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(( +Byakuran Ceruno & +Israel Pena))

it was close to a year since Kanna seen her brothers and Yuki. After having Nikolai was born Trystan been staying over to help take care of their son. it was just a usual afternoon Nikolai was watching tv in his little bouncy chair as Kanna was folding clothes until she heard a knock on the door she opens it seeing a group of people she haven't met in a long time
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True Name: unknown because I still don't remember much again yet about the first life. I had already had countless names in history and in legends and in myths.
Current name:Lord James Phan
Age: true age of my true self is endless and boundless and beyond all verses. Age of my current body is just 32 and looks as 20 years.
Species: Omni Hyper Top God, the most original omni creator.
Weapons: sword of the most original creator, scepter of omni primordial god, knife of absolute destruction, scythe of absolute death, creator swords, divine swords,z sword, holy swords, Katana,ninja forearm swords, guns, bombs, crossbow and arrows, knight swords, rockets, missiles,dynamits,grenades.
Ruler of: all of omniverses and the outside huge space.
Powers: Omni Creation,Omni Recreation, Resurrection Light, super teleports, instant transport, Omnipotence, energy manipulation, space manipulation, matter manipulation, time manipulation, omnipresence,dimensional travel, omnilock, omniunlock, cosmic creation, cosmic awareness, cosmic energy manipulation, lightning and thunder, solar, divine light,golden divine halo,18 golden divine light angelic wings. But they're still locked in human space before secular humans till my xinging level is raised over border of solar system where have Earth I living on. Of course, in other spaces and other space levels, I'm certainly not locked totally especially in heavens and higher space levels (higher than heavens) then I am not locked.
Side: light, righteous.
+Gender:gender of both my firstly master body and my currently master body and my master spirit is ♂. I am very straight.
+My personalities: truthful,extremely sincere, compassionate, merciful, benevolent,hugely tolerant, humble, righteous,extraordinarily open-minded, great-hearted, moderate, grateful, rational,very peaceful, responsible, selfless,egoless, fair,altruistic,never divorce and never betray while he marry or engage,homely, friendly,majestic,topmost regal,taciturn and reticent about speaking (almost just be in real life but he also doesn't want to say much even on internet or in deepnet),feel shy a little when he say with any special female person who he love,synergised,self-taught and self-studied, expertise,independent,mutual,very stringent,boundlessly theistic,respectful,apolitical,generous,loving,support true justice,autonomous,fairly,impartial,kindly,respectful,forgiving, trustworthy,independent,patient, mutual,careful,watchful,intelligent,self-sacrificial,charitable,strict,very very hate the evil, loving,introvert,non-religious. I still forever sincerely love my spouses unconditionally evenwhen they became to have ugly appearance as yaksa and have eld appearance as eld turtle and have flat boobs and became sick and disabled and extremely poor and slavish and secular mortal. I can sincerely together share joys and sorrows with my spouses and sincerely share joys and sorrows of my spouses. I can sincerely to share other's joys and other's sorrows and can sincerely share joys and sorrows with other.
Rank:omni marshall in all forces throughout whole the vastest verse but always against the evil and evil force. SSS-class social elite in social elite level. Social class is upper elite. My clearance is D-5 and beyond. My privacy level is SSS. My throne is cosmic omni emperor. X-class wizard.
Role: Emperor of anything and everything and all verses and all entities, beyond paradisiacal knight,beyond mage, expert in some expertise fields,.etc... 

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Kanna walks into her brother (you choose which brother to play) her mind was spinning making her turn every situation she thought us in to chaos and negativity. She knocks on her brother office door and lets out a sigh Big Brother?...

( +Add Ceruno)

wanders about looking for something to do
(open rp)

sits by the lake enjoying free time and peace and quiet

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Seriph wanders around a beautiful garden off campus

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Name: Rintaro Okabe

Alias: Okarin, Kyouma Hououin.

Age: 18

Gender: Male

Magic: Small-Scale Time manipulation; Science fused with Magic

Personality: Rintarou is melodramatic, eccentric and rarely tsundere. He usually gives off the impression of being delusional and paranoid, engaging in strange mannerisms such as talking to himself on the phone and engaging in fits of maniacal laughter often; a case of Chuunibyou which serves only as a facade to make himself and the life of his childhood friend Mayuri more interesting. He is rather arrogant because of his eccentricities and social awkwardness.
However, despite the aforementioned traits, he is actually a kind and caring individual.

House: (yet to be decided)

He likes to drink Dr. Pepper

The idea of fusing science and magic was taken from the Hyperdimension Neptunia character MAGES. who is a reference to Okabe and the same called video game company that developed the VN.

Future Gadget - Magic type #1: Ether blade.
A weapon that condenses the magic energy in the proximity into a sword. It is a electrical device, enhanced with magic runes and incantations.

Rank in family: None

Bio: Rintaro was born as the son of two ordinary people that have no relation to magic. But surprisingly, he showed that he had a special talent of reacting inhumanly fast or sometimes knew what would be happening. However, it was not until the age of 18 that his true self of being a wizard was recognised. During that time, he already took on the identity of the mad scientist Kyoma Hououin and was running a small laboratory. Upon knowing his power he got enrolled as the oldest first year to have ever gone to the academy, in order to assimilate him with their world. Soon, his powers about time manipulation were found out and that he was capable of enhancing electrical devices with magic incantations, a commonly known ability of many magic users in fact, but it nevertheless caused quite a commotion that a norma born wizard can do this.
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Name: Seriph Wisin

Age: 19

House: Twinhead

Personality: clumsy, kind, competitive

Gender: female

Sexual orientation: Straight

Likes: pulling pranks, studying, winning, bunnies

Dislikes: stupid pranks, no homework, losing, foxes

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Because we are in a Hogwarts style school, let's take a look at them in their old uniforms. Who would like to RP?

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Yuki Akimoto in her old uniform. anyone wanna rp?
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