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My cover of live and learn has been completed

Hello everyone I just joined :-)

Anyone else think Crush 40 is in dire need of a new site?

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I added a lot of the Crush 40 songs that were missing from Genius and added lyrical meanings, but if any of you want to help out and add your own definitions, links, descriptions, or anything else please contribute! I hope that one day we can have a full, comprehensive site that contains accurate, detailed and informative information about Crush 40.

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They like ? this done for me

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How did you discover Crush 40?
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Sonic games (Please comment which)
Jun/Johnny's other projects (Comment)
Other (Comment)

Can anyone point me in the direction of bands similar to Crush 40? I love the band but there's only a small selection of songs compared to other bands (E.g. Bad Religion). It can get a little boring hearing the same songs all the time. Something similar to mix in with them would be great.

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This is the king of all songs. Nothing can compare with Live & Learn. It's a classic Crush 40 song that everyone who likes the band knows. Sure it's a lot simpler than some of their other songs (Namely "Open Your Heart" which has some epic guitar play and effects) but that's the beauty of the song. Having said that, it's not a simple song by any means, but it's not extremely complex and "showy".

This is my all time favourite song and has been for the last 12 years. What's your favourite Crush 40 song?
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