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Izayoi had just arrived in the city called Elysium an hour ago. He had already gained a bounty of 15,000,000 yea due too him accidentally killing every single person who challenged him too a fight. Abf then there was you. A bounty hunter who was looking for a big money bundle. So you walked too the bulletin board of the city as you saw someone updated it just recently. You saw the massive prize and jumped side too side in excitement. You then regained your composure and set out too find the bearer of this bounty.

Sorry for the lazy starter. Im sleepy xD


Be descriptive. If you give me a one liner you will be warned. Five warnings and I'm gonna drop the roleplay

No Random disappearances

If you have too leave say so. Dont abandon the roleplay in a random time or else I'm gonna drop it.


I don't care. If you want hentai I don't mind if you don't I don't mind

-And that's really it! So I hope you enjoy this roleplay and I hope too find some people-
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(I'll pp you if it gets to the point of sex)
Originally shared by ****
we have been in a long distance relationship for over 6 months and now, finally, we get to meet each other in person for the first time ever. You were a nervous wreck as you waited for me with your friends at the airport so you started texting me. After I calmed you down i asked for a selfie, you happily obliged and sent me a cute picture of you. I saw it as the plane landed and smiled knowing that I can finally love you the way you deserve

(Shy, quiet, loving, loyal girl needed)

(This is a long term rp that will lead to sex and maybe even marriage so please be patient)

(Will repost )

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I was walking around my world I made and I was completely happy with how everything looked. I went to my large house and kept hearing squishy noises coming from my room. I went there and you were jumping on my bed giggling and happy but then you saw me and screamed
You: I-I'm sorry! I spawned here!!! Don't kill me! Please!!!
((Female needed, please be descriptive and act rather childish or sexual once you find out I won't hurt you! No text talk))

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Spirits, its my job to make sure they don't hurt anyone and let them rest. I'm a hunter. I've killed demons, vengeful spirits, Shapeshifter... I've killed ghosts and I'm never thanked, paid, or even known... I was working a hunt, it was another demon. I had to get the tattoo to protect me from being possessed (second picture). I started doing my research to find the demon when I come across you. You're a normal girl, not a hunter like me. You seem to be tracking the demon without knowing what it was. You offer to help me but I refuse saying, You're better left in the dark on this... Some things are better left unknown... You kept insisting I tell you so I gave in You wanna know? I'm hunting a demon... I know I sound crazy but I've done this all my life. I'm a hunter and I kill these things. Then you...
(Female needed. First picture is me and my name is Mark. If you haven't watched supernatural, I'll explain but I'd prefer if you've seen at least part of the series)
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Name: Rosemary Engel (known as Rena, since Spencer complained once that her name was too long to say)

Age: 15

Endowment: She has the abilty to make illusion from music. Mostly they are illusions of pain and sorrow as well as misunderstanding, because that is what she usually feels. She can project memories or

Department: Music (duh :P)

Eye color: Dark white (before she naturally had brown eyes)

Hair color: White with almost a rainbowish tint (before her hair was naturally black)

Body figure and distingushing marks: She is shorter than most people and has two tattoos. There is one of a treble clef on her shoulder and one of a bass cleft on her neck

Personality: She is generally someone that is quiet, but she isn't shy, mostly because a majority of her time is spent on writing music. In the beginning, her feelings are expressed through music, and because when she plays, Rena plays what she feels, and she accidentally channels her endowment through her free play as well. Because of that, some of her music makes people start to go insane from the emotions that they feel and the visions that they see. Deep down, behind her fasquade that she shows everyone, her personality is very innocent and cat-like. She is easily calmed when giving her sweets or petting her head (particularly behind the ears). The only people that really know her true nature are Spencer Aves, from being her childhood friend, Asa Pike, from unknown connections, and Dr. Saltweather, the director of the music department. It has also been hinted that her endowment doesn't work on him, so he is aware of her true prodigy-like talents.

Hobbies: Writing music, listening to music, playing music. She also takes care of the cooking in the apartment that she and Asa share, becoming very skilled at baking and making treats.

Family (if any): There are no remaining survivors of her family. She used to have an older brother, twin brother, and little sister before.

Family History (if any): Her family was a well-known musical family. Everyone was extremely surprised when they found out that Rena possessed an endowment. It was extrememly weak when it was found out, which shows that the Red King's blood that was in her body was weak.

Character History: Rena was concidered the least-musically talented in her family, only being able to play the flute at the time on an average level, even though many applauded her for her talents. At first because of that, she was about to give up on music and try to find a different alternative, even though her childhood friend Spencer protested, saying it was "uncool" to just quit. She wanted to play one last song on her flute before making her final decision in going off of her family's musical line. Her little sister wanted to watch her play, because she could not play the flute. Rena's little sister was the first to see her endowment.

