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Aired by Date list for Svengoolie* on ME-TV since April 2, 2011 to the present.  
Updated March 25, 2017

(check below for my previous posting of the listing in Alphabetical order for easier reference:

Also see the 336 show list for Son of Svengoolie from 1979 to 1986:


4/02/11  House on Haunted Hill
4/09/11  Dracula’s Daughter
4/16/11 House of Dracula
4/23/11 Creature from the Black Lagoon
4/30/11 Son of Dracula

5/07/11  The Incredible Shrinking Man
5/14/11 Son of Frankenstein
5/21/11 Invisible Man’s Revenge
5/28/11 Abbott and Costello Meet the Invisible Man

6/04/11 The Creature Walks Among Us
6/11/11 The Boy Who Cried Werewolf
6/18/11 Bride of Frankenstein
6/25/11 The Invisible Man

7/02/11 Abbott and Costello Meet Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde
7/09/11 Island of Lost Souls
7/16/11 The Invisible Man Returns
7/23/11 Ghost of Frankenstein
7/30/11 Abbott and Costello Meet the Killer, Boris Karloff

8/06/11 [Pre-empted by "100 Episodes of Lucy" marathon]
8/13/11 The Mummy
8/20/11 Abbott and Costello Meet the Mummy
8/27/11 Tarantula

9/3/11 The Invisible Man’s Revenge
9/10/11 I Saw What You Did
9/17/11 Werewolf of London
9/24/11 The Mummy’s Hand

10/01/11 The Incredible Shrinking Man
10/08/11 The Mole People
10/15/11 Dracula
10/22/11 Abbott and Costello Meet Frankenstein
10/29/11 Curse of The Werewolf

11/05/11 Dr. Cyclops
11/12/11 Frankenstein Meets the Wolf Man
11/19/11 The Ghost and Mr. Chicken
11/26/11 The Mummy’s Tomb

12/03/11 Island of Lost Souls
12/10/11 Ghost Breakers
12/17/11 The Car (in Svensurround)
12/24/11 ["pre-empted by a cavalcade of animated holiday programs"- Sven]
12/31/11 The World of Abbott and Costello

1/07/12 The Deadly Mantis
1/14/12 The Phantom of the Opera (1943)
1/21/12 House of Frankenstein
1/28/12 Abbott and Costello Go to Mars

2/04/12 Duck Soup
2/11/12 Son of Frankenstein
2/18/12 Munster Go Home
2/25/12 Invisible Woman

03/03/12  Abbott and Costello Meet the Killer, Boris Karloff
03/10/12  The Mummy's Ghost (with Svensurround serial bonus)
03/17/12  Ghost of Frankenstein
03/24/12  The Mole People
03/31/12  Frankenstein Meets the Wolf Man

04/07/12 Sssssssssss
04/14/12 Dracula
04/21/12 Dracula's Daughter 
04/28/12 This Island Earth

05/05/12  Creature from the Black Lagoon
05/12/12  Revenge of the Creature
05/19/12  Horse Feathers (Marx Brothers)
05/26/12  The Mummy's Curse

06/02/12 Brides of Dracula (Hammer)
06/09/12 I Saw What You Did
06/16/12 The Mummy's Hand
06/23/12 Son of Dracula
06/30/12 The Mummy's Tomb

07/07/12  The Mummy's Ghost
07/14/12  Francis (the talking mule) in the Haunted House
07/21/12  The Ghost and Mr. Chicken
07/28/12  House of Dracula

08/04/12  The Boy Who Cried Werewolf 1973
08/11/12  The Creature Walks Among Us
08/18/12  The Mummy (1932)
08/25/12  The Ghost Breakers

09/01/12  The Phantom of the Opera (1943 color)
09/08/12  The Invisible Woman
09/15/12  Bride of Frankenstein
09/22/12  The Mole People
09/29/12  Dr. Cyclops

10/06/12  The Deadly Mantis
10/13/12  Batman (1966)
10/20/12  This Island, Earth
10/27/12  Werewolf of London

