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I will be hosting a discussion about the new Advanced Labyrinth Lord that just came out. This will take play tonight (12/1/18) at 7pm Eastern time on my Discord Server : Brian Scott's Game Night. All are welcomed .

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Player Recruitment!

Sunday AD&D Classics Campaign!

System: 1st Ed. AD&D (with Unearthed Arcana rules, + some rules from Dragon Magazine)
Setting: World of Greyhawk, hexcrawl in the southeastern Yatil Mountains
Campaign: S4 Lost Caverns of Tsojcanth/WG4 Forgotten Temple of Tharizdun
PC Levels: 7-9th (90,001 XP or some NPCs from the AD&D Rogues Gallery are on offer!)
Format: Roll20 (virtual tabletop)/Google Hangouts (audio/video).
Timeslot: Sundays, 6-10pm EST

I’m looking to increase the Player pool for my ongoing Sunday AD&D Classics Campaign.
We’re currently 8 Sessions in (although neither module locale has been discovered yet) and have been having a blast but regular Sunday scheduling has been a bit, shall we say, inconsistent.

So, if you’re available to game most Sundays from 6-10pm EST and you’re into Old School gaming, please feel free to &reach out via Private/Direct Message!*

Newcomers to 1st Ed. AD&D and/or Roll20 are welcome!
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Hey guys and gals! I am looking for players who are interested in joining a Pathfinder Campaign! My old group moved away and currently, I am looking for new players. I have a large number of the books and I am great at getting everyone's character more involved in the surrounding plots. The adventure path is CotCT with homebrew quest lines (Some connected to characters and some not). More detail will be given to those who are interested! Please feel free to email or message me!

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New battlemap: THE BEACH COTTAGE

This one started out as a sketch during a trip to the Stockholm archipelago last summer.
I started mapping my surroundings as faithfully as I could (lower part of the map), then let my imagination finis the job.

The map is available at my DriveThruRPG shop:

Supporters at my Patreon get it for FREE!

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As with most worlds, legends of lost treasure and mystical artefacts abound, riches, glory and power sought out by the bravest - and most often the most foolish - of souls.

The vast stretching lands of Azebron are no different. Four centuries distanced from the great Civil War of the Ancients that nearly wiped out life on this mortal plane, dark tales of gods, monsters, heroes and sinister magic forces still permeate the minds of those who now can only try to imagine the terror of those most horrific times. Among those stories are tales and legends of deep dark places protected by fierce creatures and dark powers, holding the secretes of treasures long forgotten, some from time immemorial, some from the heroic who shed their own blood in that dark war.

The legend of the Whitefire Sword is no exception, said to be forged in the fires of Hell itself and to contain a magic nobody has seen since the end of the war of the Ancients.

You grew up hearing a story about the Whitefire Sword at least once in your childhood, and have heard it referenced in colloquial conversation on a rare occasion, but to even most quick-leaping adventurers, this just sounded too fantastical.

Now, it appears a possible clue as to its location has surfaced...

The Hakkenslash fantasy rpg project is back on the table, with the new starter playtest material almost ready to go, and playtesting ready to begin right after I release it! I just need some willing victims to give it a run and get feedback! I plan to run two different playtests. One will be using Hangouts for a weekly session.

The second, if you're interested but don't have time to add another session to your schedule, is going to be a Play-by-Post using a dedicated G+ Community and

Both interested players and spectators are welcome to join the PbP group!

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This is TONIGHT at 7pm eastern time there is still room.
I will be doing a play test for Gavin Norman's B/X Essentials Advanced Players book.
The play test is September 6, 13 and 20th . All will take place 7pm Eastern time and last four hours.
The Setting is Dolmenwood.
Please join contact me and join my Discord group for info.

Hi all i know i might be annoying but i would like to know if anyone would like play or run a game i don't mind being dm but i would like to play as a character for once

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Welcome one, welcome some!

I am a game designer responsible for such classic games such as Death Spinners and DokaMini (Neither of which actually have any bearing in this post since I've never posted about them.)

My latest and greatest design, a tabletop RPG designed with depth and tempo at the forefront. Create a functional character (backstory not included) in 10-15 minutes, complete encounters with ease (depending on your DM).
Heliabound is fast enough to play over a lunch period (1 hour sessions, I was in high school when I started this and keeping things moving was important with such a strict session time), and detailed enough to let your DM flex their creative muscles, with a variety of settings possible (everything from medieval DnD styled, Tolkien High Fantasy, Modern-but-with-magic, to Starbound esque space exploration, you name it).

Each class has a unique battle style, if you choose to play a board you'll nearly be playing a different game to your fellow knights during combat sequences, I am really proud of that (bards and alchemists are the current highlights)

The game is a WIP, so there's a ton of rough edges, and there's only a small selection of classes for now, but if a budding project where your input can make a difference is more important than a professional, polished experience, this is the game for you... at least for the next year or so ;)

If that sounds great to you, that's awesome! Heliabound has been in existence for over 5 years and is just coming into it's own. There have been many ups and downs working on this game, and plenty of expenses, but I'm finally getting over my perfectionist side and want to share my ol' pet project with the world!

I have a website with all the rules available for free, and a collection where you can see all the latest update for the latest campaign, Overhead. links below

Check the comments to this post for a community link and the official Discord server! There, you can meet the Helia team and chat with fellow play testers and suggesters!

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Ahoy there mateys! I've turned my attention to creating an experimental range of gigantic detailed digital ship maps for fantasy RPG, compatible with Meanders and each one a high-resolution 300dpi JPEG that measures 18x54". I want to create BIGGER Maps, Huge, but my Current PC simply cannot handle what I ask of it - so I'm running this campaign to try and buy a new more powerful graphics-oriented one that will allow me to reach for new horizons. To do that, I've put together a special Map Pack offer that includes:

A Beautiful Pirate Ship on the Blue Ocean with 3 deck levels (currently it has one)
A Ghost Ship illuminated by St Elmos Fire with 3 deck levels for your undead to run amok.
A Shipwrecked Version smashed on the Rocks with spilled cargo and floating debris
A Feeding Frenzy of Sharks Version for instilling fear when your pirates make the adventurers walk the plank!
A Docked At Port Version with extended gangplank and consignments of cargo on the ship and waiting on the wharf.
A giant Treasure Island - a special Ocean Meander Map Pack for the first 25 Backers Or Any Return Backer - Plus MUCH MORE

Come check out Shipstarter on Kickstarter :)

Kind Regards
Kris McDermott

HI i would like to know if anyone wants have a crack at out of the abyss 5e d&d
i run a sessions every Thursday from 4:10-6:00 britsh time zone
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