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Startr - Tinder for Startups

Hello entrepreneurs! The Montreal-based mobile matchmaking application for tech entrepreneurs and developers just released its brand new website. 

Check it out and let us know your thoughts :)

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If anybody was looking for a startup job that actually fit your passions in  building cool things, let me know through this form: I'm always in contact with cool startups and organizations :)

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Startup Group Therapy
February 12, 2015  •  5 - 7 p.m.   +   440 Place Jacques-Cartier - Top Floor 

You have to be a little bit crazy to be an entrepreneur. So why do we do it? (It probably has something to do with our mothers.) On February 12th we’re holding an open house at our new Montreal office space. This is NOT a networking event. This is a chance to meet with people who understand the unique challenges facing startups, and to talk and have a drink with people who face those very same challenges. Come tell us what keeps you up at night. We understand the joy and the pain of starting something new because we’ve done it and we’ve helped many new brands succeed.

Come meet the team and connect with people who just get it.

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"Like Sovolve, Sensorica pays workers for their contributions to the product. Unlike Sovolve, they participate in the company democratically. Everything from revenues to internal criticism is out in the open, wiki-style, for insiders and outsiders alike to see. The whole company, not just the product, is open source — sharing not just code but profits."

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SENSORICA is organizing an event about the collaborative economy and p2p, this Friday, 5:30pm 

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Aurbee here again to update the community on our Kickstarter campaign!

Hey there, my name is Lizzie and I am currently involved in a project called Aurbee. 
A wireless DISTRIBUTED Microcontroller!

Our kickstarter launch is on May 27th and I am super excited about it!!!!

We will be hosting a launch party on the same day at Studio 1611 st-denis suite 1. With live music, artists open bar and free food! Come join us!

AurBee is a game-changer in the open-source do-it-yourself micro-controller world because of its versatility and its low energy consumption. It combines the simplicity of Arduino with the scalability of ZigBee.
Thumbsized, capable of running for months on a single coin-cell battery, it allows users to create a self-healing wireless network of micro-controller modules and sensors over a large distributed space.

Aurbee allows the users to focus on their designs and takes away the complexity of writing ZigBee related code. We at Aurbee have taken care of all the ZigBee related heavy lifting so users can control pins on other Aurbees with a simple one-line code. 

Aurbee can be used for sophisticated and affordable modules to build home-based robotics, home automation design, stage lighting, special effects management and much more. Imagine the possibilities.

For more product information please contact us at
#Arduino   #Wireless   #microcontroller   #distributed   #kickstarter   

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Hey everyone, decided to join this community. 70+ members, so can't be a dead forum. Although not that many posts around... )

Do you guys still get together every month?
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