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Name Kito
Age 17
Race white
Eyes blue that change the color of his emotion
Hair dirty blonde
Likes girls soccer drawing animals
Is nice friendly sweet shyish good hearted

Name Kat
Age 17((kitostwin sister))
Race white
eyes same as Kito
Hair brownier than logos
Likes everything that Kito does expect girls she likes dudes
Is sweet drummer creative shy kind
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Name: Drake Hyoudou
Nickname: BoomStick/ Pyrus
Age: 17
Likes: Fire,Explosions, hugs, kisses, and being cared about
Dislikes: Water magic users, bullies, killers, and the people who killed his mother and father
Orientation: Straight/ Single
Favorite color: Red
Powers: Fire blasts and cosmic explosions
Weapon: A red katana created from pure blood
Bio: As a kid Drake and his family were using fireworks for the 4th of July, but it got out of control that's when he made his nicknames. He explores the world with wonder and curiosity. *((IF FLAMES WERE TO GO OUT HIS EYE AND HAIR COLOR WILL CHANGE TO BLACK AND HE WONT CHANGE BACK))*

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Name: Myalee Niwa
Eye color: Brown
Hair color: White/Grey
Height: 5.8
Skills: Can summon animals to help her do anything, singing
Hobbies: writing, reading, playing video games, helping animals.
Character: Caring, kind, creative, Optimistic, Quirky, Shy.
*She is a student*
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Hi there! My name is Kuro and I am the principal of Umesato High. Here, we welcome all new comers. We don't judge any anime because everyone is beautiful just the way they are. So, lets get started! Ok 1, when someone is being picked on, please call me or a staff. Do not take matters into your own hands, it will solve nothing. 2, we will have a Formal Prom when ever I choose it to be. 3, I hope you all make yourself at home because this is the school you will be attending. Smiles and waves to everyone

Yes, Umesato is hiring people for a job. Feel free to meet me in my office and we will work things out from there! Once you have applied, you will receive a form with information on it. Please don't loose it because it has records of when you became a staff at U.J.H.S. We warmly welcome you into becoming a teacher, janitor, or ect. 

We don't have uniforms at our school, although. If you can't cooperate with wearing clothing. Please stay in your dorm rooms, and I will get the assistant principal to go to your dorm. If he/she has to, we will kick you out of our school and send you home. We WILL NOT put up with childish behavior at this boarding school. (Students, I recommend you bring a swimsuit to class because there will be swimming activities for good behavior) 

▢  Fairy
▢  Nerd Neko
▢  Normal Human
▢  Demon Princess
▢  Demon Prince
▢  Regular Nerd
▢  Popular Crew
▢  Independent Person
▢  Bad/Evil
▢  Animal
▢  Other

1. Don't stick gum under the cafeteria tables
2. No killing other students on campus
3. No running around naked
4. Treat others, how you want to be treated.
5. Have a blast, Meet new people, and Invite friends!
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