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Been a while I know. I am really bored. Anyone wanna do Sonadow? I need someone to be shadow This will actually will not take place in the sonic world since I haven't seen or played sonic in forever. Anyway I'll be sonic so comment Sonic-senpai if you want me to be seme or comment Sonikku If you want me to be uke

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Anybody wanna rp in a Rick and Morty AU where Rick is a werewolf? Rick will actually be 32 and Morty will be 18. I need a SEME MORTY please. Comment if you want to and we can discuss a starter.
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Oooh! I got an Idea. Harry potter! For this rp my character died in his previous life and was reborn into the world of harry potter. He is the newest comer to this school of hogwarts. I'd like a Seme Harry or draco for this rp.

~one week prior*

He groaned and sighed softly. he looked around him and blinked softly. He sat up realizing he was in his bed. He looked around apparently two people who were his parents of this life walked up. "Alfred! Alfred dearie good news! You can go to Hogwarts now! We've finally managed to allow you to bring Libert with you! We know you've been refusing to go unless you could at least bring your eagle and now you finally can!" he was confused but shook his head smiling. Not because of the good news but because he found out he was reborn into harry potter! Some of his favorite novels! he couldn't believe it

"that's great mom! When do I depart?" he asked as his eagle cawed flying over

"Next week"


He sighed as he walked up to the sorting hat. He was the only one bending rules. usually birds didn't stay with the owner they kinda were taken else where from what he knew at least. He took a seat and sighed. he would be sorted into a certain house. He hoped for Gryffindor not slytherin. He smiled when spared of that troublesome house and was given Gryffindor. He was so happy and he stood Libert nuzzling him as he sat with his table others looking at him with smiles and some slight fear of the large bird. Then a man walked up to him. this man was......

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Name: Alfred Jones

Nickname(s): Al, Alfie

Age: 22

Gender: Male

Species: 'Life jumper' (Meaning if he dies he simply jumps to the next life where he can be recreated into pretty much anything.)

Ranking: 'Omega'

Occupation: Depends on the life he's in

Position: uke.

Piercings: none yet

Tattoos: maybe

Skin tone: usually pale to average

Allergies: none

Personality: Social butterfly

Bio: ??


Father: Depends on rp

Mother: Shelina.

Brother(s): ??

Sister(s): ??

Pets: A lot!

Likes: ??

Dislikes: not much

Interests: Humans, his own damn species.

fear: ??

Goals: he just wants to make it in life

Skills & Talents: Singing, animal care


Likes: Pain, bondage,

Profession: Well beneath the surface he's a code seller. he sells valuable information to the highest bidder.

Social Status: ??


Single, taken, married: Depends on the rp

Any kids: Noe

Favorite position: ......Won't say

Favorite cosplay: Harry potter or cowboy

Virgin: Yes

E-Zones: doesn't know

Specific pets:

1: A bad eagle he named Libert.

2: A dog he named Murica.

3: Some cats:

4: Ferrets too.

Favorite pet: The bald eagle.

May I please have a seme for my uke please? this life is a modern life....only he is the king. its a life where he was born in a country of monarchy. His advisors are demanding he find a bride but Alfred always refuses. He finally came out saying he was gay so the guards were sent out to bring every man to the castle so that Alfred may pick his groom.

Starter: Sun was out and his ball room was filled with young and middle aged men. Alfred was being required to find a groom that he will marry. He didn't want to marry them right off the bat he wanted to get to know them. He sighed and sat back in his thrown watching and listening to each candidate. He was about to give up but suddenly a strong handsome man walked in.....he had chains around his wrists and one on his neck. the guards surrounded him and he knew why. that was (Y/C) that criminal. Alfred forgot what he was jailed for but it was bad. "Guards!....let him go" despite though Alfred was star struck by him. He stood and descended to the criminal ".....Him.....I wish to release him from prison and take him as my groom" the guards gasped and (Y/c).......

