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Technically the only rule here is if you fight with anyone then you get kicked out. There is absolutely no fighting of any kind aloud in this community. This is to help with parenting and siblinging or whatever you wanna call it lmao. This isn't a place for violence, it's a SAFE place only

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Name: ⓛⓞⓡⓔⓝ
How many kids:1
How many lil siblings:1
What you're here for:нєℓρ
What уou hope to get from all the help: αм иσт α gσσ∂ мσтнєяಥ_ಥ..ѕнє ∂σєѕит fєєℓ ¢σмfу ωιтн мє..нσω ¢αи ι υи∂єяѕтαи∂ нєя.
Student, Teacher, or Both: +Jakob Jackson


When your kid or little sibling is upset, try making them smile :)

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If your kid pps you and/or wants to talk then just talk to them. If they keep putting dots after everything they say then you should be concerned 'cause that means something's up and you gotta make sure they're okay and maybe comfort them

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If your little kid or teen ever leaves the room when you don't answer and/or you know or think they're upset.. GO AFTER THEM and ask them if they're okay and if they wanna do something to get their mind off it even if they don't wanna talk about it 'cause chances are, they just need you to

How many kids:
How many lil siblings:
What you're here for:
What you hope to get from all the help:
Student, Teacher, or Both:

(Include a picture with you and a kid)
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