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The Forecast Bar Version 5 Beta is ready for testing!

We appreciate any and all feedback, whether its ideas or bugs you find, we want to hear about it! While we will not be adding new features at this time, that doesn't mean suggestions aren't welcome.

Thanks in advance for your help and feedback.


Beta for iOS: please email with your Apple ID and we will get you added to the beta
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The current Forecast Bar macOS beta expired yesterday, and the download link posted here still points to the expired version. When can we expect an update?

Just an idea for a Forecast Bar background: no images, but just a colored background (like FlatUI or Blur) ranging progressively from solid blue (very cold) to solid green (very comfortable) to solid red (very hot), based on the current temperature. What do you think?

I am having problems wit the iOS app. The iOS badge doesn't update by itself; but only updates when I open the app.
I therefore removed the sync between all devices, but that didn't work either: I still have a badge that doesn't update.
Either the badge needs to update every ten minutes, like Forecast Bar on my Mac, or I need to get rid of it.
Please let me know any ideas you may have on the subject. Thanks.

We have a brand new update coming shortly that will include a new high-quality weather source and we are looking for beta testers! If you'd like to test the new iOS or Mac features please drop us an email to with the Apple ID you'd like us to send the beta to!

Thank you!

I am considering purchasing Forecast Bar and have seen info on MacAppStore and your webpage. A friend says he has "lifetime 10 minute updates". I do not see that option anywhere. No longer available?

Quick question: if I have tvOS, iOS, and macOS, am I paying a separate subscription for each, or is it Apple ID-based?


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there are two different displays for the same time period? could someone explain?

Question: Why are you connecting to different servers within Forecast Bar?

Answer: In addition to, we also utilize Crashlytics to learn of crashes within the app, so we can fix any that occur. Additionally, we load wallpaper images from various wallpaper sites, which can be turned off in the Preferences.

Question: Why am I seeing random locations, or lat/lon coordinates in my location list?

Answer: We are investigating the issue, and version 1.3 fixes some of it, as well as adds the ability to remove an incorrectly added location.
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