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Flame Hollow lives in the heart of a lush green forest- ironic I know. In the middle of the territory, there is a massive crater that holds hundreds of cats. In the middle of the crater, there is a fresh pool of water. Here, Cats can drink, and connect with the dead. To get in and out of the hollow, there is a slant for you to walk out. Once you walk out of the crater, scents of prey and forest surround you- unless your in leafbare. Then all you see is snow. Possibly the occasional bird.. but snow. We hope you enjoy your stay here.


Primary leaders
1- +Bolivia Brown​​​​​​​​​​ Olivestar
2- 3- 4- 5-

Leaders in training- 1- +Inna the Queen of the Majestic Universe​​​​​​​​​​​ Owlfur
2- 3- 4- 5-

Deputies- 1- 2- 3- 4- 5-

Deputies in training- 1- 2- 3- 4- 5-

Medicine cats- 1- +Bolivia Brown​​​​​​​​​​ Bonetail
2- 3- 4- 5-


+XxFirespiritxX​​​​​ Foxclaw
+Bolivia Brown​​​ Autmnstripe
+Brownfeather De best​​ Dawnfern


Nursery Queens-



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Quote: "Loyalty is amazing, use it." -Burstleaf to Wondercloud

Current name: Burstleaf

Previous name: Burstkit, Burstpaw

Future Name: Just Burstleaf

Rank: Deputy

Previous Rank: Warrior

Future Rank: Probably Leader

Age: 2 years old


Pelt color(s): Light gray and brown

Markings: stripes

Marking color(s): black and light brown

Eye color(s): sorta blue and green

Eye shape: round

Height: the height of an adult cat

Weight: um, the weight of a skinny cat


Inner Ear Color: light orange

Nose Color: salmon pink

Paw Pad Color: black

Mother: Sweetcloud

Step Mother:×××

Father: Flygorse

Step Father:xxx

Mother's kin: Her two sisters: Sandpaw (Passed away), and Cloudtuft

Step Mothers kin:xxx

Father's kin: Only sibling

Step Father's kin:xxx

Sisters: Wondercloud

Brothers: Embereye

Other kin: Cousin=Howlkit

Time of day: Midday
Place to be: Near a hill
Prey: Mouse
Cat: Brother and Sister
Item: Blueberry
Scent: Pumpkin spice
Flavour: Mouse
Colour: White
Season: Leaf-bare
Time of day: Early Morning
Place to be: by a Lake
Prey: Fish
Item: Soda Can
Scent: Grass
Flavour: Fish
Colour: Red
Season: Leaf-fall

Skills Out of Ten

Speed: 5
Friendship: 9
Stealth: 3
Strength: 7.5
Stamina: 2
Accepting: 5.5
Kindness: 10
Stalking: 1
Agility: 3
Flexibility: 10
Firmness: 2
Smarts: 8
Leadership: 9.5
Loyalty: 10
Honesty: 7


Not much is known about this strange cat. Burstleaf, with is strong scent of lavander, originated from a group of loners. His mom, Sweetcloud, gave birth to him, his sister, and his brother. But, also two others, who died of being born sick. Burstleaf grew up in this place knowing how to be tough, from the elders, the mothers, and also the mothers expecting kits. When Burstleaf was one year old, Sweetcloud's sister, Cloudtuft, found herself a mate, who was terrible to her. After a moon of expecting kits, she started to kit. Much, much too early because of Cloudtuft's brutal attacks on her. After every cat heard of Cloudtuft, they scattered. Sweetcloud and her family stayed to get Cloudtuft back to health. They succeeded, which took almost a year because Cloudtuft went mad. After that, Burstleaf went solo, and none of his kin heard of him again.

Theme Song: Let It Go: James Bay not the Frozen version

Scent: Lavander

Art: Photograph

Oc: Burstleaf

+KaWaIi KaSsI​​

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Moons: 20
Mother: Unknown
Father: Unknown
Kin: Unknown
Description: Jet-black she-cat with a torn ear tip, pink scars on back, forepaws, and belly. She has holly green eyes.
Personality: Can be sour when you mention love, knowing what love and heartbreak is. Funny, Eccentric, Stubborn, smart when it comes to hunting and kitting. Soft with kits and elders.

