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Just checking to see if everyone's having a great holiday season. Also, I know it's been brought up before and some have dabbled in it, but now that WOW's releasing their own classic servers... I'm curious about people's interest. I'll never again devote the time I once did, but it's about the only thing they could do to drag me back.

Hello? Anyone still about? Seems like everyone has just kind of disappeared, what is everyone up to?

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Hi old friends, would like the share that Flukemdukem and I actually met up with Jedigabber in Budapest (out of all places). I was expecting to meet a psychopath but our buddy Jedi is actually not even half as weird as you'd think! ( and he can hold his liquor).

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Return of the Jedi -
Wednesday 23rd March 2016, a date that will forever live on in infamy....or something. Ahem.

My journey has been a long one. Retail WoW as we know it is kinda dull, no community, nada. What friends were left slowly dwindled into single digits. What was a  2004 warrior to do?

2v2 Arena with Warlord Raned was the only thing worth doing, as much fun as it was carrying him (!), his timezone and RL commitments ate into the playtime. Add to the fact that Rated Battlegrounds in WoD (the rewards) were for xmog only pushed me over the edge. No more !

Beginning of Sept 2016 I started a new journey, back to the future style. Nostalrius. A free, well scripted 1.12.1 Vanilla WoW server. So I read all up about it and fired up a char ! Durotar.....starting zone. No heirlooms, no gold, no friends, no help. And the best part? KILLING LVL 1 BOARS NEVER FELT SO GOOD ! I was...home.

Fast forward to Nov/Dec. Level 60. Already farmed AV from 51+, got IBS first try and hit exalted before I hit 60 and farmed enough gold for all the goodies. Life was good....but there was an itch growing. Something....ancient. be released, anew.

Alas on Nostalrius Alliance Premades ruled the roost in BGs. A broken q system and instant ally q's/slow horde (sound familiar?) put a real dampener on events. A new team must be assembled, an avenging one, a.......Warlord Team.
Thus the journey went onward, finding brave, dedicated, crazy souls who shared a dream. A dream of purple epix with which to better slaughter the vile alliance.

Many long, hard nights followed. Weeks of blood, sweat and general stupidity from rtards (bracket breakers, sigh).....all culminated in one thing. And one thing only:

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I know it's not anything as cool as a betta fish but thought I would share my latest small life form. And i'll throw one of the older one in too!
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Hi friends, stay awhile and listen!

My tenure as guild leader stretched from April 2005 to April 2010, there was a short period where Flukemdukem/Awrick was guild leader (April - July 2010) in which the title subsequently went to Raned.

Five years later, World of Warcraft in some form still exists, and JAGD in some form still exists as well. Just recently, those who were ancient when the world was young decided to come back and surprise Raned with an easily overlooked fact. We let him know that we haven't forgotten just how long he has been guild leader under the Title of  "Steward", and that today he has officially passed my full total tenure as guild leader.
I've struggled with how to put 5 years living in a video game in the right perspective in the past. If I didn't play WoW would I have just time-sinked into something else? Did I just waste half of my 20's sitting in a computer chair? Was it worth it? Could I have done something more constructive? Did I really have fun?

One thing that always brought peace whenever those questions came up was knowing that JAGD still lived on in-game. I could always log back in to the guild that was once my life and see nearly 900 members in the roster, some utterly unknown to me, others known and long gone, some even passed away in the real world, waiting for me. There's really no one else to thank for keeping the guild going then Raned.
We told him to meet us in the (new) Brill graveyard, where I got the last signature to start JAGD 10 years ago, and now it's where Raned became the new Emperor, for what it's worth!
Honorable mention to Lovith, Akash, and Alaadar who just barely missed the photo op.


Here are some nostalgia videos I found across youtube, these are just but a fraction uploaded over the course of time ( many were uploaded to and hence lost) , but this is all I could find now. Ironforge king kill, my favorite moment in WoW. Aenigma the best snobby guild on our server killed in Undercity, so much drama afterward. We killed multiple alliance raids in AQ then danced to let them in. Viandria is 5th from the right. Mungian/Ozzel is 3rd from the right and is the only one not dancing, he swore he never danced ingame ever. Between them in 4th is Longjohn. Viandria and Cailleach featured prominently in this recently-discovered-up-until-now-lost video by the priest Phlesh. Killabeez's video on our first Huhuron kill near the end of vanilla, Cailleach top dps! a wiki page made for burning legion, and then spam edited and destroyed by Burning Legion forum trolls hostile to JAGD (and basically everyone), still some good content in there like this first pull JAGD Empire wipe dated 2005!
These two videos below inspired me to become High Warlord and participate in Pvp over Pve initially. These are prehistoric old and were just under Leroy Jenkins fame in their heyday. First WoW video I saw that gave me delusions of grandeur. Shifted my thinking from short-term time-just-for-now game to long-term dynasty game. Singlehandedly the reason I became High Warlord. Watched it as a noob with greens and it blew my mind.

So many feels. I haven't forgotten anything.

Ok that's all I have for now, possibly my last WoW related post ever. Until next time.
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Merry Christmas everyone!  Happy Holidays to you and your families!

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For your viewing pleasure. Teli, Little J and me. Found myself out that way on business.

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I was thrilled when I came across an organization called The Little Yellow Duck Project.  In their own words: "The Little Yellow Duck Project creates and distributes handcrafted gifts to raise global awareness of blood, bone marrow, organ and tissue donation."
What a fun idea!  I've been madly making little ducks over the past couple of days - current count is 5.  I've released 2 of them into the wilds of Manhattan so far hehe!  If any of you are crafters, doesn't have to be knitting or sewing - you can make them out of paper join in!

Maybe I'll make one called Ratspike!!!!

Soooo..Tried to get into the Whiplash Vent Chan yesterday and forgot the durned password. Any clues P? Bo?
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