I have a question. I'm wondering how strict the format of captions/labels is?

My advisor suggested that I center all of the caption text for my figures and tables.

I'm using \usepackage[font=small,format=plain,labelfont=bf,textfont=normal, labelsep=colon]{caption}

to do that.

It looks good, but there's a period after each title, e.g.:

Fig. 3.1.:

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The ECN_puthesis-list email list will be deleted soon.  Sign up for its replacement list at https://lists.purdue.edu/mailman/listinfo/puthesis-users

This Google+ community was renamed from "puthesis" to "puthesis-users" to be consistent with other changes that will happen in the future.

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TeX Live 2013 is now available.  The new version of puthesis I am working on will only be tested on TeX Live 2013.  TeX Live is available for Unix, Linux, and Windows.  The "MacTeX distribution" is based on TeX Live and is available from same web page.

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In the United States use "acknowledgments" instead of "acknowledgements".

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In a BibTeX .bib file don't try to comment out information fields using "%" like "%year = {1980}".  That may cause problems.  Use, for example, "xxxyear = {1980}".  Unknown information fields are ignored.

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Version 1.1.0-latex of the STIX (Scientific and Technical Information Exchange) fonts was announced today.  Text and math fonts are included.  Math support covers around 2400 symbols in 11 regular fonts and around 1950 symbols in 10 bold fonts.  It reportedly includes everything needed for all American Chemical Society, American Institute of Physics, American Mathematical Society, American Physical Society, Elsevier, and Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers publications.  I expect the new version of puthesis I'm working on will be able to use these fonts if wanted.

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My favorite program for doing figures is MetaPost.  I'm experimenting with TikZ to see if I like it better.

Idea for 999 clock is from: https://plus.google.com/photos/114964151687776435507/albums/5861566769766942097/586\ 1566774582026930?sqi=100568607954673744130&sqsi=613548a0-53fc-4600-abfd-209989cef92a

LaTeX input is at: https://www.writelatex.com/187532lddpnq
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