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Hello !!  This community is based on Sword Art Online but do not hesitate to talk about anything and post what you like ^-^

Love <3

Saluut !! Cette communauté est basé sur Sword Art Online mais n'hésité pas à parler d'autre chose et à poster ce que vous aimez ^-^

Love <3

Pour les personnages de RP ou autre dites moi lequel vous voulez ^^ :

Kirito: +kirito kirigaya
Sillica: +Silica Gaming 
sinon: +Misu Pullip 

Roleplay imformation about me

Name = Tidus
Game = Final Fantasy X
Age = 17
Home = Dream Zanarkand, Besaid
Status = Single and Bi
Gender = Male
Weapon = Sword
Loves = Blitzball and Fightning Monsters
Hates = My Dad Jecht and Being Alone
Hair Color = Dirty Blond
Eye Color = Blue
Race = Human
Occupation = Blitzball Player and Guardian
Height = 5'9 (175 cm)
Laterality = Right Handed
Overdrive = Swordplay

That is all btw if you want to be friends with me go ahead and add me i Will add you too of course and lets roleplay if you want i am a very nice person and help in anyway i can if something is wrong do tell me i wont tell anyone i promise greets from me Tidus ^^

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Ohayoooooooo !

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On étais tous comme ça à ce moment xD

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Wakes up hoping im not alone mommy daddy are you up

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name: yui
age: unknown
bio: sweet and shy little girl
weapon: none
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This is for asuna,kirito and everybody else

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Real Name: Adam Apostol
In Game Name: My username without BOSS
Age: 15
Gender: Male
Appearance: picture
Personality: nice and likes helping people who are in trouble. Loves to have fun
Race (ALO): Spriggon (I hope I spelled correctly)
Weapon: (alo) a bow with different elements and the hammer of SOL(GGO) a pulse rifle with power
Secondary Weapon (GGO): a shotgun
Bio: unknown
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