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I'm trying to play around with this app and get the feeling for it. So is this normal behavior? I slide open the drawer and the only way to close it is to tap somewhere on the home screen or select an app from the drawer.

Swiping the drawer in the opposite direction does not close it but just keep on letting you repeat it. If I had OCD this would have just destroyed me! =\

Thanks for the help!

p.s. sent an email to the dev a few days ago .. heard nothing back. =(

When selecting an individual icon, alternative icons for an app don't show. 

Would it be possible to assign different panels to different trigger points? So the left trigger shows one panel and the right trigger show different panel.

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+fbarrosodev​ please make icon scaling in folders sperate from the panels. When I use a small icon size in the bar the folder icons are super tiny. 

Running v1.9. Can you please make optional the bubble that shows when tapping an icon in the panel. Thank you.

Backup option please

Nice update.. Just wondering if we can show on lockscreen like on glovebox thanks

Can someone explain how to change a icon in a panel? Opening the change icon function works but I cannot change the default app icon. What am I missing? 

Nice update. Trigger is more faster now, almost as fast as glovebox was. Thanx

Would it be possible to add quick toggles like wifi, bluetooth, sound, etc.? Great work!
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