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New undertale oc~!
+Undertale Lover 
+Underfell Papyrus 

Name: Yukindo

Species: Neko
Gender: Male
ATK: 10
DEF: 1
HP: 5
Likes: Cake, cats

Dislikes: Fighting for no reason, almost nothing else

Attacks: True Love; Yukindo deals no damage, but instead restores the other to full health.
Still work in progress so no more for the moment

Skills: Nimble, quick, good at first-aid

Soul Change: Any other color to Red

Friends: Sans, Papyrus, Alphys, Asgore.

Date?: No, he's not dating
Age: 14
Relations: None

Residence: Snowdin
Occupation: Medic

Bio: Born and raised above ground, Yukindo had stumbled into the underground completely by accident. He had since been raised in the underground, others thinking he was also a monster due to his neko ears and tail. But some knew he had some human in him, like Sans and Alphys. But he grew up in the underground and went on to even live there with no wish to return to the surface, he gained a job as a medic. He had saved many lives and people respect him but never really say it. He's gotten along with the few humans that have fell down into the underground, even servicing them along their journey. Defending them from asgore, some of the humans he regretted helping. But he had sworn to help all people and monsters alike.

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