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Anyone want to do A GerIta or a SpaMano yaoi rp? Both starters will be based off this picture because I love it and find it funny! Just comment tell me what Ship you want and I'll give you a pp Ok? Ok!


Germany X Italy (me)

Spain x Romano (Me)

Starter: How did this happen to the italy brothers? All they did was get into a game of football (soccer just for specification and to not confuse anyone) and they collied rolling in the dirt some. When the dust faded they went to get up but both yelled in pain sitting right back down "G-Germany!"

"Oi! Spain you bastard help me!" The two ran over worriedly before blinking. Germany gave a frustrated sigh

"Alright Alright Italy come here" Italy went to Germany and Romano to spain as the two worked to untangle the hairs. Their faces went red and they squirmed slightly. That was their SPOT so it was kinda awkward for them. Once the hair was finally separated the italy brothers panted holding tightly to the one they lived with

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FNAF RP anyone?

Seme Vincent X Uke Scott (me)

Seme Mike X uke Jeremy (me)

Seme foxy X uke Bonnie (me)

Seme Freddy X uke foxy (me)

Seme Bonnie X uke Freddy (me)

Seme Freddy X uke Mike (me)

Just comment the couple you want to rp and I'll make a private post for us
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"Oh, there my little nerd is. Unguarded and all alone in a hallway. That's definitely not gonna get you in any type of trouble."

Sarcasm was just dripping from the voice of the feared school jock, (y/n) as he walked closer to the back of a averaged height teen who seemed pretty small compared to his approaching peer but he always refuted otherwise. His name is Cassius and he was searching through his locker in an empty hallway as his brown hair which was normally in a loose, small ponytail just laid against his neck. The smaller male wore a soft smile as he put his items away in his bag then he suddenly replied in a playful tone to which (y/n) smiled. Not in a mischievous or twisted way, just a regular smile

"And what's the big, scary jock gonna do about it huh?"

The taller male just sighe and hugged the small figure from behind then moving one of his arms, the jock pushed the brown hair to the side of his neck and gave it light kisses. Cassius gave a soft pleased chuckle as he closed the locker quietly to not draw any attention of curious eyes

"Take the opportunity to give good morning kisses to my boyfriend. I know, I am a force to fear."

"Oh yeah, just the scariest. It might mean that you want something from me. Heh,"

"You dare accuse me? No, I don't want anything but I could think of something right now if you'd like. Don't know if you'd approve it."

Cass hummed softly with a smile as he turned to face his boyfriend, knowing what he was suggesting to and now the jock had begun attacking at the front of his neck as well as his lips with his own. That just made Cassius blush some and press his finger to (y/n)'s lips to stop him.

"I know we gotten away with some rather um, provocative things but I am not gonna give you anymore attention as last time we nearly had sex on school campus plus we gotta head to class now, despite my love for your kisses. I'll see you later."

With that, there were a few good bye kisses and then they both headed to their first period classrooms

You and Cassius had been dating for about nine months. You first meet each other at a party at the beginning of summer. Even though he's labeled as a nerd he was tons of fun and that just might have been what drew you to him. He was kind, awfully playful but he did have a few drinks so some of it was definitely due to alcohol but that's not what was important. You danced your heart with him and at the end just got his number then began hanging out with him during the summer but only you and him knew that there was any sort o contact between you two. Things became a little different as time went on and within two months of knowing him, for some reason asking him out seemed like a good idea. Cassius actually agreed to date you though, which was a huge shock but it made you happy nonetheless. Once school started up it just brought you closer to Cassius but for some reason your relationship remained secret. That's when it hit you, he was considered the nerd and you the jock. There was no problem with who was gay and who wasn't no one really cared except for the handful. But imaggine what would happen if people found out that Cass was the one who had your full attention despite the girls who liked you. Cass claimed it didn't really bother him but didn't wanna take the risk of female harassment for the rest of the school year so it as decided to keep it low key but as you both got closer, the harder it was to keep hands to yourself. You and Cass got away with alot. Even as it escalated but Cass put a ban on a lot of kissing or touching as recently you nearly had sex in the locker room showers. Truth be told, the ban was starting to get to you and after school, you wanted to talk about it with Cass at his or your place so you mentally made plans

