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As Malaysia gears for its general election anytime, it is worth understanding potential trends that would be impacting the voters' preferences.

Watch for the ever expanding contents of this post.
Watch for this blog post space. More electoral maps of Malaysia will be added here over the coming months.

All comments and improvements are welcomed.

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Landmine Contamination still affects Bosnia even though conflict has ended 21 years ago.

Look the map where contamination is spread out and the threat it poses to Bosnian citizens
Yesterday I released my co produced landmine map of Bosnia with +Nurija Jahjefendic. For those who are interested to see on higher resolution, please visit this blogpost site.

Analyze the relationship of conflict points, population density and landmine contamination.

#Bosnia #Europe #maps #mine #war

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Encountering projects of converting AUTOCAD to GIS shapefiles?

These are three factors you need look into it. Please read it and share it widely.
Honestly, AUTOCAD doesn't produce files that are of good standing in GIS systems. Learning from my recent experience of using +QGIS and +Esri ArcMap, I will look into three factors that you need to be aware of conversion process #maps   #gis   #autocad   #conversion  

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Does multi-corner fights will save someone's marginal seat?

Is there a correlation between voter values and political preferences?

Find your answers through these insightful maps.
With Sarawak Elections coming up in a week's time, I am proud to present to you three maps to visualize the tendencies for the upcoming elections. 

Using the power of +Esri ArcGIS, these online visualizations will take you a deeper understanding on various factors influencing an electoral outcome.

#sarawak   #election   #malaysia   #map  

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A unique story on how a Salesperson uses GIS to enhance a sales pitch.
GIS in Business!

A unique story on how a Salesperson found the power of GIS to enhance a sales pitch.

Also, a rare moment when QGIS trumped ArcGIS on time based visualization.

#gis   #maps   #business   #sales  

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