11/03/12 The Curse of the Werewolf (1961) (Note: This didn't air in many places due to technical glitches at the station.)
11/10/12 Dracula
11/17/12 Ghost of Frankenstein
11/24/12 Abbott and Costello Meet Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde

12/01/12  House of Frankenstein
12/08/12  Tarantula 
12/15/12  SSSSSSS
12/22/12 Abbot and Costello Go To Mars
12/29/12 Duck Soup (Marx Brothers)

1/05/13 Revenge of the Creature
1/12/13 Island of Lost Souls
1/19/13 Cult of the Cobra (Vintage Sven watch for the red turtleneck!)
1/26/13 The Black Cat  (1934

 "Furry February"
2/02/13 The Wolf Man 
2/09/13 Frankenstein Meets the Wolf Man 
2/16/13 Curse of the Werewolf 
2/23/13 Werewolf of London 

3/02/13 Son of Dracula
3/09/13 Dracula's Daughter
3/16/13 Son of Frankenstein
3/23/13 Deadly Mantis
3/30/13 Invisible Man Returns

4/06/13 Dr. Cyclops
4/13/13 The Mole People
4/20/13 The Invisible Woman
4/27/13 The Creature Walks Among Us

“Once Upon a Sat. Night Dreary”
5/04/13 The Raven (1935)
5/11/13 Brides of Dracula
5/18/13 Invisible Man
5/25/13 The Mummy's Curse

"The Doctor is In- SANE!"

6/01/13 Abbott & Costello Meet Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde
6/08/13 House of Dracula (1945)
6/15/13 King Kong Escapes 
6/22/13 Invisible Man's Revenge  
6/29/13 The Invisible Ray  

“Summer of Sven”
7/06/13 I Saw What You Did
7/13/13 Beginning of the End
7/20/13 Munster Go Home
7/27/13 The Wolf Man

“Summer of Sven”
8/03/13 Revenge of the Creature
8/10/13 The Mummy’s Hand
8/17/13 The Mummy’s Tomb
8/24/13 Curse of the Werewolf
8/31/13 Abbott and Costello Meet the Mummy

("Back to Ghoul" month)
9/07/13 Mad Ghoul (First appearance of the new coffin!) 
9/14/13 Phantom of the Opera 
9/21/13 Monster on Campus (With special guest Lisa Maire Varon, WWE's Victoria, TNA Impact's Tara) 
9/28/13 Leech Woman

10/05/13 Dracula (yes- the 1931 Bela Lugosi original!)
10/12/13 Cult of the Cobra
10/19/13 Curse of the Undead (a vampire cowboy?!)
10/26/13 Kiss of the Vampire (a Hammer horror!)

11/02/13 Frankenstein (the original with Boris Karloff as the Monster!)
11/09/13 Ghost of Frankenstein
11/16/13 House of Frankenstein
11/23/13 Evil of Frankenstein (Peter Cushing in a Hammer horror!)
11/30/13 Abbott and Costello Meet Frankenstein (one of our most requested films!)

“don’t unwrap before Xmas”
12/07/13 The Mummy’s Ghost (with John Carradine!)
12/14/13 Frankenstein Meets the Wolf Man
12/21/13 Abbott & Costello Meet the Invisible Man (holiday shtick!)
12/28/14 The Black Cat (Lugosi and Karloff!)

“ROCK in the New Year” 
1/04/14 King Kong Escapes (in Hawaii only - Magic Sword)
1/11/14 Monolith Monsters
1/18/14 Mole People
1/25/14 Invisible Ray

02/01/14 Tarantula
02/08/14  King Kong vs Godzilla
02/15/14  She-Wolf of London
02/22/14  House of Dracula

“March Badness”
3/01/14 Batman: The Movie (1966)
3/08/14 The Raven (1935)
3/15/14 Dr. Cyclops (1940)
3/22/14 Murders in the Rue Morgue (1932) (with Bela Lugosi!)
3/29/14 Invisible Man (1933) (with Claude Rains!)

“Rotten Relatives Reunion” month
4/05/14 Bride of Frankenstein (1935)
4/12/14 Son of Frankenstein (1939)
4/19/14 Dracula's Daughter (1936)
4/26/14 House of Frankenstein (1945) (a reunion of Universal’s major monsters!)