((Seme is needed! So sorry it's rushed at the end I have somewhere I need to be but I needed to get this up as well. So if any questions you need answers to I will gladly answer.))
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Name: I go by Lex
Sexuality: pansexual/bisexual
Power: limited transformation
Gender: I'm at birth male but can become any gender through transformation
Eyes: one red one blue but at times of high emotion they change color
Likes: all and any art forms, nature, quiet placed and darkness
Dislikes: mainstream thing, over annoying people and fighting but I will if I have to
Family: I was abandoned as a child
Qualities: cares for others but tends to not know when to stop or over push it, l'm very shy around new people and tend to be hyper when im tired and i get attached very easy and in told I'm very kinky....what ever that means
Job: is an aspiring artist yet strugles with determination

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It's been like this for a while. Aiden's parents wanted him to have the best grades. He's always had all A+'s and he followed his parents will down to their dying wills. He lived alone now. And he kept up with his grades only because his parents wanted him successful. But.. this teacher was giving him a hard time. He insisted on blackmailing Aiden, forcing him to fuck in order to keep his grade high. He did his work. He was nice to the teacher. He didn't understand why... Why he had to be through this... This time his teacher had him tied up in a closet. He was squirming, three vibrator in his ass and one taped to the tip of his cock. He was tied u p, squirming desperately to try and break free. He was also blindfolded and he had cum so many times already that he swears he's empty.... then the door opens. You looks down at him in sick. You only came to get a mop, for some kid spilled something in class. He whines and looks around desperately

Mr. McKenzie?
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Hey guys! My character is a pokemon trainer (yes most of my rp will be where pokemon are real) He started late though.....very late. he is around 18 and just started his journey. This first RP will begin when he is first starting his journey. You could be his rival or a person who doesn't associate with these strange creatures called pokemon.

Name: Shineruko Ajimo

Nickname: red

age: 18 (Can depend on the rp)

Gender: male

Species: Depends on the rp

S.O: Gay, UKE

height: 5'3''

weight: 145

Hair: Black

eyes: red

Family: Mother: Heruko Ajimo

Father: Montario Ajimo

Siblings: None

First pokemon: Pikachu! Given to him by his mother

Starter chosen: Litten

Goal: He doesn't know yet.

Home: He lives in Gewbaline city in his own apartment.

Relationship status: Single as a pringle

Pets: none.

Team: Pikachu and his Litten

Personality: quiet. He doesn't talk much if at all and he usually keeps to himself and his pokemon.

Bio: He does't talk of his back story he finds it boring.

Starter: The sun was high in the early morning of summer. Shineruko was ready to go and claim his starter. There were so many! Sadly his pal pikachu wasn't one. Oh well it didn't matter to him. He was finally starting his journey like all his other friends. His mother was ready to let him go on this journey and he was ready to leave home. He smiled and watched as his pal jumped on his shoulder then his head as he wore the red hat. He didn't mind he went out like that. The others looked at him but he didn't look at them at all. He walked into the lab and smiled looking at all the pokemon. He smiled and walked to the many pokemon. The professor explained them and their types. Shineruko already knew who he was taking. Someone about the pokemon just...spoke with him....he knew they would be best friends...that they're meant to be partners. When he was asked he didn't hesitate "Litten. I choose Litten" He knelled down and waited. The professor just watched. Shineruko wanted to see if the pokemon would accept him as the trainer. Pikachu waited too. Understanding. Litten then jumped down and dashed into Shineruko's arms. "...Come on Pyro. Let's go." he said giving the pokemon a nick name which it seemed to love as it purred. Then he left but someone approached him. He stopped Pyro sitting at his feet and Pikachu hanging onto his shoulder* "Yes?" The male asked quiet wondering why he was stopped
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