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So if you know I've been really into ruby and I've made a theory (some proably got the same one I think)
But it's that qrow is ruby's my father. My point are.
1:he's all ways there for her
2:they seem to share several genetic traits that I don't think yang's father has mainly black hair and red aroua

I think qrow got married to ruby's mother and then before she knew she was pregnant with ruby. Qrow was sent on mission and didn't return for several year but when he did all the stuff happened. So him and yang's father agreed to let ruby think he's her uncle and not tell he's her real father
Thank you for reading 

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Name:Aaron rose
Siblings:ruby and yang
Ablilty:beast arm
Description: is ruby's long lost brother but after losing his arm in battle and people doing experiments on him he has gain his beast arm.
Weapon: sword (like qrow's)
Personality: he looks up to his father a lot and wants to be as strong as him.
Quote: "I take this power and all it's fault to protect the ones I love"

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Welcome to this world
Well for one let get some rule so yea
1:have fun and make friends
2:do what you want but at least be respectful
3:ocs are allowed
Thank you reading
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