“It Came from the Drive-In” month 
5/03/14  It Came From Outer Space
5/10/14  Island of Terror (Peter Cushing!)
5/17/14  Deadly Mantis
5/24/14  The Land Unknown
5/31/14  Munster Go Home

“Hammer Time” month
6/07/14  Shadow of the Cat (with bonus feature WWE Hall of Famer Jerry “The King” Lawler!)
6/14/14  Evil of Frankenstein 
6/21/14  Curse of the Werewolf 
6/28/14  Brides of Dracula 

“A Gal and A Gill Man month”
7/05/14  Invisible Woman 
7/12/14 Creature From the Black Lagoon 
7/19/14 Revenge of the Creature (in shocking 2-D!)
7/26/14 The Creature Walks Among Us 

“Summertime BOOs”
8/16/14 Frankenstein Meets the Wolf Man
8/23/14 Abbott and Costello Meet Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde
8/30/14 Mad Ghoul

“Favorite Things Month”
9/06/14  Werewolf of London
9/20/14 THE BLACK CAT 1941

"Trick-or-Treat Terror!"
10/4/14 The Incredible Shrinking Man
10/11/14 The Uninvited (1944)
10/18/14 The Wolfman
10/25/14 Abbott & Costello Meet Frankenstein

"“Boris and...Barney?!"
11/01/14 Black Friday 1940 (Lugosi Karloff)
11/08/14 The Mummy 1932 (Karloff)
11/15/14 Frankenstein
(including a preview of the fantastic new Sven dungeon studio set!)
11/22/14 Ghost and Mr. Chicken (last aired 7/21/2012)
11/29/14 Black Cat (1941 the Karloff/Lugosi version)

"Wrapping Up 2014"
12/06/14 The Mummy's Ghost (1944)
12/13/14 The Ghost of Frankenstein
12/20/14 I Saw What You Did
12/27/14 The Invisible Man Returns

01/03/15  The Black Castle 1952
01/10/15  Island of Lost Souls 1932
01/17/15 Abbott and Costello Meet the Invisible Man
01/24/15 House of Horrors(Ron Hatton!)
01/31/15 Weird Woman (from the "Inner Sanctum" series)

02/07/15 Leech Woman
02/14/15 Captive Wild Woman
02/21/15 Monolith Monsters
02/28/15 Brides of Dracula

03/07/15 Invisible Agent
03/14/15 Jungle Woman
03/21/15 King Kong vs. Godzilla
03/28/15 The Evil of Frankenstein
(Peter Cushing in Hammer horror!)

04/04/15 Ghost and Mr. Chicken
04/11/15 This Island Earth
04/18/15 Jungle Captive
04/25/15 Abbott and Costello Meet Frankenstein

05/02/15 Man Made Monster
05/09/15 Island of Terror

06/06/15 Curucu, Beast Of The Amazon-
06/13/15 The Bride of Frankenstein-
06/20/15 Dracula's Daughter --
06/27/15 Cult of the Cobra-

07/04/15 The Creature Walks Among Us-
07/11/15 Invisible Man-
07/18/15 Shadow of the Cat-
(Hammer horror!)
07/25/15 Son of Dracula-
(Lon Chaney Jr.)

08/01/15 The Kiss Of The Vampire-
08/08/15 Raven, The ('35)
08/15/15 Invisible Man's Revenge-
08/22/15 Curse of the Werewolf-
08/29/15 Thing That Couldn't Die-

09/05/15 The Night Walker-
09/12/15 monster on the Campus-
09/19/15 Hold That Ghost-
(Abbott and Costello)
09/26/15 Son of Frankenstein
(Boris- Bela- and Basil!)

