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Hail Unn the Deep Minded.. whose many adventures are recounted in the Laxdaela Saga ! This weekend we traditionally honor her.

Below is a link to an Sonny Thomas interview from last year on this day which mentions Unn the Deep minded. Odinist part of interview starts at around 1:32

Picture of Sigrun Þormar with thanks to "Guide to Iceland" Website

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#Odinist Summer links....



What a wonderful day... The brilliant full Moon and first day of the solstice a couple days ago, the climax of the Summer #Solstice now... Switzerland withdrawing its #EU application... what may be the beginning of a free and independent Britain, an example which other European nations may follow... Hopefully this will be a step toward the US leaving the UN, and the end of the monstrous global network of Zionist central banks that enslave us, and of controlled governments worldwide...

My apologies for not having got back to many people as yet. I have been away for more than a month and have only just returned..So much to do.. and looking forward to speaking to all of you and making videos and articles, but for today, I am going to celebrate the beauty of nature and the glorious #Brexit outcome.. I wish all of you a blessed summer! I hope you enjoy last year's summer article and a summer video rede and blot from a couple summer solstices ago (both above) for now. More anon. Waes Hael! Odinia (-; !

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As a community located in the Flint Hills region of Kansas, we look to foster and grow relationships with fellow Heathens and pagans in our area.   We hold monthly events where we all can come together to form friendships and community in the hopes of having a place where our families may come together for years to come.  
We are also available through Facebook. 
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