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In every breathe life proceeds in every blink an eye procives .in every min a beat theheart feels every single every movement there is reason in every season we grow into somebody every thought knowledge is brought

Unfamilar slience , surronded by a peace unknown, comfront something never felt, now setting her at ease .

New poem that I wrote myself, hope you like :D:

The Rose

The rose, beautifully red. The stem, throny sharp. The soft plumage of the petals. The love, the die of people. The love of hearts, the die of hearts. Given by hand, or laid on the coffin. Cherished or sorrowful. To love, to live, to die, to cry. The rose is for everything. Sorrowful or happy. Love, live, die, cry. But above all, be happy.

Anybody wanna share one of their poems? I'd be really intrested to see your poems. ^.^

Mkay, since there's 4 poeple, I will share a poem of mine. But later :D
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