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//Need to Know:
~This is a soulmate Rp where You can choose to take the pain of your soulmate away. Like if they’re sick or even if they just have a paper cut, you can choose to transfer the pain/sickness to yourself instead and they’ll heal. You can only do it once you meet them though, since what happens to them doesn’t happen to you, unless you transfer it to yourself.
~In Need of an Oikawa!
~English please!//

Iwaizumi was always taking away Tooru's pain since they were small children, at first it started off with small things like cuts and bruises when Oikawa would fall but as Oikawa got older, Iwaizumi had to find better ways to hide the fact that every time Oikawa got hurt, he never felt the full pain except for the moment it happened,

The always angry teenager was in a really bad mood this morning, his rage being made from the onslaught of pain filling his body after taking Oikawa's pain away from morning practice by hitting him in the head. Iwaizumi worked hard to hide the fact they were soulmates. He never took all the pain, just most of it.

Anyone up for a Kagehina roleplay?
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