I'm stating this community to help my brothers and sisters, addicted to some sort of substance, find what I have but with half the time and live again. I have finally started writing, giving my son something to be proud of his father about. Most of my life not believing in my self and feeling like junky which i kicked through my system i wrote about. I too was hooked on all the drugs you can think of. This became dull and miserable quickly. I choose to write my first book and when you read it you will see that money was not my motivator, but as you will see that comes anyways when you do things for others. What i decided to do with my time on O.D.S.P I also suffered from di polar. I researched everything trying to find the secret so many mystery schools and ancient civilisations where well aware of. I also studied quantum physics ,conciseness and the holographic universe. If you decide to take a look at my book and become apart of waking people up to a world hidden from us through fear and other mind games. What I have incorporated in it will hopeful give you a reason to stop using and get back an exciting feeling about life again. There will be early copies in e book format which I hope to use the income to go to paper back. I want this to be about the topics with in this community and anything other members can share with helping us learn and grow for the better. THIS WORLD HAS BEEN HIDING truths about life for to long join me and lets help better each other and start off getting rid of are addictions and join me in turning revenue into real tangible systems of help for the sick population by design. My "Tapping The Source" can be ordered by contacting me at tylercoombs2016@outlook.com
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