Day 2
Those that hold to simple forms
Forget the wayward's path;
They seek the forest
through the trees 
but not the wonderer's deed. 

In blackness forged, 
In mighty breath, 
A silver drop
to fall
The seeker finds 
When seekers look
But rarely finding forms. 

Complexing weave
A waft foretold
In ancient marks do make
Held ridged in the hands of time
He spake
She spoke
They fall. 
Mark the form. And loose the line. 
Death marked by lawful hand. 

#NaPoWrMo   #napowrimo2013  

Day 1
He watched me once
A moment by
He could not hold the way
He saw me teeter on the brink

He pushed me once

Good bye. 
#NaPoWrMo   #poetry  
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