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The Lore and auxiliary information is key to making a character in this community. If there is anything you are confused or unsure about, ask a question in the discussion section.


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"Fire is the element of power. The people of the Fire Nation have desire and will, and the energy and drive to achieve what they want."

Basic Data

Zadek (Zah/Deck)


The Golden Dragon




He originally hailed from the Fire Nation


160 lbs



•Fire Bending
Firebenders use their chi as a source for their bending. This facet of firebending is a sharp contrast to the other bending arts, which manipulate already present sources of their element, though firebenders can also control or enhance flames nearby.
Firebending uses concentrated barrages of fire to overwhelm opponents before striking a fatal blow. Swift, whirling kicks and punches generate diverse shapes for offensive attacks.

Sub Skills:

•Lightning Generation/Redirection
Lightning generation, also known as cold-blooded fire, is a sub-skill within firebending that allows a firebender to produce lightning by separating the positive and negative energies internally, before directing it up through the arm and out the fingertips.
Lightning redirection is a sub-skill of firebending that allows a firebender to absorb lightning into their body as energy, and release it in a more desirable direction.

(Will add blue fire later if I get the okay by the owner)

Even without his fire bending, Zadek is able to defend himself, having advanced skills in hand to hand combat and most melee weaponry. However, he prefers bending.


Skin Tone:
He has pale skin like the people in the fire nation had before everything was burned.

He has a giant tattoo on his back that wraps around his body like mechanical wings. On his spine there are symbols of each nation. (See picture below)

He doesn't have any scars, yet.


Eye Color:
A red/orange color, like a burning fire.

Hair Type:
Xoran had short blond hair that sticks up in the front and slightly in the back. He doesn't style it an any way, just lets it do it's own thing.

Standard Appeal:
He usually has either bare feet or a black wrapping that goes from his feet to his knees, but keeps his toes exposed. He has a pair of red pants and a yellow belt. For his top he wears red cloak that his either open or tired together.

Personal Information


Bad Traits/Habits:





Mental Weaknesses:






Romantic Interest/s:



Trivia //Optional//

Main goal:


Favorite Colour:

Favorite Season:

Theme Song:



So here's my question. I'm a pretty big fan of Avatar and was wondering if I could make my OC have blue fire? With the proper training of course.
I wouldn't start with it but gain it over time and training.

Let's have a bending off guise

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"Seek and ye shall find!"

Jian Feng


雷锋 | Lei Feng | Thunderous Moutain


Date of Birth:
8 March

He wears short, blue trousers with cuffs, sandals, and a sleeveless red vest.

Appearing to be scrawny underneath his shirt, he has a surprisingly well-built physique.

174 cm.

150 lb.

Jian's instinct and behavior is similar to that of a wild animal. He relies on his instincts and counterattacks, which complements the way he views the world. Give and Take. Survive. This comes across as impulsiveness and selective focus. He is most often seen smiling. He does not want for much, and his mind is not so easily swayed because he views the world in a straightforward and simple manner. It is because of his blunt nature, he can see through people's bullshit.


Jian Feng was born within the walls of Ba Sing Se, but his family were of the merchant trade, so they only came home for short lengths of time. In their travels abroad, however, they never stayed in one place for too long. They sold a general set of wares that seemed to apply to anyone's need at any given time. They were able to live well off of others' good fortune. But Jian was never one for business. It was the journeying that kept a smile on his face, and the strength that he possessed to help keep his family afloat. When he came of age, both his father and mother began to teach him a new kind of strengh: Earthbending. Its versatility is what kept them alive. An invaluable resource as well as a family tradition.

He sold his own wares soon enough; anything from tea to hats. He had it all. But he became a patron saint to the poverty stricken and those simply down on their luck with a smile.

Bending: EARTH

Description of Style:

Jian's style is focused on defensive power and strong single strikes. The style gets its name from the manner in which its practitioners take blows that would stagger or seriously harm a normal man without flinching before deciding the fight with a blow as mighty and loud as a lightning strike.
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Does anyone wish to role-play?

I've tried to tag you four times but I've reached the point of giving up.

+Horys I give up

Maybe Xander shouldn't slip into a bar of drunkards and take his pick of change. Maybe he shouldn't have spent all his money on a new knife. Maybe he shouldn't be just a touch tipsy. Xander is reckless when he's tipsy.

He may look like a firebender, with his dark red eyes and red hair, which marks him as dangerous, but he's not. He's willing to whine about that, though.

So, with his pockets a little heavier and a glass in his hand, he takes a seat at the bar and nurses the liquor inside, pouting into the glass and swaying slowly from side to side.

"Not a firebender, not a firebender," he mumbles over and over to himself. He's so glad for that.

He pulls his knife from his belt and turns it between his fingers. He's not trying to be imposing or intimidating. He just likes the way his knife catches the light.

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"My name is Stephen, Stephen Greenleaf."

"I am sometimes known as The Burning Bladesmith."

"I am twenty-nine years of age."

]Date of Birth:[
"I was born on December Ninth."

~ Short platinum-blonde Hair
~ Blue-white Eyes
~ Several scars on arms

~ Slightly muscular
~ Skinny

~ Six foot five

~ One hundred and seventy-five pounds

~ Patient
~ Gentle
~ Silent
~ Easy to Get Along With
~ Slightly Accepting

Twenty-nine years ago a child was born. He was known then as 'Young Bang-man' as a tribute to his habit of hitting things with a hammer. As a child, he was rowdy and easily angered. He had gotten into many different fights with the other children of the poor village he was born. He was hated purely because he was a fire-bender. This was the reason he was always getting into fights. He never used his bending to harm another person, only to help him bend metal into place, and assist his father, a blacksmith, in melding the metal he worked to place. His father was a blacksmith. Stephen, at the age of sixteen, wanted to follow a different path from his father. Rather than working as a blacksmith, who worked on things such as hinges, or anything that assisted in the construction of houses, decided to be a bladesmith, who specialized in weapons, and more specifically blades. His father was happy with his decision and had even given him a small amount of money to begin. At the age of eighteen, Stephen had moved out and started his shop not too far from the village, where he used his fire-bending to assist himself in his smithing ways. Until now.

~ Fire

]Description of Style:[
~ Used for weapon-crafting
~ Rarely used to harm others
~ Incredibly precise

~ One-handed Longsword (x2)

]Description of Style:[
~ Generally elegant
~ Sort of clumsy
~ Prefers hand-to-hand combat

I AM GOING TO MAKE THIS COMMUNITY GREAT AGAIN! Two weeks before my most recent post? I think NOT! I am going to be promoting this community.

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