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Before any rules, One turn lasts 1 day in CST (UTC -6), and It's equal to one Year
1. I am only the leader of this RP, I do not play
2. Choosing Country, USA and Canada has fallen because that always happens
3. Choosing a fake nation, you have to be appropriately sized
4. Before doing anything I have to approve you to exist
5. Colonization is only one province/state at a time
6. Nuclear weapons, or weapons of mass destruction isn't allowed

Name: Ozarka
Government: Constitutional Democracy
Location: Ozarks of Missouri and Arkansas
Capital: Springfield,MO
Population: 947,956
Economy 76.969 GDP per capital
Military: 15,943
Military spending: 37.842 Per month
President: Andrew West

Name: Kingdom Of New England
Location: New England region of the US (northeast US)
Territory: US states: Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Connecticut
Capital: Boston
Population: ~10 million
Economy: 49.500 GDP per capital
Millitary: 64K men, well equiped and well trained
King: George Williams IX

I offer an alliance to new york empire

Ill take The whole new england

Name: Republic of Pennsylvania, New Jersey and Delaware (Or just Pennsylvania)

Capital: Harrisburg

Territories: Delaware, Pennsylvania and Delaware.

Location: Middle States of the Northeast

Economy: Large

Military: Well Equipped but Small

President: Wes Göbb

^VP:* Taurus Göbb

New York annex Rhode Island and Connecticut

New York declares war on Connecticut and Rhode Island.

I'll be the NUSA. The New United States of America. I'll control Pennsylvania, Mayrland, Delaware, and NJ.

flint michigan is poor i will it money and food and water
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