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Solving 405 on POST to Express app servingIndex

Mongoose question
Is it possible to update fields in populated model?

Something like this:

User.findById(id).populate('profile').exec(foundation(err, user) {
user.profile.description = newDescription;

I am new to the mean stack, there is something that is taking toll on my mental health and that is, angular js has the routing concept but so does express js, practically how do both work hand in hand? Does anyone have an example to help me understand?

Hi i am beginner to expressjs.Can anyone suggest best ide for expressjs applications?I am now using visual studio.

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Hey folks,
I have just tried to add facebook auth and add callback address When I tried to authorize facebook shown me the message: 'Given URL is not permitted by the Application configuration: One or more of the given URLs is not permitted by the App's settings...'. Is it possible to do this with localhost?

how about liquid template engine for expressjs ?

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Hey guys,

We are pleased to announce that Nick Baugh, Node.JS developer at Clevertech, created a new boilerplate framework allowing to rapidly build Node.JS powered API’s, online stores, and many other apps (igloos). Eskimo is intended to be used for rapid product development (creating an MVP in 30 days). It’s open source! You’ll find more details, components, examples and the source here - Feel free to test this tool out, make pull requests and use it in your developments!

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Hey there!
I made a Framework for #ES6 and #Express
The idea is not to rewrite Express, but offer a stable way of use ECMAScript 6 today!
Also I added some (optional) features inspired by Symfony.
I hope you like it!
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