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About Newport International Study on Hangzhou Boiler Group Co., Ltd

Hangzhou Boiler Group Co., Ltd (hereinafter called company) is a large comprehensive group corporation engaging in the consultation, development, production, sales and installation of boiler, pressure vessel and environment protection equipment as well as other project service business. The former body of the company is Hangzhou Boiler Works which was established in 1955. The company joined Xizi UHC in March, 2000. Based on the principle of “Transferring the manufacturing enterprise into manufacture and service enterprise and transferring the domestic sales enterprise into overseas sales enterprise”, the company has made subsidiary classifications according to the specialized working divisions, and now the company has possessed several subsidiary companies including Hangzhou New Century Energy Environment Protection Engineering Shareholding Co., Ltd., Zhejiang Xizi United Engineering Co., Ltd., Hangzhou Industrial Boiler Co., Ltd., and Hangzhou Boiler General Equipment Co., Ltd. At present, the company can provide full set of design, manufacture, installation and commissioning services and has successfully realized the development from single boiler product provision to the general contracting of the boiler island project and power plant turnkey project.

With the occupation area of 240000m2 and the registered capital of 359.52 million RMB, the company has possessed more than 1400 employees including 400 special technical personnel. The company is the national key high-tech enterprise, national CAD application project demonstration enterprise, national research, development and manufacture base for HRSG and coal-water slurry boiler as well as Zhejiang environment protection industry base.

Since 1970’s, The company has been devoted to the development, design and manufacture of remaining heat generation equipment used for metallurgy, chemical, building material, petrochemical, combined circulation and power stations and such equipment product has ranked top among the same industry enterprises; meanwhile The company has also developed and manufactured series energy-saving and environment protection products including 23~400 MW vertical and horizontal gas turbine HRSG, 130~400t/h blast furnace gas boiler, 200m2 sinter machine HRSG, 75~260t/h dry cooling coke HRSG, 180~340t/h converter HRSG, 20~40 million ton/year pyrite burning HRSG, 1000~10000T/D cement kiln HRSG, and 150~600T/D city refuse incinerator. Up to the present, The company has produced more than 1300 piece (set) of energy-saving HRSG, and The company -developed various energy-saving and environment protection products have accounted for 50% of the total products in the same industry. The company can make an annual saving of 30 million tons standard coal, the annual generation amount is equivalent to a power plant with the annual generation capacity of 90 billion KWH, and the annual drainage of CO2 can be reduced by 600000 tons, the annual weight of refuse can be reduced by 5 million tons, the annual volume of refuse can be reduced by 8 million m3. In addition, The company sales amount for 7~90 MW large capacity hot water boiler, large chain boiler, coal-powder boiler, 300~1000 MW flue gas heater, 300~1000 MW thermal power and nuclear power high-pressure heater, low-pressure heater, deaerator and condenser have also ranked top among the same industry enterprises. From 2002 to 2008, the sales income for Hangzhou Boiler Group keeps an annual increase rate of 53% which has realized the sales breakthrough from 200 million RMB to 26 billion RMB. Depending on its powerful strength, The company is also actively exploring overseas market at the time of domestic market exploration, and The company’s products have been exported to more than ten countries including USA, Japan, Thailand, India and Brazil, which indicate that The company has achieved further international development.

The new facility, Dingqiao facility, with an area of 215,000 m2, the phase I construction area is 87,000m2, which is the “West gas east transfer” project. The workshop is designed as manufacturing 300MW boilers. The Chongxian facility is undergoing, the whole facility covers an area of 155,000m2, and the construction area of phase I is 73,000m2, which will become the heavy equipment manufacturing base of the coal chemical and nuclear power products. The facility is located along the Beijing-Hangzhou Grand Canal, and supporting construction of 1000-ton dock and heavy equipment shop with the lifting capacity of 1,000 tons.

