Hello to the community of me, myself, and I. Hello! I guess we pretty much established a greeting. No need to beat a dead horse. I need to follow the motto I set for myself. I haven't been. I am slowly working on things but I have been slowly working on things my entire life. I need to shot gun myself into the world at full blast. Like the blast that brought us onto the world. Yes, the unknown past of our becoming on this spinning rock in the middle-ish of a vast multiverse. The creation of humanity as we know it. but that is beyond the point is trying to make here. I need to move fast. like I have nothing to lose like a Billy Mills of the film industry. See for me nothing as ever really seemed hard for me it was sometimes frustrating but mainly it was time consuming. Although when it comes to getting things done I move at a snail’s pace. It is a new year. 2018. I need to stop doing exactly that. I need to finish and release things like it is my last year on this earth and I need things for people to remember me by. I need to make my history. I need to make my mark on this pale blue spinning rock. We maybe an animal of miracle but miracles are only remembered when they lead to miraculous wonders.


This is the beginning of a new self journey.
I have lived in fear for far to long.
When I was a toddler I was fearlessly catching snakes
and riding on the spare tire of the back of my grandpa's blue suburban.
Then I went to school and life got really weird.
A fear washed over me.
I became afraid of making friends.
Afraid of breaking the rules.
Afraid of not being perfect.
Afraid of not being liked.
Afraid of being myself.
Afraid of having fun.
Afraid to let anyone it.
Afraid of trying new things.
Afraid of failing.
Trust me this list could just go on & on.

However, I am going to shape a better new me.
I will being making new creations, new content, new relationships, new connections, new videos, a new brand, a new life, a new me.
If any of you at all feel the same way feel free to join me.

I love list!
My life runs off of lists.
I will tell you my plans in list format.
Maybe you can create your own list to follow
You could just follow my list.
You can just enjoy the media that will come.

be brave!
- E
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