Hello! I find this community really interesting! I just joined and I'm really excited to rp with you guys if you like me as I am. I am sorry if I am annoying, but like I said, I am really excited!

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"Power doesn't corrupt people, people corrupt power"
Autumnstripe to Softfur

Current name: Autumnstripe

Previous name: Autumnpaw, Kumar

Future Name: Autumnstar (?)

Rank: Warrior

Previous Rank: Loner, Kittypet

Future Rank: Deputy(?), Leader(?)



Pelt color(s): Light orange, dark orange, white

Markings: Socks

Marking color(s): White

Eye color(s): Amberish green

Eye shape: Circle

Breed: Tabby

Inner Ear Color: Pink

Nose Color: Pink

Paw Pad Color: Pink/ black

Mother: Unknown

Step Mother: None

Father: Unknown

Step Father: None

Mother's kin: Unknown

Step Mothers kin: None

Father's kin: Unknown

Step Father's kin: Nonev

Sisters: Unknown

Brothers: Unknown

Other kin: Softfur, Bonetail, Thor, Thing 1, Thing 2

Time of day: Sunset
Place to be: Near a river
Prey: Rabbit
Cat: Softfur
Item: His old collar
Scent: Salt water
Flavour: Blood
Colour: Orange
Season: Winter
Age: None
Time of day: Early morning
Place to be: In a crowded camp
Prey: Mouse
Cat: Bonetail
Item: Thor's collar
Scent: Medics den
Flavour: Yarrow
Colour: Purple
Season: Summer
Age: None

Skills Out of Ten

Speed: 7/10
Friendship: 4/10
Stealth: 8/10
Strength: 10/10
Stamina: 7/10
Accepting: 3/10
Kindness: 2/10
Stalking: 8/10
Agility: 6/10
Flexibility: 7/10
Firmness: 9/10
Smarts: 6/10
Leadership: 8/10
Loyalty: 10/10
Honesty: 8/10

Theme Song: I Will Not Bow by Linkin Park

Scent: Salt



+KaWaIi KaSsI​​


Dawnfern lept on a tree, knowing she needed prey hm, where to begin? she wondered. She heard a rustling in a bush. Keen to get it, Dawnfern narrowed her holly green eyes, hoping her black pelt blended in with the night sky. A mouse peeped out of the bush, Dawnfern ducked her head below a branch on the tree, accidentally snapping a twig softly. But the mouse, to busy nibbling on its seed, did not hear it. ok, ok, find a way to get down off the tree without making a sound...Impossible! she thought bitterly. One pawstep at a time, she made her way slowly down the tree. A crow sang out, scaring Dawnfern, which made her slip off the tree. Falling, she imagined the whip in the Twoleg's pink paws. She yowled and landed on her paws, but the mouse was far off...


Quote: "Never trust the ones you thought you loved, but trust the ones that are innocent..." -Dawnfern to a demon cat

Current name: Dawnfern

Previous name: Blacky (kittypet name) Dawnpaw

Future Name: Um, Dawnfern

Rank: Warrior

Previous Rank: Rouge

Future Rank: Senior Warrior

Age: 20


Pelt color(s) Jet black with pink scars from whips and dogs

Markings none

Marking color(s) none

Eye color(s) holly green

Eye shape almond

Height 6

Weight 30 lbs.

Breed Bombay

Inner Ear Color white

Nose Color pink

Paw Pad Color gray

Mother Unknown

Step Mother None

Father Unknown

Step Father None

Mother's kin Unknown

Step Mothers kin None

Father's kin Unknown

Step Father's kin None

Sisters Unknown

Brothers Unknown

Other kin Unknown

Time of day Sunset
Place to be beside a quiet river
Prey squirrel
Cat Bormy
Item holly leaf
Scent Daisies
Flavour squirrel
Colour Red
Season Winter
Age ???
Time of day sunrise
Place to be in a Twoleg den
Prey thrush
Cat Louis
Item mouse toy
Scent lavander
Flavour cream
Colour Pink
Season Summer
Age Kit

Skills Out of Ten

Speed 10
Friendship 5
Stealth 10
Strength 4
Stamina 9
Accepting 2
Kindness 3
Stalking 8.5
Agility 7
Flexibility 8
Firmness 7
Smarts 9
Leadership 1
Loyalty 1.5
Honesty 4

