Its my b-day 😄

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.Hack//Sign Complete Episodes: http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLfgk_gSVKu4BvT0U3_g6BZ875YFh4_PkD

I found an interesting anime.

Both this and the game were released on the same date.

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Gohan's taken by me 😝
Name: son Gohan
Powers: same as school of fighters (I'll send a thingy later)
Bio: same as Gohan's from DBZ

A major work in progress

The boy was slumped down on the ground as his hair turned normal again. His breath was distorted and labored "its over there's nothing left of him to regenerate from". A bald man who looked to be around Goku's age but two feet shorter than him " G-gohan you did it g-good job" it may have been patchy but the message got to him. His attention went straight to the girl in his arms "Kuririn can I see her please" he said with a dash of pink on his face , Kuririn knew why "okay" he began to walk over to Gohan as he got there Gohan removed the piece of her light blond hair as he took her in his one good arm and Kuririn gave him a sensu bean. After he ate the sensu bean his arm gained all of its strength back as he grabbed her he flew her to Dr. Gero's old lab to see if there was anything to fix her. As he was looking through her blueprints he found out she was human and had all of her reproductive organs this made him very curious about if the two of them could have a kid if they would get married "lazuli" he muttered her real name that woke her up and saw she was in her old home but she was flustered and panicked "WHERE AM I" were the only words she could manage. "Lazuli calm down" he said in attempt to calm her down "did you just call me lazuli" "that is your name ain't it" he questioned why she had said that "My name is Eighteen, not Lazuli" the boy walked over to her ,with blueprints in hand "look" he showed her the top of her blueprints that had her name "lazuli" she muttered for once she hadn't been called eighteen now she would be called by her real name. "Lazuli,I like it" she attempted to get off of the operation table that she was now sitting on "no don't do that" he shouted from across the room as he attempted to dash over there. He grabbed her before she was on the floor, she gasped at the boy's speed "thank you" she managed to say in pure shock, not even vegeta , Goku,cell or buter could match this boy's speed. He drifted off whilst gazing in to her sapphire depths she called eyes. The two of them came bright red as Gohan attempted to look away but her eyes are just to mesmerizing. "Man I'll regret this later but" Eighteen land a kiss on Gohan's cheek which made him even redder. The doors fly open as a golden aura walks in "BRAT WITH ME NOW" the golden haired saiyan stated just after eighteen pulled away her lips from his cheek. "MOVE IT KID YOU'VE ALREADY PISSED ME OFF ONCE TODAY" he shouted with his voice echoing off of the walls he put eighteen on the table "I'll be back with clothes and some food" he said when he put her down. "COME GOHAN I AIN'T WAITING FOR YOU" he rushed over to the proud Saiyan prince "Yeah vegeta" Gohan said with a exhausted look on his face "Kak- Goku said that you need to go home" the saiyan said "Why did you hesitate" the young demi-saiyan questioned "Your dad gave everything he had for us" he stared off into the sky with his normal cocky smirk "any way your mother is waiting for you" he said after focusing his attention back to earth "okay" the two of them ascended and Gohan turned around and smiled at the being he had loved "damn I owe kuririn" he muttered under his breath as he remembered that kuririn had covered for him. "My kami your son truly loves eighteen" a blue colored person with whiskers said to the saiyan next to him "yeah that's why he became a super saiyan in the first place" the boys father said with a sign of glee on his face. "WHAT" king kai said "yup he told me in the hyper bolic time chamber about his love for eighteen and if she was killed by that monster that he would kill him very slowly and painfully" Goku stated as he looked down at the ground of king kai's new planet "well that was true" the kai said and walked into his house "Goku you need to get some sleep" the kai looked over and saw Goku passed out in super saiyan form "idiot". The boy arrived at his home with his mother teary eyed "Gohan" that was the only word she could manage. The boy looked at his mother, as a flow of tears entered his face "I'm sorry" he said with a fist clenched and a jolt of static electricity bouncing off of him "I got cocky,the power went to my head that's why dad isn't here" he said sulckenly "I don't care about all of that I'm just happy your still a live and about your dad" she hugged Gohan and she whispered in his ear "Eighteen". He didn't know she understood why he fought against that monster. " It's all my fault if I just killed him then and there dad would still be here" he cried into his mother's ear. She broke the hug and kiss Gohan's cheek "You hungry son" she smiled as they walked into the small capsule home. They sat down at the table as Goku said something to Gohan "you did good, I love you son" is what Goku said before his mom set down a few plates of food. He smiled at what they were eating "Paté sandwich" he spoke in french to his mother who nodded "yeah so" the boys mother said with a confused look. "No reason" he said as he picked up the sandwich and took a bit out of it.


The young saiyan lied in his bed still awake from the haunting images that were burned in his mind "dad why dad" he fumbled out of his bed but he hit the floor in less than twenty seconds. The thunk could be heard in the other world but for some reason his mom didn't hear it. "Thank kami mom didn't here that" he got back up and put on his battle worn GI. He grabbed some food out of the rather large fridge as he grabbed some food and a change of clothes for the android that he held close the day before "I'll have to thank kuririn for doing that for me,".

A year later

Not much had happened in the year that had passed but the fact that Gohan was beginning to feel loss again from not only from the one he'd saved but from his father. He rubbed the side of his head after a few cracks of a whip hit him " Don't question me boy " the annoying individual behind the whip said as he cracked it again but Gohan caught it and let a small amount of anger slip as he burned the hilt of the whip with his hand "LET GO OF ME DO YOU KNOW WHO I AM! IM MR. SULU" this made him even angrier than he was but sulu was lucky that Gohan didn't pick him up and through him away like the bitch he was.


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+Kari Kamiya​ I have decided to be Hal Jordan instead of Iron man if that is okay?

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