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Can anyone help? So I'm trying to install XOS_bacon_7.1.1_20170207 +XOS_bacon_7.1.1_20170313 on my Device (Bacon) , but it gives me this error: 👇👇


Someone can send me the site of HalogenOS?

Is VoLte working on Mido? 1.5 month ago I have used this rom but volte was not working. Could anyone post some screenshots?

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just finished my initial build for the ZTE Axon 7. gonna test and it and upload the fixes i made to the initial tree to my github and if it is all good, I am gonna apply for maintainer. who would i talk to for that?

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anybody from the xos team i can talk to?

i want to maintain HalogenOS for lenovo zuk z2 plus

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I would like to win belo and streamlined
Heyya! We're up with something new in here, today! (Takes deep breath) We're giving away six beautiful Substratum themes (5 codes each), on reaching the 1000 members milestone.We love and respect all the themers of Project Substratum and the dedication they give to their projects, like us. Therefore we want to give you a chance to enjoy their awesome work as well as thanking you guys for trusting us and being with us :)

Themes Up for Grabs
Antares , Belo , Biohazard , Fantasy , Streamlined , Domination

Rules For Participating :
🔹+1 the ORIGINAL post
🔹Follow dev accounts:

🔸 (Antares Dev)
🔸 (Belo Dev)
🔸 (Biohazard Dev)
🔸 (Domination Dev)
🔸 (Fantasy Dev)
🔸 (Streamlined N&D Dev)
🔹Reshare this post to your public profile or any public community which allows it.
🔹Comment on the original post, mentioning theme that you would like to win (Choose 2 Themes Only)

Duration :
This will be open until Monday, April 17th, 11:59pm IST. Winners will be announced sometime on Tuesday and codes will be handed out via Hangouts or email.

Play Store Links for the Themes :
🔹 Antares by +Recenz Tastic
🔹 Belo by +De Jan
🔹 Biohazard by +Piere R
🔹 Domination by +David Wilson
🔹 Fantasy by +DeadMan xXD
🔹 Streamlined Night & Day by +Gurpreet Singh

Good Luck & Keep Re-sharing

hello guys, can i change my icon with icon pack on HalogenOS 7? im using latest version on OnePlus 2. thank you
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