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Name: Missy (the Master)

Age: (I don't actually know XD)

Species: Gallifreyan/ Time lord

Gender: Female

Personality: doesn't feel remorse. She only cares about her self and sometimes the doctor. She also believes she is the queen of evil.

Likes: Manipulating objects or people. She LOVES killing for fun and killing clever clogs.

Dislikes: Losing. Also things that will make her lose and humans and anything pretty much XD
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Bye everyone. I'm leaving the few communitiesI'm not online in, and unfortunately, it includes this one. I thought it would be rude to leave without saying  Bye. Goodbye, people!

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Name: The Specialist

Age: Around 500 and still in the first life

Species: Gallifreyan/ Time lord (Duh)

Gender: Male

Personality: Will do what needs to be done and doesn't often feel remorse. He only cares about one thing so far, his future. He also believes he is superior to all other beings.

Likes: Manipulating objects or people. He actively lies and sometimes kills an empire for enjoyment. I might add that he does this without killing anyone. He does it only with lies.

Dislikes: Losing. Also, things that threaten his existence and source of fun

Background info: His memory was wiped when he was very young. He was sent to earth and posed as the son of a powerful emperor. His "father"'s home was raided when he was a small child and his parents were killed in front of him whilst being tortured. So, as a result, The Specialist's "father" was insane and loved to torture and kill. The Specialist one day realized that his "father" looked nothing like him as well as being 27 and still looking 15. He decided that his father wasn't needed and killed him. This is when he decided that he should lie. He put the blame on someone else and found that doing so was quite fun. Slowly he made everyone believe that it was another person. One day, all of the lords of the empire hired an assassin to kill another court member, as suggested by The Specialist. All of the members were wiped out, The Specialist went away on a spaceship to follow fragments of memories, and the empire crumbled. He now has his own TARDIS and he frequently interferes with events for the greater good or for lack of something to do.

Fourth me just assemble the 12 element of the universe key. He plan to keep it and return it to the Light Guardian to fully restore the universe after the Dalek mess with time. I was enjoying some butter cookie when I heard knocking on the door Who could that be. I go and open the door

I went to search for the Nestene Councicouness transmitter I was looking around with a sonic pen like an idiot. I then reach a  mall. I walked in and found being surrounded by Autons. I run in and grab your hand Run!

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That clone is....our son" The TARDIS mention Dexter about his Meta-Crisis doctor.
Name: Meta Crisis doctor.
Age: 30 something (probably)
Gender: Male.
Spices: TARDIS-Time Lord hybrid.
Personality: Smart, serious, caring, and homicidal, and lonely.
Like: Good people, someone who cares for him.
Dislike: Dalek or any hostile aliens (unless for those who work in the shadow proclamation)
Bio: He was originally Dexter cutted hand. Later during the Dalek invasion of Earth, TARDIS had touch the energize hand container which copied her DNA. And that's how he was born. After helping defeat the Dalek but turn it into a full genocide. The TARDIS and Dexter agree to teach him and treat him like their children.
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Age: 5 years younger than Dexter.
Home planet: Gallifrey
Spices: TARDIS.
Appearance: Her default shape is the police phone box but her Time lady form all depend on her regenerate. (TARDIS can regenerate)
Like: Her boyfriend/husband Dexter, Kind spices, and anything Dexter enjoy.
Dislike: Hostile alien (except for anyone who works in the Shadow Proclamation) any friend who behave like Martha Jones, Dexter negative attitude.
Personality: Depend on her incarnation. She can either be super kind but weak or a full yandere
Power and Ability: Stealth, highly advance weapon, time and dimensional travel, and shape shift.
Bio: She was originally a science project of Dexter's bully but Dexter stole her. But in turn she stole him. The two become the best of friend of Dexter during his exiled. And later on, in his 6th incarnation, Dexter and her was married.
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I was controlling the TARDIS with my wife TARDIS as we are zipping down the time vortex. We feel shaky
TARDIS: Woah honey what's going on?
Me: How should I...we stop and collapse on the floor. I later wake up and saw you Hello there I'm the doctor.
(Open to any one who had a TARDIS)

my last incarnation was seating alone in the living room (which right bellow the control room) I Was reading an old book about the Last Great Time War until I feel a loud crash Oh what now! I ran up and saw you What? Who are you?
Open to anyone who can play this universe doctor or anyone related to the doctor family


Name: Emma
Age: 200 years of age probably
Species: Gallifreyan/ Time lord
Gender: Female
Appearance: looks like a 7 year old thanks to time travelling with the Doctor
Personality: Will protect the ones she cares about as much as she possibly can very Intelligent and optimistic
Likes: To build devices like the watch she has that tells time, turns the person invisible, anti-gravity (makes u float), and enhances her telepathic abilities
Dislikes: well anything that harms her friends and family
Background info: There was a war. The Last Great Time War. It was a miserable time and no one could escape because it was time locked. However two time lord parents managed to crack the time lock and hide their 5 year old child on Earth to keep her safe at the doorsteps of Torchwood where Captain Jack Harkness found her in the morning with a note that said "protect her". He raised her for two years and did his best to give her the care she needed. She didn't give him her name so he just called her Emma for her "emerald eyes". He taught her how to defend herself knowing that she was a time lord and might face some dangerous aliens one day. When he found the Doctor, Emma followed him and jumped on Jack's back but she couldn't handle the time vortex and regenerated. The Doctor was shocked, flustered, confused and happy to know that there was a time lord like him still around. He let Emma travel with him in the TARDIS. She has seen the Doctor regenerate twice and both times she was sad to see him die. She had some strange abilities like being able to communicate with the TARDIS telepathically and vice versa. She has a strong telepathic link with the Doctor and whatever he was thinking or feeling she could hear it and feel it.
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