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Enjoy the comfort of my castle's library (Open)
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Enjoying the snow on a part of the island

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Name: Kessara
+Diya the DemiShadowWiz

Nickname: Kessi, Essa

Species: Night Fairy and Storyteller
Height: 2"1
Bio: Outcast of the Pixie Realm, searching guidance for life instead of being a winged being
Hair: Silky, long ebony
Eyes: Indigo almost black
Appearance: Thin, but not skinny, pale skin with unique spider designed wings
Abilities: Dark magic, moon dust, bring book characters to life

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Name: Tarin
Age: 156
Gender: Male
Race: Elf
Fandoms Used: My own stories.
Weapons/Skills: Magic, a bow and several different types of arrows, and a strange sword called an Amitol.
Personality: Brave, fierce, and loyal.
Flaw: Sometimes lets his anger get the best of him.
Bio: To be revealed in RPs.
Likes: Knowing he can trust someone.
Dislikes: Trust being broken.

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Picture for Tarin.

cleaning my knives for the 15th time today Gosh I'm bored. I start walking around aimlessly

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Name: Sebastian
Age: 22
Species: Human/Cyborg
Gender: Male
Fandom used: Crysis
Bio:Works for ISEAC (Interstellar Exploration Army Corps), is part of an elite unit of supersoldiers
Weapons: m16a2, 2 desert eagles (not showing), twin knives
Powers: increased strength and speed, invisability for a short period of time
Personality: funny, kind, clever
Flaws: a blind eye, claustrophobia
Likes: music, weapons, being around people, open spaces
Dislikes: selfish people, small spaces
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Name: Amethyst Adara Kako
Age: 18
Species: Demon 
Gender: Female
Fandom Used: none
Weapons: Sword
Powers: Dark and Fire magic
Personality: curious, kind, responsible, can be mean and rude, sarcastic, eyes change color based on emotion
Flaw(s): curiosity
Likes: dark colors and stuff, fire
Dislikes: bright things, water
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Name: James
Species: Demon Timelord
Fandoms Used: Doctor Who
Weapons: Sonic Screwdriver, Sword, twin pistols
Powers: Can travel through time and space, fire and dark magic
Personality:Is nice and caring, but the oppisite when in a bad mood
Flaws: Sometimes trusts too easily
Likes:Fire, having friends there for him
Dislikes:Backstabbers, Liars, and people who dont trust him
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