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Who saw One Direction's performance on X Factor Australia over the weekend? #onedirection

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Can't quite deal with the hotness of Niall in this pic! YUM!

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Roc Royal Imagine- Birthday Boy

“Babe, really it’s okay you don’t have to do anything special for me today…it’s just my birthd-“

Roc tried explaining but you quickly shushed him as you tied a bandana around his eyes, shielding his vision as you lead him slowly into the bed room.

“I can’t see.” Roc state blandly as he stumbled up the steps carefully. You sucked in your teeth and laughed, “That’s the point” you whispered.

You had taken Roc out for dinner at his favorite restaurant and had bought him a bottle of extremely expensive cologne he had been talking about for weeks. His entire facial expression lit up when you took it out and handed it to him…but that was merely part one of his gift.

Upstairs you had decorated the bedroom you two shared and you couldn’t wait to reveal it to him. But Roc seemed to be just as impatient as you because every few seconds he would ask another question, “Where are you taking me?” or complain about his lack of vision.  Any other time this would bug you but you let it slide because after all; it was his birthday.

Once you got to the bedroom, you closed the locked the door and then laid Roc down on the bed.

“What’s going on?” he inquired reaching up to snatch the blindfold but you quickly smacked his hands away and shushed him. “Don’t worry it’s a surprise.” You assured him, rubbing your hands lightly through his hair.

On each side of the bed’s headboard were ropes. You helped position Roc so that he was in the perfect position to tie him to the headboard with them.

“This is going to feel a little weird but just relax, you’ll love it I promise” you whispered into Roc’s ear as you tied his hands up. Roc opened his mouth, as if to say something but he stopped and relaxed as you finished tying him up. You nibbled on Roc’s earlobe as you pulled away from the whisper which made Roc hiss lowly under his breath.

You quickly slipped out of your tight dinner dress and uncovered the lacey, dark blue lingerie that you wore underneath.  You crept over to the tube of whip cream that was sitting on the dresser and picked it up, walking back over to Roc. You slowly stripped Roc down, yanking off his shoes and dropping his dress pants that underneath enclosed his tight, dark boxers. You leaned down and slowly licked from the top of Roc’s boxers up to his chest, circling his nipples with your tongue before planting a kiss on his soft, plump lips. Roc bit down on your bottom lip as you leaned your lips into his, sucking his lips and battling with his sweet tongue. You felt Roc whining his hips underneath you as you grinded into his.

A small grin appeared on your face as you pulled the top off the can and sprayed whip cream down his chest slowly, sending chills down his spine from the sudden coolness from the cream.  The tip of your tongue touched the cream slowly and you gently dragged your tongue along his chest, licking up the cream seductively. You could hear Roc groaning and the bulge in his boxers growing as you continued to lick him up and down like a lollipop.

With Roc sneakily grinding into your hips and his low moans invading your mind, you could feel the wetness appearing in your panties. But as bad as you wanted to fuck him in that instant, you had to remember… today was his day and he deserved his special treat.

You lowered your head from his chest, down to his boxers and proceeded in slipping them off and throwing them across the bedroom.

“Oh shit.” Roc muttered. You sneakily smiled and used both your hands to pick up his throbbing nine inches. You reached over and grabbed the whip cream and sprayed a small amount on the head of his penis. Roc groaned and twitched for a second but you simply giggled and began to gently lick around his head, tasting the cream. You moved on from the head and began to lick from the bottom, slowly up to the top, placing a gentle kiss on the tip. Then you dived in, deep throating him as he fidgeted and moaned. You could feel his legs shaking tremendously as you sucked him, starting from the bottom to top. You made a slurping noise every time went in for more and you put true meaning to the phrase “suck him dry”.

“Uh fuck! Untie me.” Roc pleaded as his legs shook. His voice was shaky and low.

“I can’t do that birthday boy.” You mumbled, going back to licking him. You could hear Roc’s deep breathing and low growling noise, which signaled he was about to burst. His sounds of pleasure only made you deep throat him more and pick up the speed.

“Aghhh!” Roc screamed busting in your mouth. Roc didn’t even have to tell you to swallow, it was a favor you were willing to do for his special day. You forced down the thick, warm substance until there was nothing more than an after taste left.

“You swallowed?” Roc asked, still blindfolded and out of breathe.

“Of course.” You whispered crawling back upwards to him. You opened your legs so that you were straddling his hips with yours and then reached down and untied the bandana from his eyes.

Roc looked up at you and smiled as the image of your face appeared against the candle light in the darkness.

“You’re beautiful.” Roc whispered. “You want me to do it back to you?” Roc asked, referring to the head you just gave him. Normally he would but you shook your head and began to strip. You knew Roc loved when you were on top but most of the time you would avoid it. You preferred Roc on top and doing all the work but this once, you were going to do him a favor. You slipped off both your bra and panties and the positioned yourself so that Roc could slide in.

Roc groaned and breathed quickly as he slid inside. You could see his hands twitching and you knew he wanted to just grab you but he couldn’t. You bit down on your lip and then began to bounce up and down, stopping occasionally to grind smoothly against him.

“Ah fuck.” Roc growled with his eyes sliding into the back of his head. You leaned in and bit down on Roc’s neck as sweat dripped from his forehead down to his chin. He tasted salty and his felt so soft in your mouth, as if melting like cotton candy.

“Take them off.” Roc said loudly, referring to the ropes around his wrists. You simply ignored him and continued bouncing up and down on him. 

“Ahh.” You moaned loudly, echoing through the house.

“Shit! Take them off!!” Roc demanded louder. He was shaking and pulling against the ropes so hard that the headboard was shaking. You simply ignored and continued fucking him in the moment, making it go deeper and faster.

“Fuck!” Roc screamed, using literally all his strength to rip apart the flimsy ropes and flip you over so that he was on top. It happened so fast that you didn’t even know what happened.

“Roc!” you moaned.

You were hardly able to utter his name because of the amount of speed he was using to fuck you. Your head was slamming into the headboard and your legs were wrapped completely around him. You gripped the sheets and arched your back as he continued thrusting in and out of you.

Your wetness was dripping all over the sheets and Roc’s body. Roc was going so fast that it was almost painful. You could barely catch your breath because of how fast he was going. You had already climaxed several times and not once did Roc hit his point until almost thirty minutes later.

Roc was making animalistic growls as he pumped in and out; eventually coming to a slow stop as he began to climax, pushing his forehead up against your neck and breathing heavily and cursing.

“Oh fuck you feel that?” Roc asked as the hot liquid burst into your cave, causing you to twitch and close your eyes.

“Oh shit.” You moaned as Roc slowly rolled off of you. You both laid there, completely covered in sweat and breathing as the minutes ticked by. Neither of you could barely talk so the silence lingered in the air until Roc finally spoke up in a low, raspy voice,

“I can’t wait until it’s your birthday.”

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