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My Oppisite Character Name Tev How It Kills Sword or Consume!


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Check out my Stick Nodes animation, Here .gif #StickNodes
Animated Photo

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I'm newwwwwww.....

Name: Notch Exe

Nickname: Just call me Notch

Personality: Scary, Creepy, Weird, People don't mess with me I don't mess with them (sometimes)

Weapon and style:  I am a glitch so I creep around at night behind players in the game and scare them, mostly used with static and glitching, then i use my diamond sword

Bio: Herobrine... that glitch with glowing eyes I thought I removed have banished me. None of the players would do anything because they were too scared... Now I look for him inside and outside the game..... the reason I haunt Minecraft is  because I am a glitch no one ever could remove

Likes: Being helpful (occasionally), Players in the game fearing me, Jumpscares, Games

Dislikes: Herobrine, The players, The mobs, Jerks,Being annoyed, Not being feared, Not being taken seriously

Crush: None so far

got back and found no trace of my brother damn it...... is he still even alive

a black horned figure appeared infront of me

Zalgo: Oh well it's weak naive loser named Notch what are u doing here Herobrine been with me ever since he left the game >:) ......

I am not the person you should call naive..... 

((I am notch exe))

I walk inside the mansion my eyes black and red, i have a diamond sword in my hand 

WhErE iS hE...... glitching

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Sit In living room Feeling slightly happy that he back home but something keep bugging him like a really bad ugre to go killing but he remain in his living room and watch som walking dead

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I Gave My Father A Teddy Bear for his b'day when I was little

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Name: I prefer to be called Amber.
Nickname: Laughing Amber.
Personality: Shy but deadly~
How I kill: Well, you'll find out soon, my darling~
Bio: I'm 14 years old. I was betrayed by the one I loved the most. I work for the one and only Slender Man. Half human, half demon.
Likes: Sweets, blood and killing.
Dislikes: Liars/Traitors.
Crush: ….~

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Name: Slender Boy

Nickname: Shrugs I don't know slendy I guess

Personality: well I'm shy and fun and happy

Killing: Kill In Style! But not all the time..

Bio: Well I'm 18 I'm Slender man Son and I'm haft human but still immortal...

Friends: Masky, Hoody, Tobu Is Funny as Hell, Yea I'm Shy doesn't have much friends

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