Dawnfern never knew her family, nor kin. The first thing she remembers was being trapped in a Twoleg den who loves to whip for fun. She was always whipped for going in the kitchen for food or going outside. They teased her with a mouse toy, and laughed at her for stumbling up their stairs. When she was old enough to to hunt her own food 7 moons old, she left at sunset. She went far away to a forest where she almost starved to death. But then, a Tom two moons older his name was Bormy than her. He was always charming to her; brought her food, water, everything she needed to survive. When she was about 10 moons old a dog pack came and and killed Bormy, heartbroken, Dawnfern left the forest during leaf-bare and made it to another forest, this time she made sure there was prey and no danger. There was no danger, but lots of prey. 18 moons old, she met another Tom named Louis. They fell in love and had 4 kits. Two days after they were born Louis killed the kits and left Dawnfern, still weak after kitting. She lost it all...After many days of planning her revenge, she met Louis in a desert and killed him in cold blood, not caring where it made her land. After loving Bormy and Louis, she was cold-hearted. Never trusted any cat again...
She made her way into a rouge group, where they welcomed her, not knowing she was once a kittypet. Even them as her groupmates she still did not trust them, no matter what. After 2 moons, they drove her away, thinking she was associated with demon cats.

Theme Song Pills and Potions

A cinnamon scent mixed with a tang of blood


Oc Dawnfern

+KaWaIi KaSsI​​

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"I may be small, but I'm fearless."
"Stay out of my way, and nobody gets hurt."
"I can do it alone."

Current name Owlfur

Previous name Owlpaw, Owlkit

Future Name Owlstar

Rank Leader in Training

Previous Rank Deputy

Future Rank Leader

Age 23 moons


Pelt color(s) Brown, Dark Brown Pale Brown, and a pale underbelly

Markings Tabby markings

Marking color(s) Dark Brown

Eye color(s) Orange

Eye shape Normal eye shape?

Height 9 inches

Weight 7 pounds

Breed Bobtail

Inner Ear Color Light Brown

Nose Color Black

Paw Pad Color Black

Mother Frostyfur {Deceased}

Step Mother ×

Father Owlfang {Deceased}

Step Father ×

Mother's kin Unknown of

Step Mothers kin ×

Father's kin Unknown of

Step Father's kin ×

Sisters Crowkit {Me}

Brothers Open

Other kin ×

Time of day Noon
Place to be In his nest
Prey Rabbit
Cat Open
Item Pinecones
Scent Lavender
Flavour Rabbit
Colour Black
Season New Leaf (Spring)
Age _"Uh..."
Time of day Dawn
Place to be In snow
Prey Birds
Cat Open
Item Tiny Branches
Scent Rotten things
Flavour Mouse Bile
Colour Pink
Season Leaf-Bare (Winter)
Age ×

❀Skills Out of Ten❀

Speed 8/10
Friendship 6/10
Stealth 7/10
Strength 7/10
Stamina 8/10
Accepting 7/10
Kindness 6/10
Stalking 7/10
Agility 8/10
Flexibility 8/10
Firmness 6/10
Smarts 7/10
Leadership 8/10
Loyalty 8/10
Honesty 7/10

Owlfur had a normal life of a warrior. He hunted for the clan, and defended it. He was chosen to be deputy later on. Then he progressed to Leader in Training to become a leader. He hopes that he becomes a good leader that can help keep the clan safe.

His name came from his parents, Owlfang and Frostyfur. Owl from his dad, and Fur from his mother

Theme Song Obstacles - Syd Matters

Scent Burnt Roses

Art MapleSpyder


+KaWaIi KaSsI​​​

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"Wisdom is the power to put our time and our knowledge to proper use"
~Olivestar to Autumnstripe

Current name: Olivestar

Previous name: Olivegaze, Dork

Future Name: None

Rank: Leader

Previous Rank: Deputy, Warrior, Loner, Kittypet

Future Rank: None

Age: 84 moons


Pelt color(s): Brown, gold, black, orange, cream

Markings: None

Marking color(s): None

Eye color(s): Greenish gold

Eye shape: Circle

Breed: Tortoiseshell/ short haired Maine Coon

Inner Ear Color: Dark pink

Nose Color: Black/ pink

Paw Pad Color: Black/ pink

Mother: Unknown

Step Mother: None

Father: Unknown

Step Father: None

Mother's kin: Unknown

Step Mothers kin: None

Father's kin: Unknown

Step Father's kin: None

Sisters: Speckledheart (Cutiepie) (Dead)

