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The Lore and auxiliary information is key to making a character in this community. If there is anything you are confused or unsure about, ask a question in the discussion section.


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(Note, this is an absolutely ancient profile. Mainly for Taizo to see what I'd have to change, will edit later.)

“As of now, ALL your opinions are rejected."
-When he’s mad.

“Admiration is the emotion furthest from understanding.”
-General quote

Title: Grandmaster Monk
Alias: Grandmaster
Nickname(s): Oh, well, a few of my friends call me Kavi. (Wiseman [Indian])
Name: I am Kavi-Kalden... (Wiseman of the golden age)
Age: I’m forty five years old...
Gender: Male, I swear sometimes...
Nationality: Air of course...
Species: I’m a human of course, we’re you expecting a talking fan?
D.O.B: Why would you ask? Well it doesn’t matter, the date is March 27th 633 AG.
P.O.B: I was born within the confines of the Northern Air Temple...

Height: I am six feet and two inches tall...
Weight: Thanks for asking so impolitely...I am 237 pounds...
Eye Color: A light brown...
Hair Color: Well...for my age...I’m bald...with grey hair...because...well I’m not quite sure...
Appearance: (Picture)

Blood Type: I have a bloodtype of A+
Addictions: None.
Disabilities: A lack of head hair...and hair color...
Health Problems: Baldness...

Sexual Orientation: Straight...
P.O.I: [If applicable (Person of interest)]
Relationship Status: I’m married for gods sake!

Family: Okanu, my son, Olorun, my other wife...etc...
Companions/Partners: The citizens of the air nation...
Rivals: None at the moment that I can recall….
Enemies and Nemesis: Possibly the fire lord...though I haven’t really seen much of him in a while...
Pets: My adorable Sky bison! Ambar! Oh he’s just so cute!
Ancestors: Bah, that Avatar….Aang...though I wasn’t lucky enough to have his skill...

Current Residency: Northern Air temple.
Affiliation(s): The Air nation and the Earth nation, homeland of my lovely wife...

Current Rank: Grandmaster of the northern air temple...
Previous Rank: From what I can remember...none...
Current Status: Alive...

Warrior Status: I am of course, a skilled air bender...
Bending Element: Air….
Acquired Sub-skill: Flight, yes I can fly...though I prefer riding with Ambar or gliding...I can also connect with the spirit worlds and preform astral projection if I have a quiet place to meditate.
Techniques: (How are these?)

Air ball: An Airbender can create a compressed ball of air by moving their hands together in a circular motion. This technique has many applications such as levitating small objects or trapping opponents.

Air blast: A more offensive maneuver involving a direct pulse or jet of strong wind from the hands, feet, or mouth. The force of the attack is generated more from the bender's own power, rather than assisted by momentum.

Air bomb: A technique which creates a powerful, outward-moving air current in all directions around the bender.

Air cushion: Airbenders can make a cushion out of air to break anyone's fall, including their own.

Air funnel: Similar to an air vortex but on a smaller scale.

Air manipulation: By using circular, evasive movements, Airbenders build up a large amount of energy and momentum, which is released through powerful moves. It also allows for wind-based counter-attacks that knock opponents off-balance, mimicking the sudden directional shifts of air currents. Attacks vary from simple gusts of wind to miniature tornadoes and cyclones, maintaining the circular theme.

Air punch/kick: Another more offensive move than is typical of Airbending discipline, air punches or air kicks are small, compressed formations of air that can be fired off the fists or feet of an Airbender. This is similar to many Firebending abilities and the air blast, in the sense that it involves the firing of compressed or solidified air at an enemy in a disjunct fashion i.e. the bender does not create a single great stream of air.
Air shield: The most common defensive tactic for an Airbender involves circling enemies, suddenly changing direction when attacked and evading by physical movement rather than bending. However, an Airbender can still deflect attacks as needed by throwing up gusts of air close to their bodies as a shield. This is rarely to stop attacks directly and more often pushes the attack aside and away, conserving energy and allowing them to turn the movement into an attack at the same moment.

Air swipe: The air swipe is both a defensive and offensive technique in which an Airbender conjures a crescent-shaped wave of compressed air capable of deflecting colossal projectiles, such as the catapulted flaming rocks often used by the Fire Navy, or redirecting them back to the attacker.

Air wheel: This is a modified version of the air scooter invented by Tenzin. Air is rapidly spun around the Airbender and carries the person inside the wheel of air.

Wind Breath: Similar to the standard air jet, but created from the mouth and lungs. It requires extremely good breath control to employ effectively. Size and focus are easily controlled, from narrow jets that can strike targets as small as insects, to large gale force gusts capable of cooling magma into solidified rock.

Enhanced agility: Air movements can also be used as a levitation aid. Airbenders jump high and far by riding on strong gusts of wind and can slow or deflect falls by creating cushions of air. The constant movement required by this art makes Airbenders naturally flexible and agile.

Enhanced speed: Airbenders enhance their movement in battle; they can run swiftly by decreasing air resistance around them and even sprint across or run up vertical surfaces by generating a wind current behind themselves to propel them forward. Aang used this to run many times faster than an average human and maintain this for long periods, allowing him to travel long distances without gliding or jumping.

