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On 1st August Con+1 is opening it's virtual doors to those who want to run and play in a variety of games in aid of a great cause. I certainly intend to run some games and hope you'll be joining me there:

#ConPlusOne #ConPlus1 #RPG #Convention
Con +1 is coming…
Con +1 is coming…

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Ahoy there mateys! I've turned my attention to creating an experimental range of gigantic detailed digital ship maps for fantasy RPG, compatible with Meanders and each one a high-resolution 300dpi JPEG that measures 18x54". I want to create BIGGER Maps, Huge, but my Current PC simply cannot handle what I ask of it - so I'm running this campaign to try and buy a new more powerful graphics-oriented one that will allow me to reach for new horizons. To do that, I've put together a special Map Pack offer that includes:

A Beautiful Pirate Ship on the Blue Ocean with 3 deck levels (currently it has one)
A Ghost Ship illuminated by St Elmos Fire with 3 deck levels for your undead to run amok.
A Shipwrecked Version smashed on the Rocks with spilled cargo and floating debris
A Feeding Frenzy of Sharks Version for instilling fear when your pirates make the adventurers walk the plank!
A Docked At Port Version with extended gangplank and consignments of cargo on the ship and waiting on the wharf.
A giant Treasure Island - a special Ocean Meander Map Pack for the first 25 Backers Or Any Return Backer - Plus MUCH MORE

Come check out Shipstarter on Kickstarter :)

Kind Regards
Kris McDermott

HI i would like to know if anyone wants have a crack at out of the abyss 5e d&d
i run a sessions every Thursday from 4:10-6:00 britsh time zone

I’ve been a bit out of the loop for most of the past year. Last time I used it Hangouts was drifting in directions that made it less gamer friendly. How is this these days? Is it still a viable platform for playing RPGs, or it time to jump ship and get serious about the gaming-specific systems?

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I know that when I see randomly rotated pictures of landscapes and landmarks, like the windows lock screen, I am immediately thinking about how to run an adventure through them.

I wonder how many tabletop sessions have been inspired, even in part, by looking at the scrolling images on screen savers and smart TVs.

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WG4 The Forgotten Temple of Tharizdun (1st Ed. AD&D) - PLAYER RECRUITMENT!

Since I’ve been posting about running WG4 for the 100th Session of my AD&D Classics Campaign crew, there has been some interest in me running this for other folks!

We’re looking to flesh out the party with a few additional Players!
If you’re interested in joining, please read the following:

This Sunday night will be a “Session Zero” and Character Generation session wherein we will discuss AD&D rules options, methods of rolling up Characters (or which Canonical Heroes from The Rogues Gallery are on offer!) and preferred playing times (on Sundays) for these sessions.

When: THIS SUNDAY, JUNE 10th from 8-10pm EST
Where: Roll20/Google Hangouts

As my wife is on tour for the month of June, I’ll be running games on Sundays throughout the month.
After that, it will be sporadic Sundays moving forward.

Depending on the choices we make in Session Zero and during play, this could take anywhere from 2-10 Sessions to complete.

Please PM me (direct message via G+) if you’re interested AND available this Sunday night for Session Zero AND can play on Sundays moving forward.

If you aren’t available on Sundays, I’m sorry!

If you’re new to Roll20/Google Hangouts, that’s fine (it’s free & easy!) as long as you have a (fairly new) working computer with good internet access and headphones and an audio mic (built in is fine). Webcam/video is not necessary.
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I'm ready to start running one shot games again! I'm looking for players interested in a Grimdark/S&S setting using Blood, Sweat & Steel. My one-shot adventures usually wrap in 2-3 sessions. I'm looking to run Wednesday evenings, from around 6-10 PM PST. I try to keep the sessions shortish, roughly 2-3 hours.

If you're looking for a Wednesday night game, please respond to this thread or send me a PM! Game on!

Who's the owner of this place? Bring me their head! Or tag them.

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I need 3-5 other players to join me on a journey into the Magical Land of Yeld. This is a simple game that requires a lot from its players. The most important thing it requires is commitment, an eagerness to play through till the end and see where the story goes. The second is a willingness to run as well as play, we will all take turns as GM as we help unfold the story. As that is the case it also requires us to be spoiled about where the story is going and yet still face each challenge unsure of the outcome. The final thing it requires of us is to reach back into childhood for the wonder, friendships, and solemnity that only children possess. If you’re willing to take on the task and reap the rewards please leave a message.
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In the first session of our #UndyingLands #OSR game, five brave adventurers set off to explore the newly revealed continent in search of fame and fortune.

#SwordsAndWizardy #WhiteBox #FMAF #DnD #ActualPlay #RedDiceDiaries
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