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New BETA has just been pushed to the market so should be available to download soon!
Change log: v2.6
* Added 4.3 support with new bootscript and images 
* Fixed side menu to small devices on high rez
* New prompt to check with the user before installing bootscripts and busybox

You will need to do a fresh install (ie remove older versions) if you need 4.3 support as it installs a special bootscript (thanks to everyone in the community that helped the law of attraction!). We should have also fixed all issues with the side menu if users could post screen shoots of this to the the make sure it looks right sizes on all devices!

Is it possible to update debian from lenny to squeeze (and perhaps beyond?). I've been trying to do it (by changing my sources.list) and apt-get update hangs at "Reading package list"

Is there a way to change the location and size of the loopbackfile?

how can i install ubuntu on my tecno L3 device ?

Cant connect to vncviewer
Gt-i9505 Android 4.3

Ok I bought the key and then joined the beta testing but all I get is a message saying: "You are a tester". How do I get access to the beta version of the app?

Our first beta via the new system has now been pushed featuring a new side navigation menu library which should fix up all the menu crash issues, please report back any bugs or issues you find with this version!

v2.5 BETA 1
*New side menu library used - should fix all menu crashes
*Known bugs - News still not yet working

Second beta for v2.5 has now been pushed to the play store, this 'should' be bug free please test to death and if all is good we can push it as stable!

Change log:
*New side menu library used - should fix all menu crashes
   - Set side menu to 400px width so it doesnt stretch across the      whole screen on tablet

*Added Romanian translation

*Fixed News page

If any bugs are found comment on this post with them and if possible a logcat!
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