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Times Like These

Hi folks, today we're bringing you our final Nougat Release of Paranoid Android 7.3.1.

We have been working on improving our new features from 7.3.0 and almost all of the bugs reported have been fixed. We're confident that this is a very stable release and are happy to push this as our final build. This will allow us to focus solely on Oreo and stabilising our infrastructure.

New wave of translations

As this is our last Nougat release, we are adding the final translations from Crowdin. In Oreo, we will also be including support for more languages.

Global Changes

With 7.3.1, we have several changes that impact all of our devices. The majority of these are improvements to Paranoid Camera, which launched in our last release. We have also implemented the required patches for the recent KRACK Vulnerability.

Add Anti-Shake mode to Paranoid Camera
Fix compatibility issues with third-party camera apps
Fix front-facing camera crashes in Paranoid Camera
KRACK Vulnerability patches
Various improvements to Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity
Performance and efficiency improvements for Pocket Lock
Launcher improvements and fixes
Various performance and battery improvements
Other minor improvements and fixes
Final update for translations

Device Specific Changes

Google Nexus 5:

Patched BlueBorne kernel vulnerability

Google Nexus 5X:

Fixed Paranoid Camera issues

Google Nexus 6:

Merged latest Google security patch

Google Nexus 6P:

Fixed Paranoid Camera issues

Google Pixel / Pixel XL:

Merged upstream scheduler changes
Various kernel improvements

Le Eco Le Pro 3:

Updated all the proprietary blobs from latest EUI
Imported IR remote Controller App and SDK from EUI
Updated the Kernel against the latest CAF tag available.
Updated F2FS
Migrated F2FS GC mechanism to Kernel, reaching efficiency and compatibility improvements
Adjusted audio platform configuration with N blobs
General improvements to battery consumption.
Big improvements in boot times, about 7 seconds faster
Enhanced power supply mechanism to be safer and faster (QC 3.0)
Fixed fingerprint sensor when pocket detection is enabled

OnePlus 3/3T:

Fixed ogg handling issues, fixes Google Assistant compatibility
Majorly improved photo quality and processing time
Improved GPS lock time
Improved Wifi power consumption
Improved Wifi stability
Updated SRGB calibration
Migrated F2FS GC mechanism to Kernel, reaching efficiency and compatibility improvements
General performance improvements
General improvements to power consumption
General stability improvements

OnePlus X:

Patched BlueBorne kernel vulnerability

OnePlus One:

Patched BlueBorne kernel vulnerability

Nextbit Robin:

Fixed fingerprint sensor not working for some users
Improved Wi-Fi calling capability

Xiaomi Mi5:

Updated to MIUI 7.9.22 Global dev blobs and configs
Patched BlueBorne kernel vulnerability
Other minor enhancements


In our last release, we mentioned that we are currently struggling to keep up with our outlay for infrastructure and we are looking to you, our users and fans for help.

We are looking for funding to:
Keep our servers up and running.
Have servers available for building and testing of our builds.
Get new devices for development.

If you would like to discuss recurring payments, please contact Rob Farnham at

Official community:


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Design update suggestion for

The goal of this design is to achieve a balance between the old design (most notably in the use of black and white, grey and grey tiles), imitation of actual PA (such as the ability to exit expanded states by tapping shadowed areas), and uniformity across the website (uniform organization of information, type usage in titles, headings, body...).
The white screen represents/resembles the screen users will enter from, such as a search engine’s results list or a browsers home screen.
The black screen will only be present while the rest of the page is being loaded.
Screen recordings will be used to demonstrate pie control and accidental touch while photos will be used to showcase pocket lock.
The emission of examples while introducing features is due to the diverse usage of PA users, their ability to connect the features to their own use cases and possibly certain controversial issues (such as the need to use purse while presenting pocket lock) which will cause structural differences between the texts.
The change between pointer and hand indicates whether an item is selectable while a decrease of opacity indicates successful selection for items that do not immediately react to selection. Tapping shaded areas will close the current expanded card (window) in places such as the menu, downloads, wallpapers. These will be used across the website.
A loading message can be added before the display of a device’s older PA releases.
Selection of the buttons at the bottom of downloads and wallpapers will fade out the screen above the two buttons and the text on the button selected, immediately fade in a text to return to the previous state such as “Current [bold] devices that are supported” and fade in the intended screen upon success of loading. (This is not present in the video due to my belief of its infrequent use)

I am currently working on a mobile version of my suggested website and a redesigned PA browser.

Wallpaper credits to Hampus Olsson.
Image demonstrating shuttle+ credit to
The boot animation video credit to Espen Flagtvedt Olsen

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Design update suggestion for pie control

Pie control:
Sliding to the edge of the original pie control reveals a new set of three or four options. The number, function, location, and size of the selectable area should all be customizable through the system setting. Although I have many other (probably better) ideas for gesture-based navigation systems I believe this is the most feasible considering PA’s limited development resources.

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Something big is happening ...
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Hey I love the work y'all do and I'm always recommending y'all's ROM to my friends, are there any plans to release a paranoid gsi?

Could you please implement PaperLaunch as a replacement of App SideBar,with the possibility of enabling it only in recents?
The developer is going to add the support to set the activation as only in the recents using tasker integration ,so could you integrate PaperLaunch in the rom in order to make Tasker app not needed ?
BTW I think PaperLaunch would be an excellent replacement to AppSideBar.
This is the github of the app

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I am on PA 7.3.1 on Nexus 6p. My Netflix is not working. The app opens fine, but is stuck on 'loading' screen when I play something (tried immersive mode but no fix). Netflix on playstore says it's 'not available for this version' so I got it from apkmirror. Is there a fix?

I was wondering if you plan to support the new OnePlus 6 phone?
I know that OnePlus was giving some away for devs. Did you tried to get one?

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I'm building AOSPA 8.1 for Xiaomi Redmi 3s and im facing this error. Even tho libs are present its showing me this!

Are the salifish source ready to be built? :) (For Oreo)
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