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Forecast Bar for iOS Icon and Background Packs

Forecast Bar 2.0 brings a Theme Store for user created Icon sets and Background packs.

To create your own pack check out the guides:

Icon sets:

Background packs:

We look forward to seeing what you come up with!

Thank you!

I am considering purchasing Forecast Bar and have seen info on MacAppStore and your webpage. A friend says he has "lifetime 10 minute updates". I do not see that option anywhere. No longer available?

Hey guys, I was wondering what the connection to Amazon AWS is utilized for?

Hi, I purchased forecast ios version and I am the family organizer of family sharing. When my father downloaded forecast using family sharing, the app shows the message "your frial trial has ended".

Thanks for your help. 

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Hourly Graph in Mini-Window - for Mac shows 8 Hour forecast - any way for it to show the current precip only like the iOS app does? Many thanks...
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I have the IOS version and enjoy having it. I am interested in the Mac version, but don't see a trial like on IOS. Is there one available?


Does anyone have a specific wishlist for icons and/or backgrounds?

I purchased Forecast Bar for iOS but am receiving the message "Your Free Trial has Ended". Please advise. Thanks

I think you need s new source for your weather information. Very inaccurate in Colorado. It Has been raining often however your app shows snow in high levels of snow.. Big difference there. Weather channel which I am not to fond of is much more accurate and free I guess. 

Hi. I'm probably missing something obvious, but on every boot the forecast bar expands. I don't want it to load in full, I merely want it to launch to the status bar as a widget. Nothing more. If I need it open, I'll click it. :)

Is there a setting for that? 
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