Heat regulation: Airbenders are able to warm themselves using proper breathing technique, allowing them to thrive in frigid environments with relative ease. Aang first demonstrated this in the Southern Water Tribe, maintaining his body heat without the need of a parka or any additional layers of clothing.

Suction: A technique used to bring people or objects toward the Airbender.

Asphyxiation: A technique where an airbender manipulates the flow of air within a person's respiratory system, extracting it from the lungs via the nostrils and mouth, and prevents any new intake of breath by forming a ball of air around the head, thus eventually killing the victim by suffocation.
Levitation: In the same way flying bison can fly and stay aloft for extended periods of time, a master airbender can achieve this same feat by generating and controlling air currents to form a cloud-like board under their feet and surfing through the air, thereby emulating flight.

Air spout: Similar to the water spout, master airbenders are able to rotate and control the direction of an air spout enough to levitate themselves off the ground and remain in the air for as long as they wish to or can maintain it.

Air blades: A more offensive move than its typical of airbending principle, this involves a focused, slicing air current that can cut through stone or timber with relative ease. This is frequently conjured with a staff rather than the body, using the narrow profile of the object to create a more focused and precise air movement. This move could prove fatal if used on an individual
Air cocoon: A master airbender can rotate while jumping to wrap themselves in a cocoon of wind.

Air propulsion: A skilled airbender can propel themselves forward at great speed by negating the effect of wind resistance.

Air vortex: A spinning funnel of air of varying size, the air vortex can be used to trap or disorient opponents as well as to deflect any objects thrown at it.
( this all...does this all work?)

Inventory: I have a walking Staff….I just like to carry it and I think I’ve got a glider somewhere...Hey! Has anyone seen my glider?!

Strength: 10/10
Endurance: 6/10
Speed: 9/10
Stamina: 7/10
Agility: 8/10
Flexibility: 5/10 [Optional]
Intellect: 10/10 [Optional]
Bending Ability: 9/10
Bending Level: Master
Chi Affiliation: 8/10
Chi Level: 3

Personality: I am highly calm...rather reserved compared to that of my children...though I am of course….a very playful person...some people say I get that from my ancestor Aang, though its probably just them. I prefer to examine a situation rather than go all in straight away...that would be my wife...
Character Background: Well, I was born in the air temple, I was trained by quite a few monks...sometime in the past I met my wife and became the Northern Air Temples know. Basic stuff like that.

If I've failed to respond to any RPs here, please tag me again.

+Pidge Gunderson
+Oz Koara ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ

Are you in need of any air nomad monks?

I have an old airbending OC and I'd love to use him again

Bender OC

Name: Brandon Kaurora
Nickname(s)/Alias(s): N/A

Age: 61
Date of Birth: 12/21/xx

Appearance: A gruff, shaggy haired and heavily bearded man, Brandon is a somewhat stereotypical blacksmith. Large, calloused hands, arms covered in burn scars, rippling shoulders, squinted green eyes, furrowed brow, and a hard jawline.
Brandon's once blond hair has faded to white, and is kept in clumsy dreadlocks that start an unusually large distance from his scalp. Despite being tied back behind his head, his hair still hangs down below his shoulder blades. His beard, like his hair, is tied to stay out of the way, but still hangs below his sternum.
Build: Brandon is a metalworker, working in a forge most of the day. As such, he is a large and solidly built guy.
Height: 4' 11" / 1.5 m
Weight: 316 lbs / 143.3 kg

Personality: Brandon is mildly reclusive, spending much of his time in his forge or store. When he does interact with people, he is a rather blunt and insensitive person. Despite his somewhat abrasive nature, he is a pacifist, and actively avoids conflicts as long as he hasn't spent his night at the bar.
He believes that fights should take place between friends, and only in jovial instances, but never between strangers or opponents. A brawl among friends can be paid back with pranks, bets, another drink, or a favor in life, but a fight between enemies only develops grudges, or more anger. Unless it's in a bar.
After a certain number of drinks, everyone is friends.
Biography: Brandon has always worked as a smith, growing up making nails and hinges, railings for stairs, or fence gates. Even with the animosity towards fire benders, he has maintained his business, and his general separation from the actions of many other fire benders.

Bending: Fire
Description of Style: Basic
- Hammers: As a blacksmith, Brandon uses dozens of different kinds and styles of hammers. While he tries to avoid fighting, he can hold his own in a bar brawl.
Description of Style: N/A

((Picture in progress))

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Profile Template

Name: Fia

Age: 19
Date of Birth: 3/9/XXXX

Appearance: Picture > Lazy
Build: Fia is very slim and doesn't have a physique that would fit of a person that is extremely fit, though that is for men. Fia's body is actually very well made of a female, having a pretty nice body though Fia is a male, his body is more like a female's that is flat chested.
Height: 5'2
Weight: 141


Bending: Fire Bender :^) Let me bend the heat of our body
Description of Style:
Nobody can start with any advanced bending techniques. However, alternate styles such as swamp bending, or sand bending do not fall into this category. If you use an alternate style, you start with no knowledge of mainstream bending.
Weapons: (Think within the time period, and with poverty in mind. You shouldn’t have an arsenal)
Description of Style:

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