10/03/15 Night Monster
10/10/15 It Came From Outer Space
10/17/15 Cat and the Canary
(the 1939 version with Bob Hope)
10/24/15 Dracula
(yes, the Bela version- this time, with the Phillip Glass musical soundtrack!)
10/31/15 Frankenstein

11/07/15 Tarantula 
11/14/15 Creature From The Black Lagoon
11/21/15 Deadly Mantis
11/28/15 Munster Go Home

12/5/15 House of Frankenstein
12/12/15 Mole People
12/19/15. Monster and the Girl
12/26/15 The Mummy's Hand

01/02/16 Dr. Cyclops
01/09/16 Werewolf of London
01/16/16 King Kong Escapes
01/23/16 Dead Man's Eyes
(it's "Inner Sanctum" with Lon Chaney Jr)
01/30/16. This Island Earth

02/06/16 Murders in the Rue Morgue
02/13/16 The Wolfman
02/20/16 Boy Who Cried Werewolf
02/27/16 The Mummy

03/05/16 The Phantom Of The Opera (1962)
03/12/16 Frankenstein Meets the Wolfman
03/19/16 Time of Their Lives
(Abbott and Costello, with Lou as Revolutionary War ghost!)
03/26/16 Invisible Man
(the Claude Rains original)

04/02/16 House of Horrors
04/09/16 Bride of Frankenstein
04/16/16 King Kong vs. Godzilla
04/23/16 Murders in the Zoo
04/30/16 the Car

05/07/16 Calling Dr. Death
05/14/16 The Incredible Shrinking Man
05/21/16 Sssssss
(scares with snakes!)
05/28/16Abbott and Costello Meet the Mummy

06/04/16 She-Wolf of London
06/11/16 Pillow of Death
06/18/16 the Leech Woman
06/25/16 Island of Lost Souls
(the 1932 original)

07/02/16 Abbott and Costello Go To Mars
07/09/16 House of Dracula
(Carradine-Chaney-Glenn Strange!)
07/16/16 Cult of the Cobra
(with lots of MeTV series actors!)
07/23/16 Invisible Agent
07/30/16 Captive Wild Woman

08/06/16 Curucu, Beast Of The Amazon
08/13/16 Night Monster
08/20/16 Black Castle
08/27/16 Jungle Captive
(the final Paula Dupree/Ape Girl movie!)

09/03/16 The Frozen Ghost
09/10/16 Star Trek The Cage (special anniversary presentation by Svengoolie)
09/17/16 Man-Made Monster
09/24/16 Island of Terror

10/01/16 Monolith Monsters
10/08/16 Black Friday 1940
10/15/16 Revenge of the Creature
(the Gill Man returns!)
10/22/16 Dracula's Daughter
(encoring the "Svengoolie Stomp"!)
10/29/16 Abbott and Costello Meet Frankenstein

11/05/16 Duel
11/12/16 The Ghost of Frankenstein
11/19/16 The Land Unknown
11/26/16 Black Cat (1941- Rathbone and Lugosi!)

12/03/16 The Night Walker
12/10/16 Weird Woman
12/17/16 Brides of Dracula
(Peter Cushing in a Hammer classic!)
12/24/16 Cat and the Canary
(Bob Hope on Christmas Eve!)
12/31/16 The Mummy’s Ghost

01/07/17 The Shadow of the Cat
01/14/17 Black Friday
1/21/17 House of Frankenstein (Karloff- Carradine -Chaney, Jr.)
1/28/17 Invisible Man Returns (Vincent Price!)

02/04/17 Godzilla King of the Monsters
02/11/17 Godzilla Raids Again
02/18/17 Godzilla versus Mothra
02/25/17 Godzilla's Revenge

03/04/17 Werewolf of London
03/11/17 Phantom Of The Opera ('43)
03/18/17 The Uninvited
03/25/17 Dracula (Bella Lugosi)

04/01/17 Abbott and Costello meet the Invisible Man
04/08/17 Rodan

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For tonight.

April 8: Rodan. (Never before shown on Svengoolie or Son of Svengoolie)

Ah! The Craft-matic-Adjustable Coffin!!! I want one!!

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The Necro City Reapers. Completed and needing sponsors. Also submitted to Svengoolie.

April 1st Abbott and Costello meet the Invisible Man

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Vote for Svengoolie!

Don't forget to watch Jeopardy tonight for a possible Svengoolie appearance in one of the categories! As hinted by Rich Koz

HAPPY BIRTHDAY RICH KOZ !!!, Sunday, 12 March 2017

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