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Hi all,
I have visiting the maker of Mayura Sound Sculpture recently
We made a video of a High Oxalista for the occasion
Good listening :)

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Hello friends, please enjoy this new music :-)

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Blessings and positive vibes!

Here's my latest exploration on the TerraPan. This pan is in a (D) Ionian tuning at #432Hz in 7/8 time signature.

Studio quality recording with NO MASTERING OR EFFECTS ADDED. HD and Headphones are recommended. Please share, subscribe, like, follow, and enjoy!

#TerraPan #TerraTonz #handpan #hang #ionian #pantam #hangdrum

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Hey guys, happy to meet you all and your music! This is a brand new song #Prometheus performed live from my apartment for NPR's #tinydeskcontest... It was a crazy last minute whirlwind to get this done, enjoy the spontaneity!

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"I Rise I'm Alive"
(sweet morning love song)

-- There's
No actual control
What today
May bring

-- So I sit here
Bask in this
late morning summer sun light
I play out my intentions

-- Time being taken
I settle in
I'm alive
I'm still here
Lets begin then

-- Opportunity
It awaits
Having another chance
Has been allowed
Unconditionally given

-- This light
Will always break through
The darkest night
I've got to realize
Its my job
To welcome it back

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"There's Still Time"
- Be still now, keep it going.......

---- be stilled
close your eyes now
steady your breathing

----- there's still time
time now 
make a beautiful mess

---- make something 
of your wonderful self
be led into actions
activation of your potential

---- trust in your instincts
have belief 
in your approach
to all in this life

---- you've come so far now
keep going
keep believing

---- take a joyful comfort
knowing that 
your best times yet
are soon to come

---- so take this moment 
allowing for all the magic and wonder
of this here life
to be your comfort

---- your instruction
in becoming a fully realized
sentient being
under God's loving protection.......

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"Hand Pan Son"

----- I'm a hand pan playa
Tapping on his hand pan
Pure unadulterated fun

----- No steady set
Premeditated rhyme or reason
Just me and this here pan
You see

----- Sitting down 
this very moment
one true existent reason

----- body Mind n' Soul
conscious activation
Activated acts
of free expression
Let go....

----- I'm a player of this here pan
Where this moment in time
Takes my body n' Soul
I do not have a clue

----- I needn't know
Be told from another
How this expression
Through this heart
Should sound
Be structured 
strategically be put together

----- I sit down
Close these human eyes
Take a deepened breathe

----- Allow for my creative spirit
To take flight
Spiritually fly.......

I'm about to dive into a hand pan build in the next few weeks, but need advise re any complete build along tutorials on U Tube, besides a lot of dumb questions as it progresses. 

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My first handpan
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