The Hangzhou Boiler people will keep in mind the important instructions about energy saving and exhaust reduction proposed by President Mr. Hu Jintao when he paid a visit to the company’s parent company, Xizi UHC on Jul. 28, 2007, stick to green development, and contribute to energy saving and exhaust reduction industry

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New Century Energy Environmental Protection Engineering of Newport International Study: Hangzhou Boiler Group Co., Ltd

Hangzhou New Century Energy Environment Protection Engineering Co., Ltd is a subsidiary of Hangzhou Boiler Group, and it is an engineering company engaging in the city living refuse incineration treatment project as well as the equipment development, design, construction and operation. Now the company has an asset of 275 million RMB.
The company has a technical development and engineering service team, and 53% of the company employees have obtained senior technical titles. The company has undertaken the technical and equipment development work for several domestic refuse incineration treatment projects including high-tech national debt project by national development and reform commission, “Tenth Five-year Plan” 863 program by science and technology ministry, “Eleventh Five-year Plan” supported national scientific research program and national torch plan project. The company has possessed market competitiveness with the intellectual propertied II stage reciprocating refuse incinerating furnace grate technology and semi-dry soot treatment technology (double tower technology) as the focus.
Up to now, the company has completed the refuse incineration project constructions at Hangzhou Binjiang, Wenzhou Linjiang,Shenzhen Penghu, Guangdong Zhongshan, Guangzhou Likeng, Fujian Jinjiang, Jiangsu Taicang and Jiangsu Yixing. During the construction period of these projects, the company has accumulated rich experience in project design and running management and has continuously optimized and improved the available technologies and products. At present, the company has supplied 2×500t/d II stage reciprocating refuse incinerating furnace and HRSG to environment protection thermal-power project in Hebei Qinhuangdao, and such incinerating furnace is the national produced refuse incineration treatment equipment with the intellectual property and maximum single furnace capacity.
With the excellent technologies and good quality product and project, the company will provide the customers with advanced, high-efficient and reliable refuse incinerating project and good quality services.
Legal representative:Nanping Wu
General Manager: Ke Wang
Company address: 6A East-tower Building, International Garden, No. 160 Tianmushan Road, Xihu district, Hangzhou 
Post code: 310007
Telephone: +86-571-88212091
Fax No.: +86-571-88212092
Company web

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Hangzhou Xizi Mechanic & Electric Technique School on Newport International Study: Hangzhou Boiler Group Co., Ltd

Hangzhou Xizi Mechanic & Electric Technique School is a moderate vocational-technical school, which is specializing in training professional personnel for machinery manufacturing industry. The former is Hangzhou sixth mechanical school, built in 1978. The school has a management team with advanced thinking, innovation and working with the truce. There is a conscientious and meticulous, skillful and mastering many skills’ teacher team.
The school pays a great attention to the students’ practice ability, setting up functional training centre, computer room and electric laboratories with advanced equipments. Furthermore, relying on advantages of enterprise resource of Xizi Otis Group, the world biggest escalator manufacture base, and the Hangzhou Boiler Group Co., Ltd, the national research, development and manufacture base of waste heat boiler, so that the students’ theoretical knowledge and operation ability can be consolidated and enhanced by continuous practice.
Since opened, the school had provided and trained a great many excellent students and technical workers for the subsidiary company of Xizi United Holding Co., such as Hangzhou Boiler Group Co., Ltd and Xizi Elevator Group. Many of graduates already have been the backbone of manufacture and management, obtaining technician, senior technician qualification certificates, and many of them have been named Hangzhou “Top Ten Young Skilled Position”, “Technique Elite”, “National Model Worker”, etc.
Due to the school takes a running mode by recruiting predetermined number of students(including specialty) for collaborative business, then trained, ----which means a distribution, so the employment rate of graduates is 100% per year.
Hangzhou Xizi Mechanic & Electric Technique School is the designated professional skill training school that approved by Hangzhou Labor and Social Security Bureau, and is the first passel “Highly skilled Talents Training Centre of National Mechanical & Electric Project” assessed by the State Department of Labor and Social Security. For the community, the school turns its hand to early, middle, high, technician and senior technician qualification training. Since 1989, the school had trained a lot of qualified technical workers for state-owned, villages and towns, private enterprise, government organizations and institutions, which had became an excellent professional skills training base.

