaning four a year.

This seems reasonable to me, what do others think?

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