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Discussion  - 
"I Rise I'm Alive"
(sweet morning love song)

-- There's
No actual control
What today
May bring

-- So I sit here
Bask in this
late morning summer sun light
I play out my intentions

-- Time being taken
I settle in
I'm alive
I'm still here
Lets begin then

-- Opportunity
It awaits
Having another chance
Has been allowed
Unconditionally given

-- This light
Will always break through
The darkest night
I've got to realize
Its my job
To welcome it back
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Discussion  - 
"Hand Pan Son"

----- I'm a hand pan playa
Tapping on his hand pan
Pure unadulterated fun

----- No steady set
Premeditated rhyme or reason
Just me and this here pan
You see

----- Sitting down 
this very moment
one true existent reason

----- body Mind n' Soul
conscious activation
Activated acts
of free expression
Let go....

----- I'm a player of this here pan
Where this moment in time
Takes my body n' Soul
I do not have a clue

----- I needn't know
Be told from another
How this expression
Through this heart
Should sound
Be structured 
strategically be put together

----- I sit down
Close these human eyes
Take a deepened breathe

----- Allow for my creative spirit
To take flight
Spiritually fly.......
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Nice jam. :)
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Archer & Tripp

Discussion  - 
Hello folks,
here is a snapshot of our Track 'Fayre Enough'
from our upcoming Album. After a few weeks of writing the 
Album in the most the most amazing places in #Australia
we did this little Video in a Beach House in Byron Bay 
(thanks Hollie smile emoticon ). Now after a week in the Studio in
Melbourne (thanks Jeremy smile emoticon ) we're really excited about 
the next steps...
Enjoy and please share if you do so! grin emoticon
love from Archer & Tripp.

#archerandtripp  #hang #music  
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Discussion  - 
Hand Pan + Ocean Drum Meditation Oct.16,2014

"When being rained on by day
 It's the Ocean and Waves that shall play
No matter how much you feel down
A simple moment of creativity
can turn your negativity around
Self expression displayed at our best
Brings new rise and hope to our soul's delight."
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Discussion  - 
Alright, here's a piece I think a few folks may enjoy here in the community. I have found myself being drawn in making videos where I over lap some hand pan play in creating meditative pieces...Do enjoy...
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Discussion  - 
Woohoo! It arrived finally!
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Handpan - Montreal - Pierre Olivier Bolduc
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Discussion  - 
"There's Still Time"
- Be still now, keep it going.......

---- be stilled
close your eyes now
steady your breathing

----- there's still time
time now 
make a beautiful mess

---- make something 
of your wonderful self
be led into actions
activation of your potential

---- trust in your instincts
have belief 
in your approach
to all in this life

---- you've come so far now
keep going
keep believing

---- take a joyful comfort
knowing that 
your best times yet
are soon to come

---- so take this moment 
allowing for all the magic and wonder
of this here life
to be your comfort

---- your instruction
in becoming a fully realized
sentient being
under God's loving protection.......
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Lewis Ratliff

Discussion  - 
I'm about to dive into a hand pan build in the next few weeks, but need advise re any complete build along tutorials on U Tube, besides a lot of dumb questions as it progresses. 
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Canon Brown

Discussion  - 
My first handpan
Joltrast's profile photoCanon Brown's profile photo
It's the Halo and they are hard to come by. The easiest way to get one quick is to wait for their monthly EBay sale. They usually go for $5500+.
They also have a waiting list to sign up for or you may be able to get one off of someone else if you're lucky enough.
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Chillin' at the lake, summoning up Spring :D
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Discussion  - 
Here you go, for anyone who enjoys a little flute with some hand pan...and during a yoga practice too..
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Discussion  - 
Hello everyone in hand pan land,

I've been playing me hand pan for just over a year now and am looking forward in bringing it to the streets a whole lot more this year in the biggest small city of Providence RI. Maybe some of you will find your way out towards little Rhody and we'll be able to pan it up together side by side......

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Benny Powers

Discussion  - 
Klezmara Halo jam with the little baboosh.
Benny Powers
With Chaya
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Discussion  - 
Can a steel tongue be re-tuned to a new scale, or does the tongue shape/size denote the scale?
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Discussion  - 
I'm due to fly in a couple of days and want to take my handpan with me.

It's probably too big for carry-on and I'm nervous about checking it. So how do you take a flight with yours and what has been your past experience with airlines/TSA?
Gérald B's profile photoJoltrast's profile photo
+Gérald B That had some really helpful information and I feel much more comfortable about flying with it now. Thank you!
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Discussion  - 
Does anyone know of any tongue drum manufacturers/fabricators that do custom tunings please?
michael colley's profile photoJoltrast's profile photo
+michael colley Thank you. I'll check them out.
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Peace and Love Too All!
Thank you for allowing me to part of your community.
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Discussion  - 
What is the difference between a Handpan, Hang Drum and a Tongue Drum? Are they played differently, or is it just an aesthetic difference?
Darren Dyke (Pancycle)'s profile photoJoltrast's profile photo
+Darren Dyke Thank you for taking the time to answer. The terms are certainly confusing. I am currently having a steel tongue made for me. Very excited to start playing!
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