Our school is recruiting students throughout the year. The related brochures and application forms please see the attachments.
Contact Us
Add.: Admissions Office in the dormitory Building Hangzhou Boiler Group, No. 1216 Danonggang Road, Hangzhou
Zip Code: 310021
Contact Person: Teacher Zhang
Tel: 0571-85387287 85387289 85387292 13857125036
Fax:  0571-85387287

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Newport International Study on Hangzhou Boiler Group Co. Ltd: Hangzhou Boiler Group Engineering Trading Co. Ltd

With the registered capital of 10 million RMB, Hangzhou Boiler Group Engineering Materials Co., Ltd is a wholly owned subsidiary of Hangzhou Boiler Group Co., Ltd. Taking the technical and manufacturing advantage of the Group company, Hangzhou Boiler Group Engineering Materials Co., Ltd is mainly engaged in the reconstruction of small HRSG, boiler fittings, pressure vessel, large power station and gas turbine HRSG as well as electromechanical equipment components; and the company’s service mainly includes boiler production technology consultations.

With the registered capital of 6.5 million RMB, the business scope of the wholly owned subsidiary of the company- HangGuo Jiangnan Materials Co., Ltd mainly includes steel material, welding material, building material, metal products, chemical material and textile products.
The company follows the business principle of taking the quality as the root, depending on for development, taking the users as the focus and depending on service for market expansion.
Company address: No. 1216, Danonggang Road, Jianggan District, Hangzhou
Post code: 310021
Telephone: +86-571-85387441/85387628
Fax No.: +86-571-85370887
General Manager: Zhou Yinbao
E-mail address:
Vice general manager: Wan yongxian (Sales chief)
E-mail address:
Technical and design chief: Zhao Jingzhong
Chief of financial department: Zeng yi
E-mail address:

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Hangzhou Boiler Group General Equipment Co. Ltd on Newport International Study on Hangzhou Boiler Group Co. Ltd

Hangzhou Boiler Universal Equipment Co., Ltd. is an industrial enterprise engaged in the design and fabrication of boiler auxiliaries and types of special equipment and heavy chemical equipment. Since its establishment in December 2000, the Company has developed to a considerable scale in 13 years. The Company is a subsidiary of Hangzhou Boiler Group Co., Ltd., with a registered capital of more than RMB19, 300,000. The new factory is on the north of the new plant site of Hangzhou Boiler Group in Chongxian, by the beautiful Beijing-Hangzhou Grand Canal. It occupies a land of 87,000m2, including a building area of about 60,000m2. The Company has more than 200 employees at present, including 70 technologists of various specialties. The Company has obtained over ten patents of inventions.
Since its establishment, the Company sticks to the tenet of Serving Society and Benefiting Human, keeps technical innovation as a guideline, and focus on the development of energy saving and environmental protection products encouraged by the policies of the state. At present, the Company has developed 5 series of products, i.e. boiler auxiliary series, garbage furnace grate base series, shield machine series, boiler manufacture equipment and various types of nonstandard equipment, of which diverter damper has been authorized for invention patent of the state.
The Company has established a complete quality management system, passed the audit of ISO9000 by China Quality Certification Center, and obtained the title of Outstanding Enterprise for Social Responsibility awarded by the People’s Government of Hangzhou and the title of Hi-tech Enterprise of Zhejiang Province. Our technical team has obtained the title of Model Collective of Hangzhou in 2011, and the First Class of National Science and Technology Advancement Award in 2012 for the shield machine project completed with Zhejiang University. At present, shield machines produced by the Company have been used in the metro construction of Nanjing, Hangzhou, Suzhou, Xian and Wuhan, etc., and exported to Thailand and Singapore, etc. The Company has become the only enterprise that can manufacture shield machines in Zhejiang Province.
In the future, Hangzhou Boiler Universal Equipment Co., Ltd will stick to Advance by Innovation, Develop by Harmonization, and Seek for Excellence by Revolution!
Company address: Chonggang Dock, Siwei Willage, Chongxian Town, Yuhang District, Hangzhou, China
Post code: 311108
Telephone: +86-571-85387608
Fax No.: +86-571-85351630
General Manager: Weichun Jin

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Newport International Study on Hangzhou Boiler Group Co., Ltd: Hangzhou Hangguo Electric Technology Co, Ltd

Hangzhou Hangguo Electric Technology Co., Ltd. was founded in May 2009.It is high-tech enterprise engaging in industrial automatic technology consulting, design development, and supply, commissioning and technical services of complete set of equipment. The former body of the company is Hangzhou Hangguo Boiler Automatic Engineering Co., Ltd., which is founded in Dec. 2000. Go through nearly a decade of development, the company had accumulated plenty of experiences in mechanical and automatic control designing, equipment and instrument configuration, site installation, commissioning, training and sale service of industrial boiler, heat recovery boiler, power station boiler, water treatment, gas treatment, deaerator, steam turbine, and building system. Moreover, the company possesses large number of management personnel with years of practice and R&D experience. In order for better development, Hangzhou Hangguo Boiler Automatic Engineering Co., Ltd. was successfully restructured as a subsidiary of Hangzhou Boiler Group Co., Ltd.