Brothers: Crowheart (Jack) (Dead)

Other kin: None

Time of day: Early morning
Place to be: Under a pine tree
Prey: Field mouse
Cat: Bonetail
Item: Speckledhearts collar
Scent: Speckledheart/ Crowheart
Flavour: Field mouse
Colour: Orange
Season: Summer
Age: 6 moons
Time of day: Midnight
Place to be: In battle
Prey: Finch
Cat: Thor (Dead)
Item: Crowhearts stick
Scent: Blood
Flavour: Blood
Colour: Black
Season: Winter
Age: 9 moons

Skills Out of Ten

Speed: 6/10
Friendship: 8/10
Stealth: 10/10
Strength: 9/10
Stamina: 6/10
Accepting: 6/10
Kindness: 9/10
Stalking: 8/10
Agility: 7/10
Flexibility: 5/10
Firmness: 7/10
Smarts: 10/10
Leadership: 10/10
Loyalty: 10/10
Honesty: 10/10

She was born in a twoleg nest with her sister and brother. They never knew their parents as they ran away from the twolegs. When 6 moons old, they were able to go outside and play. When 9 moons old, Dork and Jack found Cutiepies dead body in the garage where the twolegs smoked. When 10 moons old, Dork and Jack trained under a former warrior named Galaxy. When 15 moons old, Galaxy gave them their warrior names- Crowtalon and Oliveeyes- and was never seen again after that day. For a moon, Crowtalon went missing. But when Oliveeyes found him a moon later, they were 16 moons old, Crowtalon went insane. He started shouting at Oliveeyes about how she wasn't trying to save Cutiepie. But she just stood there calmly. Crowtalon then swiped at her with his claws out sending her to the grass. Oliveeyes heard a monster coming,but before she could tell him to get out of the way, it was too late. When Oliveeyes was 20 moons old, she had a vision. Crowtalon and Cutiepie were there, but they were with Starclan as well as their changed names (Crowheart and Speckledheart). They told her a new cat was coming and that she must train him. Soon enough, a kit (6 moons) named Kumar now lived in the twoleg den. When she was 26 moons old, Kumar was now Autmnstripe. A few weeks after he got his warrior name, the twolegs brought in a she kit (8 moons) named Elvira. After Oliveeyes trained her to be a medicine cat for 6 moons, she had a litter of five kittens with Autmnstripe. She didn't want to change her name as she didn't believe in Starclan. After 10 moons, the twolegs got rid of Elvira, Thor, Thing 1, and Thing 2 (her kits). Kumar was heart broken as he was only left with 2 of his kits, Fluffy and Bone. When Oliveeyes was 42 moons, she started training Bone to be a medic while Autmnstripe trained Fluffy to be a warrior. After 8 moons, Thor, Thing 1, and thing 2 attacked them. They killed them as they threatened to kill Elvira. Soon, when Oliveeyes was 50 moons old, she, Autmnstripe, Softfur (Fluffy), and Bonetail (Bone) headed to the forest where they met the group of cats. Oliveeyes got her new name Olivegaze and became a warrior while so did Autmnstripe and Softfur. Bonetail became a medic. Soon, Olivegraze became a deputy, then a leader.

Theme Song: Time by Ozzy Osbourne

Scent: Oak leavesb



+KaWaIi KaSsI​​


First prophecy!

Heart of gold, heart of silver.
Heart of light, heart of the night.
Find your place, find it quick.
Things are more different than you think.

I need four kits to be a part of a prophecy!Auditions for the kits open up now! They have to be 3 moons, and follow the rules.

1. Have ether silver eyes, Amber eyes, A white pelt, or a black pelt Not Both.

2. Be 3 moons old.

3. Not have an obvious name, like nightkit or amberkit.

4. Have a personality.

5. Be a pure hollow cat- not a former kittypet, loner, ect.
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