One thing I do need to do is get that green G+ communities image replaced with something more appropriate to the name.

Star Frontiers has been my favorite sci-fi role-playing game ever since I picked it up in the early 80s. Last week while on vacation I got the bug to do a hack (more like a skin) od the game for the Dungeon World rules just to experiment with species and moves.

This here is the bigger AW/DW hack I've been working on. 

I've wanted to play in the post-human world with Wall-E ever since I saw the movie. This is that game.

For now I am calling the hack Robb-E because I am not the best at coming up with names for project like this. It was the first thing that came to mind.

I thought a community would be a good idea for my game design stuff so I made this. Hopefully it will keep what I am working on from landing on the back burner again. It's too easy to drop something for the new shiny.
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