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(24 CME Credit Hours
Granted to the Participants by the UAE Ministry of Health)
I.  Plenary Sessions
1. Medical liability regulations at the local, Arab and int. levels.
2. The role of medical institutions in preventing medical and ethical malpractices
3. Legal and judicial applications in the medical liability field
4. The medical liability from the legislative perspective
5. The latest trends of establishing special medical courts
6. Investigating a medical liability case and the resulting legal impact
7. Malicious cases against doctors: reasons, problems and solutions
8. The media role in addressing medical liability cases
II. Workshops
1.    The medical liability of the nursing staff
2.    The principles of investigation with medical practitioners
3.    The medical liability of pharmacists, labs and medicine manufacturers
4.    Problems related to insurance and damages in medical malpractice cases
1.    H.E./ Faeqa Alsaleh, Ass. Secretary General, the League of Arab States
2.    Prof./ Tawfiq Khoja, Gen. Director, GCC Health Council's Executive Office
3.    Prof./ Alaa Elwan, director, WHO Eastern Mediterranean Region
4.    Prof./ Salman Alrawaf, Director, Public Health Dept., Imperial College, London
5.    Dr. Amin Al-Amiri, Ass. Undersecretary, UAE Ministry of Health
6.    Mr. Taresh Almansouri, Gen. Director, Dubai Courts
7.    Dr. Ramadan Ibrahim, executive manager, Regulation Sector, DHA
8.    Dr. Layla Almarzouqi, head of medical governance office, DHA
9.    Prof./ Mohamed Hegazi, forensic senior consultant, Ministry of Justice
10.          Dr.Ossama Almadani, consultant & chair of Saudi Forensic Association
11.           Prof./ Hossam Hamdy, Dean, Faculty of Medicine, Sharja University
12.          Prof./ Khaled Abdelrahman, prof. of family medicine, Imam Univ., SA
13.          Dr. Mohamed Sultan Alolama, consultant, neurosurgeon, UAE
14.          Dr. Mona Alrukhaimi, Prof. of medicine, consultant on nephrology
 Mr./ Mahmoud Sabra, UN consultant on law

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