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Name: Iris Lasting
Status: Noble (But the Tracy house hold does not know that the Queen gave her a title and they do not know about her being an Knight)
Apperance: Second photo (most of the time) Third photo (When on duty) First photo (Of her parents)
Has blue eyes. Wears a straw sun hat when working in the garden (flowers). Short
Job: Works as a gardener at the Tracey esate.
Is Led gard of the church (Knight).
Is a secret writer.
Crush:Alois Tracy
Back Story:Her parents use to work at the Tracy estate. Her father was the butler and her mother was the head maid. One day her parents just pick up and left. They gave her to her uncle who is the onwer of a book store. At that time she was a baby. He rasied her as his own. One day she decided she wanted to become a Knight and protect the Queen. ~time skip~ To pass the time she become a well known arthur. People were reading her books from all around the world, but she is thought to be a man. She did work hard and trained, but they said a woman can't be a Knight. She did prove them wrong. One day she saved the Queen and as a thank you she made her high gard of the church. Later on she decided she needed a day job. She went to the Tracy estate were she herd that her parents served there and went there to ask for a job as a grardener. She does a have a green thumb. She did get the job. As time passes she realizes she is starting to have fellings for her master witch she knows is not good. He soon figures it out, but plays around with her and does not tell her.

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