Name: Soulstalker
Gender: Male
Age: 1 year old. But, that's 2,000 in his years
Species: Bear/Dragon
Level: 1 (All pets must also be level 1 unless they have abilities that say otherwise)
Abilities: Natural fury, this allows him to make his power level rise to an amazing stat, natural cure, he sheds his fur and scales to cure party members, and natural raid this allows him to steal from an enemy without fail.
Owner: Merlin Strife
Bio: A bear dragon hybrid found by Merlin Strife that helps him in battle.

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Hi, hi! Thanks for the invite! 💜

To everyone who joined. Thank you! If you seriously mean to rp, make a character following the character profile template perfectly. But, if you want to be a master or mistress, you must make a profile for them by following the masters or mistresses profile template perfectly and also be willing to have that master or mistress be an npc or a not frequent player character, aka an npfc. 

The categories mean exactly what they say.

Name: Merlin Strife
Age: 22
Gender: Male
Powers: Dragon morphs and spells, invincibility
Level: One all characters start at level one, unless they have abilities that say otherwise.
Bio: Strong character, he is great at fire and earth magic. He is known by others as the flame warrior.
Race: Dragonborn
Class: Enchanter/Warrior
Likes: Archery, swimming, fishing, friends
Dislikes: Bullies, Being buried alive, and nothing else, 'cause he's invulnerable from any weapon.
Weapons: Bowie knives and a staff made out of diamonds
Abilities: Dragon rush, this works when I am in a party that has one of my members about to pass out from too much damage, and I protect the member with my wings. Dragon lividity, activates when I'm in the heat of battle, it rises my power level to an amazing stat when I'm attacked by a spell that would have killed me. But, it turned out to be useless. And Dragon's Spree. This ability allows me to kill any enemy that wasn't killed when I am running low on hp.

Once upon a time, a land once lived in peace.
But, it didn't last long because evil forces were stealing power sources away from the seven continents, The continents of Levingstrad, Serenivos, Coroscos, Deemesque, Aringorth, Feldstar, and Mechys all had their power sources stolen, with these sources stolen, monsters were set free to kill anyone in their way. It was up to brave warriors to rescue the power sources and save the world by doing so. One of these warriors is Merlin Strife. Who will fight with me to save the world from danger?

This section is if you want to be a master or a mistress, this means an npc or a nfpc, nfpc stands for non frequent player character, that teaches the characters that do play how to use new spells, give them a new ability, this is known as your will.
And raise the stats of your apprentice. If your ability is haste, for example. That means that your apprentice will move faster than his or her opponents in battle, and usually land the first strike.
You must make a master or mistress profile before becoming one of these.
It's like this.
Name: Derek Longfellow
Will: Deadly Accuracy (Train under me, and your ranged weapons will always hit the target)
Age: 22
Gender: Male
Spells to learn: Magic Missile, Mystic Lightning, Knife Rain, Crystal Dust, And Force Ring. You learn the spells after visiting me when you level up. I'll teach you magic missile at Lvl.3, Mystic Lightning at Lvl.6, Knife Rain at Lvl.9, Crystal Dust at Lvl.12, and Force Ring at Lvl.15.
Stats that increase: Dexterity, Wisdom, Power, hp, and mp.
Stats that decrease: Defense and Luck.
This is an example of a master's template. It may not be up to current code. But, I don't know all of the stats in D&D.

Got some q's? I'll give you the a's right here.
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