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Any of have any experience with Pro bike fitters or shops that have good bike fitting services in the Springs area?  Anybody you'd recommend?

Pardon me while I rant for a minute....

This is addressed mostly to Colorado Springs riders, but if the shoe fits...

When I moved back to the Springs I was excited to ride here.  So many more trails and bike lanes than Dallas, plus more bike racks, and it just seemed so much more bicycle friendly than Dallas was.  (Note that after 10+ years of riding in Dallas I had very few issues.  I had 1 person honk at me, and one chick run me off the road because she was looking at her phone.  Other than that, no issues at all.  Dallas is really more bike friendly than you would think)

Within the 1st few weeks of riding and commuting here I had multiple issues with drivers, and I'm riding exactly like I did when I lived in Dallas, (honking, throwing things, ect)  I'm thinking to my self, why.  This is supposed to be a bike mecca, super friendly place to ride.  Why are these drivers so hostile?

Over that last year and a half I think I have it figured out.  Cyclist here are IDIOTS, and the drivers here are used to them being idiots, so we all have a bad reputation.

The other day, I saw this guy riding, and he came up to a 4 lane major street though a busy area just South of the downtown area.  The guy had panniers, helmet, and obviously has been riding a while.  He rides up to the 4 lane road to cross it, rides right out into traffic while holding his hand up demanding a car stop so he can continue to ride.  The lady in the car had to slam on her brakes to stop without hitting him.  Funny thing, the guy on the bike had a stop sign, the motorist didn't.

I saw another cyclist cross the same road, at a different location, in a similar manner, but he was on a trail crossing the road. 

Now, let's talk trail etiquette.  Why don't you announce yourselves when passing other trail users? Especially when there's a intersection coming up where the slower rider may turn left? I've literally lost count of the number of close calls I've seen with cyclist passing Walkers, Joggers, People walking with kids, and dogs, and cyclists.  You idiot, ANNOUNCE yourself so you don't kill someone!!!  

Also, if you are a spandex clad roadie Fred riding 20 or 30 mph on a concrete multi-use trail, you seriously need to turn off your Stava app, take off your headphones and slow the hell down, or get on a real road.   Is your Strava segment really so important that it's worth the risk of riding at 25 MPH, past a slower rider without announcing your intent to pass, then trying to squeeze pass a Mom walking with her kids and dog coming the other direction at the same time?  Seriously?  
Stop being idiots.   Take a safe cycling class and learn some trail etiquette!

No wonder automobile drivers hate us.

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This is a great article about riding. Though it mentions mountain biking it certainly applies to all types of riding.

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Didn't even know that this was a thing. I might be able to bike in that day if I'm down in the springs. Anybody know of any events down here those days?
Winter Bike to Work Day
Winter Bike to Work Day

Congrats +Jordan Read , on hitting 300 miles in January!  
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