We believe: Throughout the long-term service for generation equipment of large-scale power station boiler and heat recovery boiler, such as designing, type selecting and equipment supplying of program control and thermal control equipment for ignition system, blowing system and all categories of auxiliary equipment’s, and by offering the professional technology, excellent quality and fidelity service, we will gain the trust of customers and partners!

Chairman & President: Weixiao He
Vice President: Guangya Hu
Add.: N0. 1216 Danonggang Road, Jianggan District, Hangzhou China
Zip Code:  310021
Tel:  +86-571-85387469
Fax: +86-571-85387467

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Hangzhou Hangguo Testing Technology Co. Ltd of Newport International Study on Hangzhou Boiler Group Co. Ltd

The company is specially dealing with the sales of detecting equipment such as ray detector, ultrasonic detector and magnetic particle detector, and it is the regional agent of several 
famous domestic and overseas companies.The company has rich experience in valve testing, casting piece testing and boiler pressure vessel testing and has owned large testing equipment such as linear accelerator, Co60, 192 and 450KV ray machine, etc.
General Manager: Yinbao Zhou
Company address: No.1216, Danonggang Road, Jianggan District, Hangzhou, China
Post code: 310021
Telephone/Fax: +86-571-85387295 85387301

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Newport International Study on Hangzhou Boiler Group Co. Ltd: Hangzhou Boiler Fin-tube Co., Ltd

Hangzhou Boiler Group Jiangnan Energy Co., Ltd (HBJN), founded in Hangzhou, is a subsidiary company of Hangzhou Boiler Group Co., Ltd (HBG), mainly engaged in importing and selling of iron ore, coal, and manganese ore, nickel minerals, nonferrous metals and exporting of vessels, boilers and other hi-tech products.
HBJN has always adhere to the spirit of “unity, efficiency, devotion” since its establishment in 1992, uphold the operation principle of “integrity, mutual benefit, responsibility, innovation”, to provide our clients with excellent resource and service. The company is based on multivariate trades; with the great support of the parent company HBG. HBJN integrates excellent resource, to ensure its professional and effective service. In 2011, HBJN has brought about extraordinary developments; the company achieves significant growth of the management scale and operation profit. The company has been granted the honor of “member of China Mining Exchange Platform” by China Beijing International mining Exchange, Zhejiang province Authorized Enterprise of Coal Business, Member Company of ZHESHANG, Advanced Management Enterprise in Ningno Bonded Zone.  
HBJN always keep focusing on the trade business of bulk commodity, engaged in the professional service through the whole industrial chain from raw material supply to terminal product distribution and delivery. HBJN exert its effort in providing to clients the excellent diverse product portfolio to ensure more stable cash flow and higher capable service than traditional circulation mode, in order to make HBJN become a huge commercial enterprise with large scale, long history, high efficiency, and also a company emphasizes benefits and safety equally.
Ningbo Hangguo Jiangnan International Trading Co., Ltd is a wholly-owned subsidiary company of HBJN. It is an international trading company engaging in iron ore imports and steel trade.
HBJN has established a presence in Beijing and Chengde, mainly engaged in domestic mineral trade、futures goods trade of minerals, spot goods and steel trade.

