.... not sure why I'm here.

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Ok I'm going to this
Name: Lizzie Rosalie Rose
Family: none
Bio: to long
Gender: female
Relationships: single (for this community!!)
Age: 16
Like and approve

Thank you for accepting me!

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Thanks for the invite....I guess ^^'
Name// Sky~ ♡
Age// 13
Birthday// idc I'll share it lmao xP December 25th (and yes its true) DONT CALL ME THE NEW JESUS
Likes///..... idk tbh
Dislikes// Pretty much rude ppl who only think of themselves....and ppl who
disrespect me.... ;;
Species// (I think that's how u spell it lmao) I'm a wolf :3
Relationship status// Single (In this community only)
Sexuality// BI...... ;w;
Bio// ....it's long story but here we go.....
Sky's parents died in a car crash and she suffered injuries like no other....she was cannibal and that's pretty much it unless u wanna hear the whole story....

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Name: Music Love
Age: 13
Likes: Being creative and making friends
Hates: Bullies and when someone is being mean to friends

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Yes nieve my hammster I even cry sometimes

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Name: Kalli
Age: 16
Sexuality: Straight
Relationship status: single
likes: running, sleeping and playing videogames
dislikes: liars and meshing with my friends
powers: Super speed and lighting powers


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Going to school see you guys later

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Sin Rage Niles the Hedgehog
Gender: Male
Age: 19
Relationship: none
Family: Father: assassin guy​
Mom: ? Sons: I don't want to put them in... Brothers: Darkuil, Slavyiouli, Silver, Sonic, Shadow
Power: Final Flash, Spirit Bomb, Destro Disk, Big Bang Attack, Special Beam Cannon, Death Beam, Death Ball, Hell Flash Cannon
Forms: Super Sayian Niles, Super Sayian God Super Sayian, Niles the God Crusher, Niles.7, Syuko Niles, Darkuiles
Super Forms: SSGSS Darkuiles and Niles.exe
Bio: Niles, the son of Kaze and the strongest fighter my trainer Goku was the best Trainer in my life we will train when I ask for some quick attacks and other things but its cool but My Evil Twin Darkuil wants me dead so bad because he's the sidekick to Egghead...anyway but only way to defeat Chaos is if I and Darkuil fuse together into Darkuiles.
City: Chaos City
Quote: "Ready for you"
Weapons: AZC-SAP23(submachine gun) Blade Dancer(a sword)
Likes: Fights, Weapons, Girls,
Helping people, My Friends, Darkuil, Chaos, Blowing up stuff, Dates
Dislikes: when people mess with my family or friends, when someone dies, Kane.

Me: "thanks for making me a better person, and being my friends guys I hope we meet in realty and here so we can know each other but maybe we won't but someday just maybe..."

Me: "I'm not leaving, I'm just writing how I feel about you guys and what I feel about myself but I'm so lonely right now, at home, with my real parents, and sister, I hope you can cheer me up when I feel like this..."

Me: " Thank you for everything... Now its my Death by Chaos...so long my people..."

Sin Rage Niles The Hedgehog 
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General Information
Name: Fane Hernandez
Nickname: Fane
Species: Human
Age: 17
Date Of Birth: February 6, 2000

Physical Description
Hair color: Black
Eye color: Dark Brown
Skin Color: Tanned
Height: 5” 10
Weight: 168
Physical Appearance: most of hair is brushed to the right while the rest is brushed to the left

Clothing worn
Regular clothes: black shirt under a black button up unbuttoned, with black jeans, black DC shoes
Alternate Regular clothes 1: Black and red flannel, black jeans, Black DC’s
Alternate Regular Clothes 2: Regular black shirt with black or blue jeans, and black DC’s,

Sword: made from the first dimension fane jumped into. Was created from a professional blacksmith who fused a sword with a crystal called, “Insanite”.

Flaming Pistol, nickname: Flamination: A normal pistol carried on him during the space mission, which he brings with him in the first dimension he accidentally jumps in. This pistol receives an upgrade from being reforged with a strange glowing red metal called, “Ragion”

Dark Uzi: made in the first dimension with the sword, was created purely from another strange element that glows purple called, “Deprinite” this gun acts and shoots like a regular gun but only the owner of the gun knows its true powers and has the ability to use them.

Unique Skills:

Teleportation, healing, self healing, revival, self revival (is limited), and personal abilities with weapons.


neutral good

Personality: LOVES to go out and have some fun. He enjoys running around, being with his friends, or fighting in combat against enemies. He enjoys listening to some music just about everywhere he goes. He tries to be friendly to friends and especially new people.

Main Backstory: He use to be a regular boy, but then joined in a NASA program to venture off into a recently discovered wormhole at the age of 17. He ventured into the wormhole and ended up in a weird military hangar looking room. It wasn't long till he found out he was in a headquarters for a secret organization that codenamed their soldiers, Dimension Jumpers. Dimension Jumpers sole purpose was to jump into a certain dimension to stop a possible crisis that can lead enemy's to destroying their dimension and invade HQ to destroy others. He then runs around in panic after seeing a weird fish like man walking around asking him his name. He runs and ends up at the head office, where the chief is sitting. He looked like a buffed out alien, fane ran some more into the nearest portal, which began a big journey to an unknown dimension filled with danger, his first jump into a dimension. (This is not the end of his back story. This is the longest part and I'm still coming up with what is in it. ^_^ )

Owner: Fane Hernandez
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