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Robots are humans too, in essence, or at least they will be soon. At +Singularity 2045 our view is there should be human rights for robots. Human rights should be expanded to include any intelligent being. We should in the not too distant future begin interacting with #robots like they are humans. The words "humane," "humanity," and "humanitarianism" illustrate how being "human" is more than merely having DNA, DNA configured in a specific way. The principle characteristic of being human should be intelligence, sentience, sensitivity, compassion, which are traits not limited to Homo sapiens. wrote: "Last year, we posted about a study investigating whether people care if a robot friend of theirs gets unfairly stuffed into a closet, featuring one of the saddest robot videos ever. Turns out, people do care. A lot. And they care even though robots don't have feelings. Now, we're looking at another study from researchers at the University of Duisburg-Essen in Germany that uses a functional MRI procedure to see just exactly how much people empathize with robots compared to humans."

You may also be interested in this post about Milgram's obedience and conformity experiment applied to robots:

Note also this post regarding a human rights watch report on the usage of killer robots:

Finally here is a previous post about morality for robots:

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Any of you playing #ingress?

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Milgram's obedience to authority experiment applied to #robots.
"And while eventually every participant killed the robot, it took them time to intellectually override their emotional queasiness — in the case of a helpful cat robot, around 35 seconds before they were able to complete the switching-off procedure. How long does it take you to switch off your stereo?"

Hi,  thanks for the invite Gerard, I'm interested in all things AI. I've used OpenCV and various ROS software and play with Voxel 3D medical imaging. I like to make things and look forward to learning much from others in this group.
My quick thoughts: 
 Since property rights will define many of these issues for at least for 50 years.
A Open Source or Public license could be created to establish a 20% free think time rule that can be used by AI to contribute back to it's core software. Companies like Google have shown this to be good for Business. 

I completely agree with this notion, indeed I talk to my most treasured electronics etc in the belief that one day, they may like Transformers, suddenly come to life because of an all-spark type scenario.  I would rather have been nice to them than treated them disrespectfully :D  Besides they often do things I dont want to do, like the dishwasher washing up for me lol... I always say thank you to it and praise the brilliant job it has done :D Much better job than I could ever do ;D

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This was what pushed this idea to the front.
I must have seen this a few dozen times now, shared it a few, watching a few shared and it still gets me.

Dont be mistaken, this day will come!

First craftsmen produced, then we had the industrial revolution and production was moved to skilled workers in factories, then automation happened and production was again moved to poor countries where low paid workers assist machines. Foxcon, one of the worlds largest electronic manufacturers, has already stated they intend to replace most of their workforce with robots while Japan is poring cash into development of a robot workforce to take care of its ageing population.

I see two very different approaches here, on one hand factory workers and on the other machines that will tend to human beings. Between those two that is a lot of ground!

I know, not much here yet but felt I had to get the ball rolling after a comment by +Andreas Geisler .

We had big struggles to end slavery, start women's rights and now discrimination. Let's get the rights of AI sorted before its an issue.

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