After that, many thought that it would be wonderful to be able to put on shows and thought that Rena was going to be famous... before realizing how weak her power really was. One of her father's past director's heard the new's of Rena's gift and wanted to see for himself. He wanted to take the girl under his wing and make her gift stronger, but her family refused. It then drove the director to insanity, soon causing him to resort to desperate measures and kidnapped her, preforming many painful tests on her that were extreme enough to turn her dark hair white and blue eyes dark pink.

She then escapes thanks to her newly developed powers and imeadiately returning to her house. The home is empty and she asks a nearby woman what happened to the family that lived there. The woman replies by saying that the whole family was killed due to getting involved with gangs and debts trying to get one of their daughter back. Rena faints from shock and finds herself at the family's home, where she first met the Pike family.

They took care of her for a year before she said that she said that she was going to go off on her own way for a little while to control her powers, since she didn't want to put the Pike family in jeapordy. In rememberance for her sister and brothers, she learned the violin (her little sister's main instrument) and guitar (since her brothers were both in bands as well as her childhood friend, although he was rather tonedeaf.)

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Name : Rose-Anne-Maria Christine
Age : she can turn from 15+
Powers : demon magic,mermaid,fairy,dark angel and half wolf
Gender : female
Likes : to help people and take care of them
Dislikes : the people that are bad with her and are saying bad things about her
Personality : shy-dangerous-is at bad mood always-trying to help people
Bio : since her second birthday her parents died because of a dangerous mission , she got adopted but about her real parents she didn't knew anything only her mom's name , she went and changed many schools , she is alone without parents that adopted her and is living at an orphanage and she is waiting to get adopted to start a new life with her twin sister
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(Female needed, act scared at first, but then act flirty and sexual)

Scientists were able to create virtual reality helmets that could let us go into video games, and, since i loved video games, i bought one of the helmets. I put mine on and i went into my favorite game, Minecraft, but, something went wrong. When i took off the helmet after an hour of playing, it literally disappeared. I was stuck in the world of Minecraft...and i loved it! I didnt really have too many friends in the real world, so i thought it'd be pretty cool to stay in this world and talk with the countless amount of villagers. Everything didnt look like squares and rectangles though, they looked like actual people. I was amazed, since they could also speak, instead of making those "hermm" noises. It was fun, but they always lived with each other, and i always lived alone...until one day, when i came back to my custom house in the village, after a good day of mining diamonds and redstone. Before i went into my house, i heard someone jumping on the bed, giggling and saying "wow, this house is really nice". I went inside and i saw you, a creeper girl, jumping on the bed, your breasts jiggling with you. You saw me and your eyes widened and you stopped jumping on the bed and you pleaded "p-please dont kill me! i-i just spawned here and i couldnt open the door!". You started crying green tears, until i said calmly "hey, its alright, im not gonna hurt you". Still scared and shaking, you said...
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furry role play
You and I were friends, best friends to be exact. We were hardly ever seen apart and many people thought we were dating. I would always laugh and smile and tell them we went but deep down, that's what I wanted. I loved you and I was hoping you did too. If you did, you were good at hiding it. Every time we got close and I was just seconds from kissing you, you would always look away or say something. Today was July 4th, independence day. I thought of kissing you under the fireworks and my heart fluttered. I invited you to the fireworks show and you said you would go. I go by your house to pick you up in my Ford and I smile when I see you ready to go Y/N? You said...
(Female only. My name is Josh and I'm a 16 year old wolf. You don't have to be a furry but please don't hate on me because I am one. Please state your name, age, and species. No hentia but this is romance. No emojis or text talk and please be semi-descriptive. This may become long term. Ask to repost, don't just take it without asking)

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My other furry OC
My second profile

Name: Emily "Em" Ross
Age: 16
Species: wolf
Sexuality: bi (prefers girls)
Relations: Her brother, Josh Ross (My other character)
Likes: playing truth or dare, having fun, video games, her brother
Dislikes: rude people
Personality: outgoing, care free, loving, always wanting to be near Josh
Bio: When they were young, Josh would always protect her, despite being shy. Going where he went, they lived together after their parents abandoned them. Now, she lives to help Josh however she can.

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This is my furry OC
I'm new to furry role play

Name: Joshua "Josh" Ross
Gender: male
Age: 16
Personality: shy, smart, easy going, optimistic
Sexuality: straight
Bio: When I was young, I was left to the streets. Making friends along the way, I made my life the best it could be. My friend gave me my hoodie and I wear it everyday.

Can't think of what else I should add, suggestions are welcome
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