Hi Frank. thats not been done before. will call back later. hope you dont get banned for you forwardness. sounds like a good plan. yours Cowin Beswick.

Hi there every one and welcome, please join me with this Community. My name is Frank and I have been using safe lists for about two years now. Yet fifteen ago I did a bit of advertising on safelist, Boy have they changed. Everybody seems to using Solo ads which I personally think is killing the industry.
New safelists appear every day most of them are sold to the people that once just sent out advertising but now cannot get their ads seen because of all the Solos of every type. One thing that upsets me a little is that these new sites have Solo ads built into the script. This is a win win situation for the script writers. Which I think is very unfair as we now seem to be in a position that we have to join the so called solo revolution. Let me have your take on these issues. Please let me know your likes and dislikes and what would should a good safe list consist of? 
Yours Frank.   
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