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Who is currently using Minecraft in their classroom? Has anyone thinking about / trialling Minecraft Education Edition?

Our presentation from Ulearn

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Anyone interested for 2017?

Hi everyone.
I have been wanting to bring Minecraft into my classroom for over a year... do not know where / how to start. We use Chromebooks so I don't know whether we can use Minecraft on these?
I would love some help as to first steps to get it happening. My kids share with me everyday the things they are creating and I know the potential is there.
Look forward to some guidance:)

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Very interesting developments

Hi guy I've just joined and I do think that mine craft should be in classrooms in nz 

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For those of you who would like to get in touch with me my email is

Also curious - if we could get a Minecraft Server and supporting structure in place who would be interested in developing cross school projects using Minecraft for 2016? 
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Yes I am interested in
Possibly, once I learn more
No thanks

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Here is the server that is run by students I mentioned

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Minecraft in Education: Why?

Looks like many of my Ulearn workshop participants have made their way into this community - which is great to see.

Here is a question for those people (and anyone else interested in participating) - Why use Minecraft in the classroom / formal education?

Please share your thoughts below - always great if you can connect with others' ideas so do read and build on other comments.

What is your experience with Minecraft?
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