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Benefits of having your Air Ducts professionally cleaned

Air is been circulated in the home through the air. During this process dust and many other fibers are been collected and settles in the vents. These collected wastes inside the ducts produce bad smell.

Due to bad smell, many respiratory issues can occur. This is extremely frightening for people as they can suffer from various diseases like asthma and other breathing problems. Keeping ducts free of dust and debris can also help in reducing your electricity bill and you can get improvised air quality in your home.

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#MoltoCare is a professional ac cleaning service company in Dubai which offer all types of air conditioner cleaning services for offices & residentials.


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#MoltoCare is a professional ac cleaning service company in Dubai which offer all types of air conditioner cleaning services for offices and residentials.
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Professional Carpet Cleaning Can Help You to Sell Your Home

Are you planning to put up your house for sale? Here is why professional carpet cleaning can help you to sell your home to seal the deal much faster.

Whether you are decreasing or increasing it is important to do all you can to get the highest sale price for you house, while avoiding it from being on the market for too long.

Renovating a kitchen or bathroom, replacing old flooring and converting a garage all ways of adding value to your property but if you haven’t got thousands of dollars to spend how can you add value to your home and make it look more attractive to potential buyers?

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How To Prevent And Remove Mold From Grout Lines?

As everyone is aware of the saying that prevention is better than cure. And indeed, why spend lots of time and efforts cleaning mold from grout, when you can simply prevent it from appearing altogether? All you need to do in order to keep mold under control is to deprive it of the main prerequisite for this growth – moisture. Just keep the tiles dry and you’ll never have to worry about the harmful microorganisms.

But how can you decrease moisture from a room that is designed to be wet – such as the bathroom, for instance? It sounds absurd.

You can’t, of course, but you can reduce the dampness – there is a huge difference between getting wet and staying permanent wet.

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Thinking of Tile and Grout Cleaning Before Christmas Arrives?

Fall has already started and soon you will be facing winter. As December to February falls under winter months, it also brings the annual festival of commemorating the birth of Jesus Christ “Christmas”. It is a religious and cultural celebration among billions of people around the world.

It is also preceded by the season of Advent. Christmas Day is a public holiday in a majority of the world’s nations. Students get a vacation from schools and employees from their offices. So, here we came with some important tips for best tile and grout cleaning before Christmas.

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How Often Upholstery Cleaning Should be done?

Your carpet may cover more area of your home but we can bet you that you use to spend more time on your couch. Couch are the main assets of the hall. It is frequently used such as when friends or relative come to visit you or watching movies etc.

While you may have your carpets professionally cleaned, for some reasons most of the people seem to overlook their upholstery. Do you remember when you last had your sofa cleaned?

Couch, armchairs, pouffes and other upholstered furniture are exposed every day to dust spillages, oils, allergens, and a host of other things. If you could not remember when your upholstered furniture was last cleaned then maybe it’s about time you went ahead and get it cleaned.

Time-to -time cleaning can help prolong the life of your upholstered furniture. Besides that, it has not over-cleaned because this could damage it. Therefore, you are probably thinking, “well how often upholstery cleaning should be done then?

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Natural Stone Cleaning & Maintenance Tips

Traditional cleaners are not specifically formulated for natural stone or tile are never recommended. These can breakdown the sealer, thereby removing its protective properties and making the stone and tile grout susceptible to stains. This article contains some natural stone cleaning & maintenance tips:

Worse yet, many cleaning products, including those that contain lemon, vinegar, bleach or ammonia can etch away the polish, discolor the surface, or even scratch your stone.

Most of the cleaners called as cleaning agent in them. This agent breaks down and dissolves minerals in hard water. Since all stone is made up of minerals, these types of cleaners will dissolve and cause streaks over prolonged use.

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If you want to get the most out of your AC and avoid having to spend several dollars on a new one, you should develop the habit of regular #AirConditioningCleaningDubai, especially in the spring and summer.
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Get regular adjustments. The easiest way to avoid serious malfunctions of your air conditioner should be checked twice a year by #ACCleaningServicesDubai.
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