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Name: Allison Lilly Winchester

Relationship: Taken by +Crowley The King Of Hell™​​

Age: 17

Weapons: A crossbow/bow and arrow,Two Chinese ring daggers

Powers: Witchcraft

Likes: To be sneaky and evil and goofy sometimes and is really sarcastic at bad times

Dislikes: To be over ruled and controlled or confused

Bio: I'm the best hunter in the Winchester family and if you leave me it will be a mistake.....for all of us I smile insanely

Theme song: Don't Mess With Me~ TempoShark

//Sorry if it's evil it's what I'm aiming for so yrep 
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Hey I'm Scott Mccall and I am the true alpha of Beacon hills (I'm a newbie to this community)
height:5' 10"
location:beacon Hills California
species:true alpha (werewolf)
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