HBJN has formed enterprise purpose during its 20 years development and growth, which is “service creates value, develop first-class team, base on honesty, high quality and efficient”. In the new situation, HBJN will always stick to the bulk commodity business, it will also, depend on its excellent social reputation and flexible operational mechanism to participate in market competition, to pay back public support with sincere service.
General manager: Baoqing Wang
Add.: N0. 1216 Danonggang Road, Jianggan District, Hangzhou ,China
Zip Code:  310021
Tel:  +86-571-85387328
Fax: +86-571-85388901
Director:  Xinwen Tao   0571-85387414

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Zhejiang Xizi United Engineering Co. Ltd of Newport International Study on Hangzhou Boiler Group Co. Ltd

Zhejiang Xizi United Engineering Co., Ltd is a subsidiary of Xizi UHC, and the company is mainly engaged in power, mechanical and civil project designs and project contracting business.
With the registered capital of 50 million RMB, the company is jointly established by Xizi UHC, Hangzhou Boiler Group and Jiangxi Power Design Institute. At present, the company possesses 150 employees, including 5 professorship senior engineers, 15 senior engineers, 35 engineers and 50 junior engineers. The company is divided into seven departments including planning commercial department, engineering department, procurement department and design department. The company’s main business scope covers design and EPC contracting for domestic and overseas thermal power project, waste heat generation project, steam and gas combined cycle project, refuse generation project, biomass power generation project and coal gangue generation project. Taking the comprehensive advantage of Xizi Group, the company has made positively expansions to the mechanical and civil industries, and meanwhile through Xizi Financial Company, the company is capable of making financing scheme, effectively exploring financing channels, and seeking for project operation in BOT and other modes for customer.
Xizi engineering company inherits excellent corporate culture and management philosophy of Xizi UHC which is “Cooperation is more important than competition”, and has made extensive cooperation with domestic and overseas organizations such as Austria AE and Zhejiang University.
Humanized management and environment with a philosophy of “Harmonious work, study and life” provides a platform to the company talent team, and vigorous and prosperous future to the company’s development.
Chairman: Jinwen Dai
President: Jian Chen
Company Add.:  3# Xizi United Building, No. 2 Jiuhua Road, Jiubao Town Hangzhou, China  
Post code: 310019
Telephone: +86-571-28931153 (business contact)
     +86-571-28172622 (Personnel recruitment)
Fax No.: +86-571-28908966
Company web site:

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Quality guarantee of Newport International Study on Hangzhou Boiler

Since the adoption of overall quality management in 1984, the company has established perfect boiler and pressure vessel quality management system and corresponding system document so as to keep normal and effective running of the company. At present, the company has possessed steel seal and authorized certificate for power boiler (S) and pressure vessel (U, U2) issued by American society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME), national Class A boiler manufacture license, Class A1+A2 pressure vessel manufacture and design license issued by national quality inspection bureau, and German TÜV ISO 9001 quality management system authentication certificate. For each year the company will accept the internal and external auditing by the second party and third party so as to ensure the continuous effectiveness of the quality management system.

Newport International Study: Hangzhou Boiler Group Co., Ltd

The company has made cooperation with the international famous companies such as Japanese MITSUBISH, KAWASAKI and MHI, French ALSTOM, Finland AHLSTROM, German OSCHATZ and SHG, British DAVY and R.R, Holand NEM and SFL, Belgium CMI, and .American GE, and the company’s quality system is well praised and recognized by the cooperation party; and meanwhile the company’s quality management ability is continuously perfected during the period of cooperation with the large companies.

The company has established perfect quality guarantee and supervision system. The quality guarantee department is separated from other departments and is directly controlled by the general manager, and such quality guarantee department is not affected by the production and operation department. The quality guarantee department has set quality management center, inspection department, flaw-detecting center and testing center. The quality management center is the supervision and management center of the company quality management system. The inspection department is mainly responsible for the quality control and product quality inspection during the product manufacture period. The flaw-detecting center is mainly responsible for the product non-destructive testing including ray inspection, ultrasonic testing, magnetic particle testing, penetration inspection and eddy flow inspection. The testing center is mainly responsible for measuring management and physical and chemical testing. The flaw-detecting center and testing center have the qualification for undertaking outside testing work. The quality guarantee department has more than 160 employees including 30% employees with middle-class technical titles and 9 senior engineers.

With the advanced testing method, the company has possessed 170 piece/set of important testing equipment including 4-megavolt linear accelerator, 420 KV x-ray detector, γ-ray detector, direct-reading spectrometer and super-high rate stage-microscope; and these equipment can satisfy various testing and inspection requirement so as to ensure the product quality.

The company follows the policy of “Quality first and customer satisfaction” so as to ensure the safety, reliability and suitability of the boiler and pressure vessel to meet the relative standard requirement or exceeding the relative international standard.
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