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A catch-up for our ongoing Stormbringer campaign here:

We played four sessions without me finding the time to post on the blog, but it's done now!
Major Catch-up
Major Catch-up

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Hi All! It was my pleasure to recently interview John R. White, the last author to have material officially published during Mongoose Publishing's, intense, but short lived, foray in the worlds of the Eternal Champion.

You can read more over at
Interview with John R. White
Interview with John R. White

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Just in case it hasn't been mentioned here there is a Stormbringer & Elric! website dedicated to the rpgs.
Stormbringer & Elric!
Stormbringer & Elric!

Hello and thanks for letting me join. I'm hoping to run Stormbringer in the coming weeks and am looking for advice on a few of the books.

I'm using the 5e/Elric! version of the rules.

1) Can anyone recommend a Stormbringer/Elric! sandbox adventure?

2) I can't find any reviews of Atlas of the Young Kingdoms. Is this a good introduction into the setting?

3) In your opinion what is the single most useful expansion book for any Chaosium edition of the game? In other words if I could only purchase 1 book beyond the 5e core book what should it be and why?

Thanks so much for sharing your thoughts and experience.

Hi all, we have now reached a bit of a milestone in our new campaign - 25 sessions since starting in December. We are quite pleased with this, and long may it continue. The current stats for the main characters are here, if anyone is interested:

Hi all... over the Easter weekend I did a few changes to the site mainly around the resources section (brought it onto the main menu, added some character sheets for various editions etc.) My question to the group is - is there anything important that I'm missing?

Please note that even though it is out of print I'll only ever make available legally available material 😀

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Kane's world superimposed over Elric's world. Is there a cartographic term for this sort of land/sea distribution?

I need to go back through my White Dwarf collection and copy / organize the “Madcap Laughs” campaign. My recollection is it was a three issue mini-campaign / adventure.

Anyone recall (or run or play through) it?

Hi all

Where can I purchase a PDF copy of Stormbringer 5e?

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Howdy folks! I was just rereading my early edition Stormbringer, and found my way to this group. Some photos of a mutual old friend. :)
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